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Questions tagged [privacy]

This tag is for questions about user privacy concerns within posts and elsewhere within the site.

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What is the personally identifiable information in the developer survey?

I started the 2024 developer survey and stopped on page 1: On that note, throughout the survey, certain answers you and your peers give will be treated as personally identifiable information, and ...
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How to turn on two-step verification on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

I just joined Stack Overflow and I want to enable two-factor authentication, but I couldn't find it. Can you please tell me how to enable it? I couldn't find the security tab in the settings; I looked ...
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2 answers

Is there a policy under what circumstances moderators are allowed to make private information public? [closed]

I came across a Meta answer with comments that made me wonder whether there is a policy on what private information Moderators are allowed to reveal under what circumstances. This policy should at the ...
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We’ve made changes to our Privacy Notice for Collectives™

We’ve just made a few adjustments to our Privacy Notice for Collectives™. They were made to make the notice ready for the upcoming expansion of Collectives into new areas of practice - as well as ...
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If I tell Stack Overflow I'll accept all cookies, why doesn't it remember that setting? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow and all related sites pop up the ever-present cookie warnings dictated by the European Union. OK, I get that this isn't Stack Overflow's fault. But shouldn't they use a cookie to ...
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18 votes
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Filters on mobile require reading illegible text in cookie consent to disable them

When opening a Stack Overflow page for the first time on mobile, the controls to disable or change the filters are entirely covered by the cookie consent dialog, which is ...quite difficult to read ...
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3 answers

/articles leaks top secret AudioBubble collective articles has some articles from the AudioBubble™ Collective™ (which is used for testing Collectives™ in production), which is not public. These articles should not be listed ...
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2 answers

Do collectives get to see my email?

I noticed in the Privacy Notice for Collectives™ WHO IS THE CONTROLLER? (...) In addition to this privacy notice, you should review privacy notices of the participating organizations with Collectives ...
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Unable to "Customize settings" in cookie popup, it never goes away, always covers content [duplicate]

In Safari with AdBlock + Safari's Content Blockers + Safari's Tracking protection. This happens on every page; the logs below contain the page I captured them on. These are the logs from the developer ...
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Edits by same user merged in edit history [duplicate]

So I edited and flagged a privacy issue yesterday (question by a new user), and got this back as the flag comment: OP had real name listed in error trace. I removed but should probably remove from ...
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Using a personal Stack Overflow account for a Team potentially allows your employer to take it over [closed]

This is based on this support request from fazy about several potential issues due to the fact that SO and Teams account are not separate entities. As this received no response, I tried one of the ...
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18 votes
0 answers

Make it clear that saying thanks is a public action that everyone can see [closed]

As a long time member of SO, I considered the new "say thanks" feature as another kind of voting, which naturally should be private, like the existing upvote/downvote actions. I also ...
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23 votes
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Stack Overflow still wants to know my location

I just entered the website via Google and the following popup occurred: Given Nick Craver's answer from 1.5 years ago was: We don't. This is a rogue extension or ad most likely and we'll get to the ...
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Can human resource managers find out about my Stack overflow profile through my Developer Story?

If a human resource manager looking for a developer finds my Developer Story, Can this person find out about my StackOverflow profile and see my questions and answers and reputation? I am concerned ...
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How easy is to find my public SO profile from my Teams profile?

Assuming I don't use the same username, avatar or the like in my public SO profile, how easy (or difficult) is for a Teams hexagon administrator or a fellow team user find my public SO profile? The ...
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26 votes
4 answers

When answering a question, is it ethical to ask for a Google sheets file even when such a request violates a user's privacy?

It is common in google-sheets and google-apps-script for answerers to ask questioners to share a Google sheets file. Some requests in the last 24 hours: How can I combine multiple functions with ...
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Updating job in private Developer Story syncs to public SO profile

A few months ago, I updated my Developer Story for procrastination, which included adding a new job role that I began last year. My Developer Story is set to "private". Today I noticed that my ...
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How to deal with post containing real ID documents? [duplicate]

I don't want to link to that specific question just to avoid unnecessary publicity. Could one of the moderators look at my flag history. The one currently pending is referring to that question. ...
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41 votes
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Teams² and Microsoft: What data does Stack Overflow share with Microsoft? [closed]

This is about the "exciting" new blog post on the integration of Stack Overflow Teams with Microsoft (Teams²). I would like to know what data is shared with Microsoft. Say I subscribe to Stack ...
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Is user activity data shared with third parties?

Stack Overflow privacy policy states: Information Shared with Third Parties We may share personal information with third parties who provide services to Stack Overflow, such as payment ...
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1 answer

Will there be any further updates on the security incident of May 5, 2019?

Stack Overflow had a security incident back in May, in which a small amount of user data was compromised. This received a lot of attention, and the company did a great job communicating their initial ...
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50 votes
2 answers

Don't show old title when a user removes it from the profile

I have a title in my Stack Overflow profile, which refers to my school and the class I was in when I registered 2 years ago. However it's no longer relevant, so I was going to change it. But I ...
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5 answers

Embedding Facebook avatars enables tracking of Stack Overflow users

By now, everyone who follows technology should be aware of the scandals around Facebook's ethics and data privacy. Many users distrust them and are uncomfortable with their data collection practices. ...
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1 answer

Developer Story Privacy Features

Developer Story is a feature that has a great deal of potential when it comes to showing a prospective employer the skills one might have. Sadly, I've never used it simply because of privacy concerns —...
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106 votes
2 answers

What actions have been taken after the data leak reported on Feb 5 2019? [duplicate]

On Feb 5, 2019, a data leak was reported and a Stack Overflow Product Manager admitted to causing it. We got an "oops, sorry, won't happen again". For some, this is not enough, considering it's not ...
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Why is Stack Overflow's disclosure of email addresses to Amazon a big deal?

