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Questions tagged [privileges]

Privileges are abilities you earn with increased reputation to do and see more on the site. Use this tag for questions about privilege notifications and privilege wikis.

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Pausing the 1-rep voting experiment on Stack Overflow: reflecting on the feedback and rethinking the approach

I acknowledge the feedback shared by community members and by moderators. We felt that this experiment was important because it allowed users to participate and engage in a low-effort core action on ...
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24 answers

We will launch the 1-rep voting experiment on Stack Overflow for 4–6 weeks, along with account creation prompts [duplicate]

Moderator note: - This experiment has been postponed. Please see the duplicate post above for the explanation and discussion. It's been a while since we last talked about the one-reputation voting ...
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1 answer

Should people put bounties on other people's questions more often? [closed]

If you look at the bounties tab, you see all of the questions that people want answered. However, should we be encouraging people to put bounties on other people's questions more often? Many people ...
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How do I check my past upmod (pre-upvote-privilege) upvoted answers?

I have a repeated issue and I have to find an answer which I marked as helpful (upvoted). My upvote activity shows nothing under this link:
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How can I post to Meta on Stack Exchange Stack Overflow to accomplish my next badge? [duplicate]

My next badge award recommended by this site is for "participate in Meta" in order to increase my reputation points. But it then says you need "5 reputation points" to ask a ...
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Is the "Privilege: reduce ads" page outdated?

On the Stack Overflow privileges page, it says that at a reputation of 200, the user gets a reduction of ads. On the page describing it, it shows this image, with the red boxes showing where the ads ...
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Can I opt out of single-handedly closing questions via the gold badge privilege? [duplicate]

Sometimes, I run into questions where I think it's a duplicate, but I'm not sure. In those cases, I'd like to suggest the duplicate, but I don't want to close the new question all by myself. I've done ...
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After the split between Stack Overflow for Teams and the main Stack Overflow site, can Teams users still participate on Meta without 5 reputation?

Since June 2018, it's been possible for users who are a member of a Stack Overflow for Teams site to freely participate here on Meta Stack Overflow even if they don't have the participate in meta ...
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3 answers

Why does Stack Overflow restrict almost any users activity without points? [duplicate]

I've been using Stack Overflow for a long time and constantly try to vote for my favorite answers to other people's questions, but for some reason Stack Overflow still limits my actions on the ...
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3 answers

Lower the reputation threshold for approving/rejecting edits

I feel like I started getting the following error more often lately while trying to edit posts: There are too many pending edits on Stack Overflow. Please try again later. Being that only users with ...
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Can we empower low-rep users with elevated privileges given that they have demonstrable moderating ability and know-how of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

My biggest pet peeve about Stack Overflow's Gamification system is that it gives moderation privileges (which don't need any or very little technical knowledge) to people who have technical knowledge ...
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15 votes
0 answers

Is power-levelling legit in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I came across a question titled "Does Laravel Documentation exists?" which surprisingly got upvotes. The question is asking about off site resources - which is off topic. It seems the people ...
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Privileges page on Teams is unlinked [closed]

A while ago, I was wondering what the exact reputation levels for privileges on a Team are. When you don't have enough reputation for all privileges, you can find out via your profile: and from there ...
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Who can close questions in Stack Overflow for Teams? [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow for Teams, who can vote to close questions, and has this changed in the past few months? doesn't have any ...
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1 answer

Can you regain your post questions privilege by changing tags? [duplicate]

On my Stack Overflow account, I had some past questions (that I deleted) that had tags like JavaScript and Node.js, but didn't provide any code, as they were only somewhat related. But, the community ...
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The privileges section of the help center should mention the "be able to cast votes on a moderator election" privilege at 150 points

I only got to know about this requirement when I visited the election and even the (Caucus and Constituent badges do not have the reputation written). Also, the privilege at 3000 reputation points, &...
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Edit the site analytics privilege help page to reflect DuckDuckGo's changed state

This help page says one of the known issues with the site analytics is: DuckDuckGo shows up as a referring site and not a search engine. However, that's not the case anymore, so this should be ...
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Why is there no privilege for being able to change the accepted answer to a question? [duplicate]

I just noticed that my next 2 milestones (and the only ones left) don't allow me to do the one thing I really want to do, which is, have the privilege to change the accepted answer on questions where ...
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What the purpose of close "my own" question instead of just deleting it? [duplicate]

I've unlocked the View close votes privilege recently, but I don't clearly understand it. This privilege allows you to view and cast close and reopen votes on your own questions. Viewing votes is ...
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1 answer

Why does the activity tab show congratulations for previously earned badge, when I have earned "Access to site analytics" privilege?

I have earned the "Access to site analytics" privilege today, After that, I visited my Activity page, Why does it show Congratulations! for the silver badge of mongodb tag that I earned 7 ...
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139 votes
20 answers

Rule proposal: one delete/undelete per post

This has now been crafted into a community rule It's becoming more and more evident that there are some users who feel very strongly about deletion on both sides of the issue. It's part of a larger ...
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1 answer

Add new privilege: reduce minimum character requirement for comments

Can we add a new privilege to allow for very short comments? Just an idea, but I often just write [mcve]. Our time is precious and I have nothing more to say; I end up writing useless words to fill ...
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Stack Overflow inviting users to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation

In this related question: Stack Overflow should not invite you to move a discussion to chat when one of the participants doesn't have enough reputation The accepted answer (Feb 9 '15) states that: ...
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1 answer

Why is there a reputation requirement for flagging?

I noticed that you can't flag a question without sufficient reputation (15 rep). Why is there this restriction? Letting more people be able to flag, I admit, might clog up the flag review queue with ...
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1 answer

Allow the OP to downvote answers to their question (even with less than 125 Rep)

Well, the title says everything. Why? I think the OP should, by default, have the right to give negative feedback to answers that belong to their question. The OP is most likely the best person to ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How do you earn a hat when you have too much rep to do the action?

