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for questions on the use of Stack Overflow by organizations to provide support for the use of a product or service.

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Answering on behalf of the company?

I got an internship offer from a software development company to work in the user support department. They are developing an open-source project. They would like for me to answer questions related to ...
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How do I create my own Collective?

As the title says, SO now has a feature called Collectives: Collectives are a little like subreddits, Reddit’s community-focused boards dedicated to a single topic. For Google and other Stack ...
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Microsoft is linking Azure DevOps help "ask the community" to Stack Overflow

Related to Microsoft Azure support team redirecting off-topic support requests to Stack Overflow which has zero answers. I found myself needing to ask some really basic and much overbroad question on ...
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Is there free or discounted advertising for Open Source *organisations*? [closed]

I'm working with The Perl Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation - all volunteers - which is responsible for the Perl and Raku programming languages, as well as managing various community ...
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What is currently being done about outdated information on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

What are the specific, short, medium and long term efforts by the Stack Overflow team to reduce the overhead of weeding through answers containing outdated or outright inaccurate information? I'm ...
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Surprising behaviour on Stack Overflow website [duplicate]

Today I found this surprising behaviour on all my questions on Stack Overflow. Suddenly I see most of my questions are downvoted. I'm not sure why. After some time, some of the questions got upvotes. ...
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Is Google PageSpeed Insights linking to SO for support incorrectly?

Google's PageSpeed Insights asks users to use Stack Overflow for support. Should it be suggesting using instead?
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Being ping-ponged between LinkedIn and Stack Overflow

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post Linkedin API access. I created this post after LinkedIn support told me to, but my question was deleted by the community and I was linked to Why can't ...
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Where are Stack Overflow Enterprise release notes posted?

I have searched,,, Google and have been ...
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Is Chromium Extensions invitation worded correctly?

I found an interesting invitation to continue the "discussion" at Stack Overflow: For additional technical questions and discussion, we recommend Stack Overflow I had understood that discussion ...
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A surge of comments/complaints in [pagespeed-insights]

Google says: Have comments or questions about PageSpeed Insights? Ask your question on Stack Overflow using the pagespeed-insights tag. Apparently there has been a redesign, and in the last hours ...
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Should Symfony be directing its users to Stack Overflow for support?

The Symfony support page directs its users primarily to Stack Overflow, and then to its own Slack channel, and finally its own help desk (for paid products only). Symfony Support Community Support ...
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Jelastic using Stack Overflow as product support

Jelastic seems to be using Stack Overflow as a tech support forum, using this user. Their website points to Stack Overflow via "Resources -> User Forum" link on their top level menu, and a sampling ...
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Are questions posted here from a project support link treated differently than questions that end up here for some other reason?

I'm having problems with RestSharp. Basically, my code will not run on Windows 10 Version 1703 but the same code runs on 1709. I have debugged everything I can think of and so after Googling and not ...
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'No Active Seat' message in Stack Overflow Talent

I'm an administrator on my company's Stack Overflow Talent account. I was able to log in last week and had access to edit our company page. When I logged in this week I was getting the following ...
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why code snippet in stack overflow did not support the css property height if value is in percentage

This is my doubt since started to use the code snippet,the code snippet didn't take the css property height if value is in percentage.i added the code below. aside { width:50px; height:100%; ...
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Should iText be using Stack Overflow as a bug reporting system?

I just found this on the iText web site (when looking for support with a problem I found): I think I found a bug and I have code that reproduces it! - Post your Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable ...
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How can I use Stack Overflow to support our developer community?

We get a lot of requests from project teams about how they can use Stack Overflow to support their developer communities. How can these organizations (and their users) collaborate with Stack Overflow ...
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Jobs support link still leads to MSE instead of MSO

A recent question on MSE pointed out in the comments that the Jobs support page link tells them to discuss bugs or feedback on MSE instead of on MSO. This switch from MSE to MSO is a pretty recent ...
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GridGain support answerers

This question,, arrived yesterday. As far as I'm concerned, it is unanswerable in its present state, and I can't imagine other than wildly broad answers ...
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Providing support via Stack Overflow

There's a user who is providing support for their product when it shows up on Stack Overflow questions. They are very upfront about their affiliation and seem to be generally helpful, but the format ...
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Is this up-to-date: "Can I support my product on this site?" [duplicate]

I was wondering if I could support my product on SO. So I went searching and found this link: Types of questions and where to ask: How do I? --...
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Is product support for IDEs on topic on Stack Overflow?

From the Aptana Studio Eclipse plugin post-download page: Browse Discussions The active community around Aptana Studio includes documentation, Aptana communications and member conversations. ...
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Visual Studio Code encouraging users to ask questions on Stack Overflow

Visual Studio Code are encouraging users to ask questions about the IDE on Stack Overflow. Engage with your peers and ask questions about Visual Studio Code on Stack Overflow using the tag vscode ...
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More actively discourage third-party product support on Stack Overflow

Here are some pretty tight guidelines for product vendors that outsource their support to Stack Overflow. And vendors are not encouraged to do this too easily. All is well and good. But even for a ...
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Questions / Tags about commercial products

I am wondering if the following has a place on StackOverflow or not: There is a library written in JavaScript which is proprietary and which can only be used in the context of a certain server ...
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1k views redirecting to Stack Overflow as "forums"

On the front page of, there is a link marked "Forums". Clicking this link brings you to Stack Overflow, to all questions tagged typescript. This one's a little different than ...
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Create a product tag, or are they all off-topic?

I came across a question that mentioned Tuleap (an open source application lifecycle management suite), and not knowing what it was I was surprised there wasn't already a tag for it. A search for ...
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Is Stack Overflow suitable as "user forum" for product support? [duplicate]

I was looking at a question installing WSO2 Governance Registry on Oracle. Basically it's just a long Java Exception stack. Normally I would have voted to close this, as Off Topic. But I like to ...
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Use of "bug" tag for Google products

Google have stated to its developers that all developer support will be done on Stack Overflow. For help-and-advice type support, that is fine and is working well. However, "support" covers a ...
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