Please know that I'm genuinely asking because I don't understand. So a user posted a question titled Please don't share my e-mail with Amazon without my express consent. I don't understand what is ...
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2 answers

Please don't share my e-mail with Amazon without my express consent

Before the developer survey, I was invited to test it, and promised a $5 gift card from a web shop for taking part. Recently, I've received this gift card on my personal e-mail. But to my dislike, it ...
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Why does Stack Overflow want to know my location?

I visited a Stack Overflow page from Google, and this message popped up: Why does Stack Overflow need to know my location? Note that I'm using a userscript that only hides the ads, so Stack ...
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How to report a bug associated with a certain user's profile while respecting user's privacy?

I found a display bug. I am only able to see it on a certain user's profile. I think it would be rather rude to drop a link to this person's profile in a Meta question. How can I report this bug?
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24 votes
2 answers

How can I obtain a screenshot of a post that doesn't show my personal voting choice?

If I want to share a screenshot of a non-deleted post on Stack Overflow but, for some reason, don't want to disclose in the screenshot my personal voting choice (while still keeping the score ...
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1 answer

Should OP be able to ask/answer a question anonymously? [closed]

Stack Exchange is one of the best Q&A network I know. As a software developer, I am using it daily, asking question and contributing. As my Stack Overflow profile grows, it gets more and more ...
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6 answers

How do I hide my profile so employers don't rummage through my SO activities?

There's quite a few people out there who are quite comfortable with exposing their innards to the world, but there are also quite a few and possibly larger group of people who don't want individuals, ...
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1 answer

Do companies receive notifications if an user mentions them in his/her "developer story" section?

Do companies, where a user previously worked, receive some kind of notification* if they have an employee profile on Stack Overflow and that user lists them as a previous working place? *With "...
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2 answers

Sign-up process shouldn't reveal that an email account is already in use

I tried to create a new account using same email address I used to this account to just test this. The following error appears. The email address you have used is already registered. So any of my ...
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126 votes
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Your team memberships are leaked to other websites [closed]

Membership in a team is generally private/hidden. However, the list of teams you are a member of is leaked to other websites through the dynamic stylesheet served at /teams/theme.css. theme.css ...
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2 answers

Why Consecutive days are not public?

I can see consecutive days on my profile only. Also, without login I cannot see consecutive days on my profile. Why it is not available for public? I am using Stack Overflow developer story as my ...
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174 votes
3 answers

Joining a Team forces my Stack Overflow identity to match my real name [closed]

I've been invited to join a stackoverflow-for-teams. On the “Finish creating your Team profile” screen, I'm asked to select an avatar and a name, and told: Avatar This will also update your Stack ...
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2 answers

Allow the option to stay anonymous when clicking on chat links

When reading comments or posts, there are often links to chat, usually with this message: Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat. But sometimes the ...
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40 votes
2 answers

When, and when not to disclose names when discussing a users actions on meta

Often, on meta, we discuss the action of a specific user (a question, answer, comment or other action). Sometimes, their name is redacted, and sometimes it isn't. When should we disclose the name of ...
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0 answers

How and why was my Stack Exchange profile changed without my knowledge or permission?

I just took a look at my Stack Exchange profile, and it had been modified to include my professional title and employer company name in the "title" field. I had not set this data and log in ...
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50 votes
2 answers

I asked to have edit history redacted (as per a Meta post), but the flag was declined. Why?

In an answer to Crystal Reporting - Multiple Colums of Data a poster had offered their telephone number for further help. I flagged as Other and request a mod redact the edit history, informed by ...
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58 votes
2 answers

My public display name in a Channel shouldn't be tied to my Private Information Full Name [closed]

I've found based on a previous support request I made (How can I change my display name in a Channel?), the display name I have in a channel depends on the “Full name” I choose in my profile settings. ...
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38 votes
2 answers

Why does it not prompt you before an automatic merge of accounts?

This is a follow up question to my last question. I am wondering why it does not prompt you before automatically merging your accounts. It is an issue of privacy, as it will change your username, ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Can someone explain the parameters tracked by "Personalized Prediction Data"?

I downloaded my personalized data and I saw some parameters I don't understand. Can someone explain them? DisplayAdPersonas Seniorities PredictionType TagPercents I think these are the most ...
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2 answers

The survey's public data dump should have a random order

This is a follow up question to Unlink profile from 2018 Developer Survey The claim in the answer is that only a GUID connects the survey result to the user profile, and that GUID is not recorded. ...
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Does the HiQ vs. LinkedIn ruling influence SO's policy of prohibiting web scrapers?

I just read (an old thing already?) about the ruling for the case hiQ vs LinkedIn (LinkedIn Vs. hiQ Ruling Casts A Long Shadow Over The Tech Industry for one of the many articles about this). It seems ...
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Stack Exchange Privacy Policy and third-party data collectors

Gnip is a data collection company, that sources from a variety of websites and services, including Stack Overflow. Is this third-party data collection from SO in line with the current Privacy Policy? ...
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Private information (not shown publicly) -> they are... aren't they?

Under "Edit Profile & Settings" on the bottom in "Private information (not shown publicly)", I entered my full Name for SO job's related stuff, I thought this might be useful. After joining my ...
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Is my email address visible to the other party in the Job "messages"? [closed]

Is my email address visible to the other party which I sent an enquiry about a job? (I don't like my email address being collected). p.s: I read this question Is my email address accessible? but I ...
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How is our privacy protected if SO is using a third-party service for the Developer Survey 2017?

I had almost completed my Developer Survey 2017, when I realized, that I wasn't taking this survey on Stack Overflow, rather I was taking it on SurveyMonkey. I don't know how I feel about giving them ...
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