I was looking through the different hats that are available and saw that the Carmen hat can be earned if the following criteria is met: Suggest one or more edits that get approved during Winter Bash. ...
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What kind of Access Control is used on Stack Overflow?

Recently I have done some research about different Access Control models and policies. My accent was on Role-Based Access Control, and one of the main disadvantages of it is that it is not dynamic (...
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-28 votes
2 answers

Change the privileges system and rep display to a timed ranking [duplicate]

I wanted to throw these 2 ideas out there though guessing they won't be popular ideas. Age the privileges As it is, someone with lots of points but who has not been active on the site in years is ...
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Proposal: Allow high-rep users (or gold badge holders) to VTC again with a different reason

I just had the following situation: I read a question with missing information. I vote-to-close for missing information and add a comment asking for that information. OP adds that information. I ...
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Inadvertent edge case for achievement 500 rep -> review questions [duplicate]

I recently got 500 reputation pts. Now I can review questions. I decided to look at one. It was a "late answers" review and the answer was bad. I downvoted and left a comment explaining why ...
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1 answer

Reputation to Accept Answer [duplicate]

In this question, the asker (a new user) said in a comment: Because I am knew to stack overflow, I am unable to upvote or mark your answer as correct, unfortunately. He had 11 rep at the time. It ...
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1 answer

Why can an employee of a company shut down a question about its software?

I posted a question here, asking how to resolve a bug from an extension created by NVIDIA. I included the specific command that I used, the output it gave me, a traceback of the error it gave me, and ...
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0 answers

Privilege type text is swapped

The text for 'Privilege type' is swapped on link It read: Milestone privilegePrivilege type:, but it should be Privilege type: Milestone privilege
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3 votes
0 answers

I got access to the 'trusted user' tools privilege before attaining 20000 reputation [duplicate]

My reputation is now at 19997, but I already got awarded access to the trusted user tools. Seems like a bug to me? I never crossed the 20k line:
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5 votes
1 answer

Where did the info about the expandable usercards go?

Lately, I was looking at my next Privilege again (1.000 rep), and this time I only saw "See votes". And when clicking on the privilege itself, the information about expandable usercards seem to be ...
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19 votes
3 answers

Should we allow low-rep question owners to unilaterally accept edits?

I think the answer to this question is No(t like this). Based on my experience in review queues, we create more harm than good by letting low-rep question owners decide whether an edit is applied. If ...
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1 answer

Vote Summary in Timeline [closed]

In the new feature the timeline, you can see the number of votes up and down. Since anyone can see this no matter what the reputation is, then this makes the following privilege: https://...
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1 answer

Vote up privilege for new users on their own questions

A minimum of 15 reputation is required to upvote. Shouldn't users with less rep be allowed to upvote answers on their own questions?
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7 votes
1 answer

After rewarding the question askers, were the privileges granted accordingly?

After rewarding the question askers, were the privileges granted accordingly? After the adjustment, my reputation crossed 2K. But the edit questions and answers privilege was granted to me today ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Forfeiting a privilege: e.g. see deleted answers [duplicate]

I recently was given a privilege to see deleted answers, after reaching 10K rep. I personally find that privilege rather noisy - maybe because of the way it is implemented, where deleted answers can ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Has the minimum reputation to answer on Meta changed? [duplicate]

Has the minimum reputation required to participate in meta been reduced? I have just seen an answer from a user with only 1 reputation point. No, they are not suspended. Since it's not a question the ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What are the ways of using Stack Overflow effectively without distributing reputation across different communities?

I have been contributing to Stack Overflow, DBA, Unix & Linux, and other communities. I thought my contribution across platform will earn me reputation on Stack Overflow as a whole. It seems that ...
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0 answers

At only 550 rep, I can see expanded votes [duplicate]

I recently answered a question, which I thought was good, and upvoted it. I came back later and clicked the number, and to my surprise, it shows the votes (up and down). I'm only at 554 reputation, ...
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Why can I see vote counts without ever having had 1000 reputation? [duplicate]

According to documentation on privileges, I need to have 1000 reputation to see vote counts. I never had more than 1000 reputation on this account. Right now I am at 900. Despite this, if I click on ...
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1 answer

Privilege achieved without meeting the reputation goal [duplicate]

So, currently I have 558 reputation on my SO account. To get this privilege "See votes,expandable usercard", I need 1000+ rep as mentioned here. However, I noticed that I can click on the score of any ...
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5 votes
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Did I get this privilege before I had enough reputation?

This morning, I awoke to see that I gained the "create tag synonyms" privilege - which is usually awarded at 2.5k rep - but I only have 2499 rep, and I can't see anywhere that I would've gained the 1 ...
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Should one lose privileges due to downvoting questions or answers while reviewing them? [duplicate]

I recently gained the privilege to the review queues and for example, the 'First Posts' queue encourages one to downvote posts if they are of poor quality. But this conflicts with the wish (at least ...
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Is it possible to access my own deleted questions? [duplicate]

This post gives some steps to view my own deleted questions. profile clicking the 'Deleted recent answers/questions' link in the 'Answers' resp I cannot find Any item contains "Deleted ..." in the ...
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10 votes
2 answers

What are the rules for reputation and privileges for Teams? [closed]

I've looked at Teams recently, and I was slightly confused - do the normal rules for reputation and privileges apply on Teams?
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1 answer

Can one edit a deleted post?

I posted a question (link is valid only to 10krep user) on meta yesterday but couple of hour later I deleted it - I was not sure my idea was described well and wanted to collect more data before re-...
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