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A post ban means that a user is blocked from asking new questions, or posting new answers.

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Will I be warned when I am close to be blocked from asking? [duplicate]

Will I be warned when I'm close to be a question ban? I feel like I'll be on that side again after asking a not so unclear, question with the C++ tag. And, last time, I wasn't warned at all, so, I ...
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My account is blocked, yet the badge tracker says I have a positive record

To start off, I'm not here saying I can't ask questions, my account is blocked, boohoo, etc., etc. I accept I'm blocked for some reason. As indicated above, my account is blocked from asking ...
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I was banned, unbanned, then a asked a good question, banned, then 5 seconds later unbanned?

Edit: I have just been unbanned again. I am very confused. I was banned. Then after receiving serial upvotes, which got reversed, I was unbanned. I asked a good question (+1) and now I am banned. ...
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Fixing my questions that are completely off-topic

Edit: I have been unbanned. I will now ask better questions. How can I fix questions that are off-topic without replacing them with a different question (which is against the rules)? I have been ...
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Do well accepted questions lifts out answer ban?

I am currently in an answer ban, yes it sucks, maybe because I'm a newbie, but the reason I got poorly received answers is that my answers were not voted up nor voted down. This happens because the ...
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Where can you see the status of a ban?

I looked everywhere in my profile but it doesn't say anything about a ban. How can I tell if a ban has been lifted without simply post spamming to see if it says I am still banned?
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Does undeleting questions help to unban an account?

I have recently been wondering if undeleting a deleted question in an account leads to the possible un-ban of question asking. I know it states that if a user's positive contributions outweighs their ...
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How come getting abusive nuked several times in a row doesn't cause a question and answer ban?

This case is about this specific unregistered user. He has been posting numerous abusive trash posts, as well as one or two not entirely garbage ones for the past 5 days now. As far as I can recall, ...
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Asking too many questions?

I am in the top 2% this week (2016-05-11), and I'm banned from asking just because two questions a day is too much. How can two questions a day be too much? Once I asked too many questions so I had ...
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Is the question ban too strict?

Disclaimer: This is not a whine because I got banned. So, as you can guess I got question banned. I understand why the algorithm did that: None of my questions have a positive amount of votes. ...
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Will a question ban lift be delayed by opening bounties?

I was going through my old questions and noticed this one: Scrollbars appearing for no apparent reason. I realised that even though there is a post that answers it partially and does provide a ...
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Flaws in the Stack Exchange system. How to deal with them? [duplicate]

So, after being a user for well over a year, it has become apparent to me that while there are many helpful, wonderful people on this site, there are also incredibly pedantic people that downvote ...
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Does banning relatively new users encourage alternative accounts?

NOTE: This is not a duplicate of What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? I am not asking what to do once an account has been banned. I am asking ...
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Shouldn't users get to ask one more question after the warning for bad questions?

I recently found that I had a warning about asking bad questions and that I might lose the privilege, so I decided to stop asking anything until I felt certain my question was very good and ...
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Stack Overflow is no longer accepting questions from my account. How should I go about fixing my existing questions? [duplicate]

As the title states. I've been banned from asking any more questions. Previously, my questions have been downvoted and I've recently tried to improve the quality of my questions. My most recent ...
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New user and beginner programmer risk of being question-banned [duplicate]

I know that this website was founded on the idea where users of a special field (in this case programming) come to ask creative and productive questions. Unlike its other web counterparts (Quora, ...
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I'm question-blocked but the mobile app doesn't tell me this until I try to post [closed]

I have asked some bad questions in the past on Stack Exchange. So, when I try to ask a question through the website I get told I've hit the limit. But when I go on the mobile application (Android), I ...
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How can I know if I'm banned from answering without trying to answer?

I gave some bad answers on Stack Overflow and as a result I'm banned from answering again. I know that to lift up the ban, I need to gain reputation by asking questions and eventually the ban will be ...
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What to do if you are banned from asking a question on that day because of serial downvoting? [duplicate]

Well, I was a victim of serial downvoting on 18th February 2016, as you see below: I was also returned the reputation as you can see Well, but on the same day, I was again serial downvoted: I knew ...
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It's hard to get out of a question ban on Stack Overflow - can that be fixed? [duplicate]

What is a question ban? Questions bans are triggered by automatic filters by many low-quality questions. The exact formula is secret, but users are only banned if they have a significant number of bad ...
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How many deleted questions do I have?

