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Questions tagged [privileges]

Privileges are abilities you earn with increased reputation to do and see more on the site. Use this tag for questions about privilege notifications and privilege wikis.

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138 votes
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Add the 30-rep live updates privilege to the privileges page

Currently, 30 reputation is required in order to see live updates (aka realtime notifications, used for "x new questions" on tag pages, notifications of edits on posts and so on). The fact ...
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Can't delete own comment

On Stack Overflow, I have mistakenly tried to answer the wrong question. My (short) answer was automatically converted to a comment. Now I want to delete that comment. I am logged in. I don't get a "...
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53 votes
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Add rationale to "comment everywhere"-privilege in help center

Please read before marking as duplicate I experienced the same frustration (with not being able to comment under 50 rep) as a lot of other people. The help page on this only mentions that it's a ...
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False (old?) information in Close-Privilege description

Today I've been awarded with the "Cast close and reopen votes" Privilege (3000 Reputation). So I read through the description of said privilege and saw the following bulletpoints, formally ...
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Add feature to open privileges in a new tab with middle mouse click

In the Privileges page when I middle mouse click on any of the privileges it doesn't open in a new tab. Even when I right click on them there isn't an "Open in new tab" option Please add these ...
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The privileges section of the help center should mention the "be able to cast votes on a moderator election" privilege at 150 points

I only got to know about this requirement when I visited the election and even the (Caucus and Constituent badges do not have the reputation written). Also, the privilege at 3000 reputation points, &...
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34 votes
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Chat keeps telling me I need 20 reputation points to talk there

I asked a question a few days ago and another user and I got into discussion in the comments. We then transferred this communication to the chat, but it seems that it no longer exists. I assume that ...
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Update Help Center > Privileges > Remove New User Restrictions to note inline images

There are two entries on the list of privileges enabled at rep >= 10: Create Wiki Posts Remove New User Restrictions The second one should be updated to say that users can post inline images (...
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22 votes
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The image for the "How do I view vote counts?" part of the "Established-user" privilege is outdated

The Help Center > Privileges > Established user page currently looks like this: The image shows the vote up/vote down buttons from before a redesign - the image should really be changed to look ...
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Find out the mean time between privileges

With reputation people gain privileges. The privileges are not evenly distanced, and neither grows somebody's reputation linearly. I wonder whether it's possible to calculate the mean time between ...
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16 votes
0 answers

Edit the site analytics privilege help page to reflect DuckDuckGo's changed state

This help page says one of the known issues with the site analytics is: DuckDuckGo shows up as a referring site and not a search engine. However, that's not the case anymore, so this should be ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow inviting users to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation

In this related question: Stack Overflow should not invite you to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation The accepted answer (Feb 9 '15) states that: ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Proposal: Allow high-rep users (or gold badge holders) to VTC again with a different reason

I just had the following situation: I read a question with missing information. I vote-to-close for missing information and add a comment asking for that information. OP adds that information. I ...
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Privilege type text is swapped

The text for 'Privilege type' is swapped on link It read: Milestone privilegePrivilege type:, but it should be Privilege type: Milestone privilege
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9 votes
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Privilege to convert deleted answer to comment?

I came across a deleted answer that I thought would make a good comment at I think it would have made a good comment because it was a one or two line ...
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0 answers

After the split between Stack Overflow for Teams and the main Stack Overflow site, can Teams users still participate on Meta without 5 reputation?

Since June 2018, it's been possible for users who are a member of a Stack Overflow for Teams site to freely participate here on Meta Stack Overflow even if they don't have the participate in meta ...
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Wording improvement for the Create Tag Synonyms help page

The Create Tag Synonyms page, under the section "How do I propose or vote on tag synonyms?", contains the paragraph Users with this privilege and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can ...
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Does privilege to access review queue bypass peer review

In Privileges > access review queues when user is at 500 reputation points allow the user to bypass peer reviews on his own post edits? That is, can I now edit a post (question/answer) without review?
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How do I vote to close?

A few days ago, I was notified that I had earned the privilege to view and vote to close Questions - and as I came across a bad question today (It was even worse than this question) I wanted to give ...
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"What badges can I earn?" on incorrect Privileges page

The page describing approving tag wiki edits privileges (5000 reputation) has a section on "What badges can I earn?", which lists badges available for editing wiki posts. These badges can be earned ...
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Suggest for edits with approval on demand

When you at last achieved to have the privilege of Edit Questions And Answers shouldn't be there the possibility for at least the author approve your edits? Let me elaborate. You read a block of ...
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