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Questions tagged [privacy]

This tag is for questions about user privacy concerns within posts and elsewhere within the site.

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How and why was my Stack Exchange profile changed without my knowledge or permission?

I just took a look at my Stack Exchange profile, and it had been modified to include my professional title and employer company name in the "title" field. I had not set this data and log in ...
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Is user activity data shared with third parties?

Stack Overflow privacy policy states: Information Shared with Third Parties We may share personal information with third parties who provide services to Stack Overflow, such as payment ...
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Stack Overflow still wants to know my location

I just entered the website via Google and the following popup occurred: Given Nick Craver's answer from 1.5 years ago was: We don't. This is a rogue extension or ad most likely and we'll get to the ...
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Filters on mobile require reading illegible text in cookie consent to disable them

When opening a Stack Overflow page for the first time on mobile, the controls to disable or change the filters are entirely covered by the cookie consent dialog, which is ...quite difficult to read ...
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What is the personally identifiable information in the developer survey?

I started the 2024 developer survey and stopped on page 1: On that note, throughout the survey, certain answers you and your peers give will be treated as personally identifiable information, and ...
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Updating job in private Developer Story syncs to public SO profile

A few months ago, I updated my Developer Story for procrastination, which included adding a new job role that I began last year. My Developer Story is set to "private". Today I noticed that my ...
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Stack Overflow knows where I really am!

I got really interested in the new Jobs beta being integrated into Stack Overflow. I was particularly intrigued when I noticed a link to my profile: Naturally, I followed it. Also, because my ...
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How does automatic username generation work for Facebook authenticated accounts?

I have just noticed a user with username facebook-10000##########. Usually when you create an account (or don't create one, depending on the site) you get some user####### username. Is this different ...
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We’ve made changes to our Privacy Notice for Collectives™

We’ve just made a few adjustments to our Privacy Notice for Collectives™. They were made to make the notice ready for the upcoming expansion of Collectives into new areas of practice - as well as ...
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Implicitly linked "partner" pages

Today I realized that by simply reading pages on SO, also some address of * is accessed. Maybe it was I never found any mentioning to that end on the Privacy Policy ...
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