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Questions tagged [privacy]

This tag is for questions about user privacy concerns within posts and elsewhere within the site.

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What's the rationale behind appending the userid to an answer share URL? [duplicate]

When I use the share feature to get an answer's URL, I have my userid appended. (Yes, yes, I know it's mentioned, in tiny letters.) But this works just as ...
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Sensitive Info Disclosure

Today I've googled for my phone number and received an unexpected result (the 3rd one here): I'm concerned about a few things now: I don't remember when I provided my phone number to Stack ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Can I see who is following a tag?

For example, there are currently 6 people following mojibake. I'm one of them, is there a way to see the other 5?
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Separate display name for CV and SO profiles

I noticed my CV is automatically pre-filled with my profile Display name. Can I prevent such behavior of SO? I want my real name to be displayed in my CV and my nickname is to be displayed on all ...
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Stack Overflow logged in information leak - Part 2

This is very similar to an issue that was recently reported: SO should stop leaking information to other websites about whether we are logged in However, the apparent solution of not returning any ...
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Stack Overflow should stop leaking information to other websites about whether we are logged in

For full details, see: In short, the following code on a third party website: <img onload="alert('logged in to SO')" onerror="alert('not ...
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15 votes
2 answers

How do I ask MySQL questions without exposing my database?

When I ask a question, generally it is programming related. I simply go to whatever code I am working on, make an example mockup of the code, exclude specific variables and identifying information to ...
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Remove "Last seen on Stack Overflow" date from CV

I think some people want to keep their SO profile private, and therefore don't link it in their CV. But the CV displays the "Last seen on Stack Overflow" date. Then, with SEDE, it's so easy to find ...
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Are employers permitted to ask if a candidate smokes? [closed]

I just encountered an employer on Stack Overflow that explicitly asks if a candidate smokes via their website. Although I am not a smoker, I find this to be a gross violation of a candidate's privacy. ...
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Is your Stack Overflow username submitted to employers?

I don't want employers to see my questions and answers on Stack Overflow. Many employers will use this information and your ranking to make value judgments on candidates that are often based on ...
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Address ONLY used for SO account receiving programming related spam

Author's Note: There are a couple of similar questions, but in both cases the answers cannot apply here. This question not a duplicate of: Is my email address accessible? The answer given ...
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-15 votes
1 answer

The "All Actions" tab is a violation of my privacy

It's been brought to my attention that I am spending a lot of time on Stack Overflow and not purely performing research but actually spending time answering questions and commenting! I asked how they ...
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38 votes
2 answers

How to avoid being seen?

I'm curious, if I signed up for the new Jobs section of Stack Overflow and fill in my information presumably that opens me up to being found by other companies and people in their HR departments? ...
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Stack Overflow knows where I really am!

I got really interested in the new Jobs beta being integrated into Stack Overflow. I was particularly intrigued when I noticed a link to my profile: Naturally, I followed it. Also, because my ...
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3 answers

Guide on how to handle sensitive information in posts

What has happened... Two days ago, while checking the review-queue for suggested edits, I approved an edit of a question where an API-key got revealed. To be clear, the API-key was present in the ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Should reviewers approve edits that only obfuscate private info like email?

I came across this proposed edit in the queue that only obfuscated the OP's email address. It did get approved by 3 reviewers (including me), however 1 reviewer rejected it with the reason: This ...
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Implicitly linked "partner" pages

Today I realized that by simply reading pages on SO, also some address of * is accessed. Maybe it was I never found any mentioning to that end on the Privacy Policy ...
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Is my email address accessible?

I've just been contacted by a recruitment agent, and when I asked from where he got my email address, he told me from "Stackoverflow". I was under the impression that my email address was not ...
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What can an employer see on your profile?

My friend has done something nasty with his account and he told me that the moderators have written in his account reference. What can employers see from an account? Is it just the normal stuff that ...
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Site duplicating Stack Overflow, potential privacy/security issue? [duplicate]

I was doing searching on Google for some work I was doing and came across an odd looking Stack Overflow link. (Added it like this so no one accidentally clicks it)...
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4 answers

Should revisions that contain credentials be deleted?

We see quite a lot of flags like: Revision 1 contained real credentials Up to now I've handled these by forwarding them to community managers or developers who have the power to permanently banish ...
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151 votes
1 answer

Can moderators see who upvoted/downvoted a specific question?

Can moderators see who upvoted/downvoted a specific question? How about who upvoted a specific comment? Note that I'm asking for no reason besides to satisfy my own curiosity.
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0 answers

Why does Joel want to know my full name when I sign in with Google? [duplicate]

Previously when I would sign in to SO with my Google account I was notified that I would be permitting my email address to be shared with the site. That was fine. But it became slightly more ...
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How does automatic username generation work for Facebook authenticated accounts?

I have just noticed a user with username facebook-10000##########. Usually when you create an account (or don't create one, depending on the site) you get some user####### username. Is this different ...
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2 answers

How do I remove an image completely from a posted question? [duplicate]

I have posted a question "How do I use serialEvent() in a Processing language program?" and originally included an image, not realising immediately that it contains the precise GPS co-ordinates of my ...
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-22 votes
3 answers

Where is my privacy?

I have deleted some questions which I asked and which got too many downvotes and I noticed they are irrelevant. So I removed them to make it clear but now I have asked a question which made people ...
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