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7 votes
0 answers

Proper syntax highlighting for PowerShell [duplicate]

Tagging a fenced code block with powershell: ```powershell Write-Output "Hello, $Env:USERNAME" ``` produces no syntax highlighting: Write-Output "Hello, $Env:USERNAME" This ...
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11 votes
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Syntax highlighting: Use "lang-bash" (or similar) as default language for tags [powershell] and [powershell-core] until PowerShell is fully supported

Note: There are related existing posts, but this one makes a concrete proposal that complements the feature-request post that asks for proper PowerShell syntax-highlighting support via highlight.js, ...
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15 votes
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Enable automatic and on-demand syntax highlighting for PowerShell (updated for highlight.js)

Note: After the discussion in the comments, a separate post was spun off from this one, linked to below. Note: This isn't a duplicate of earlier posts such as Enable a "lang-powershell" ...
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