I can see that I've got one -5 question deleted, but I'm interested in any others which I can't view. I've been question blocked (probably because of the -5 post) and am not sure where to go now. ...
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They say "if you're banned from asking questions" then "fix your old questions", but what if my old questions are completely wrong and can't be fixed? [duplicate]

I have asked some quick questions. Some of them are specific and I don't understand why they were downvoted, while others were too "quick-asked". By "quick-asked" I mean I could find the answer myself ...
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Will it block me if I ask another question? [duplicate]

I have repeated a single question at several sites (Stack Overflow, Cross Validated, Data Science and Computer Science). I didn't know it would be an issue because they are different sites and I ...
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Can I sit under my oak tree or do I need to go on rep hunt?

I'm answering questions on low traffic tags and I have always had a bit of fear of the answer ban. My tactics has been to now and then go on rep hunt in the high traffic tag Java, pass a quick answer, ...
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Banned from asking a question, feel editing doesn't help due to being buried, so how do I get questions reviewed again? [duplicate]

I have been banned from asking questions due to having a small number of apparently really bad questions (I have tons of other questions, but none of them have more than 1 upvotes (I thought I had one ...
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On average, how often do users redeem themselves from a post ban of either kind?

This is something that I've been curious about for a bit, since I don't have any anecdotal evidence to go off of, and maybe one or two cases that come to mind of this happening. But, what are the ...
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Don't allow post banned users to review posts

If a user has demonstrated that their contributions are so problematic that we feel that it's necessary to prohibit them from asking and/or answering questions, they shouldn't be allowed to review the ...
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Does reviewing count as "positive contributions"? [duplicate]

I am stuck with a question ban which makes it really hard for me to use the site. I don't quite understand what I did wrong in my questions and the help page that gets linked isn't helpful at all imho....
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Why was I banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Why was I banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow? I understand that many of my questions mostly have 0 up votes, but that is mainly because they are very specialized towards what I do, and ...
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Question ban algorithm really should be changed…? [duplicate]

Since about three weeks go, I'm abruptly, without warning, not able to ask questions. I have read all of the (very unclear) information and see no chance to break the "ban". It seems as questions ...
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Can self-censoring end up with a question ban?

We are told The exact formula for the bans is not disclosed, but users are only banned if they have a significant number of ... deleted posts. I'm only starting here, and I know I'll (hopefully) ...
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Stack exchange trap, what do? [duplicate]

I have discusion with administration stack overflow, so what I can do with this? We are no longer accepting answers from this account. And if I want escape this I must get more reputation, but how ...
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Cannot answer although I could answer normal and protected questions [duplicate]

Now I got "Remove New User Restrictions" and have "Create Wiki Posts", "Participate In Meta" and finally "Create Posts". It's nice to collect some trophies. I'm a new user, but I cannot answer any ...
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How many Stack Overflow accounts are banned from asking questions?

I am just curious as to how many accounts (in number or in percentage) are banned from asking questions on Stack Overflow.
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Get notification when 50 question limit passes?

I am experiencing the 50 question per month limit on Stack Overflow. I'd like to get a notification when the limit passes, however, looking at the Subscription portion of my profile, I don't see how ...
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Why did I receive a warning about account blockage?

I tried to delete a question and I received a warning that if you delete question more than once your account is blocked to post more questions. Why did this happen?
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Score needed to lift post ban

So, a year or more ago, I think. I was post banned. Today I decided to change that. I went on an answering spree and earned 210 points. I suppose this is a lot for a guy with a score like mine. Now, I ...
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Why did asking a question with zero-score cause me to get question-banned without warning? [duplicate]

I recently got hit with this infamous message when I was about to ask a question on Stack Overflow without warning: You have reached your question limit. Sorry, we are no longer accepting ...
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4 answers

Can you get your account suspended for "joking" around?

Is it possible that my Stack Overflow account will be suspended for joking around? Example: Can posts like these get me banned?
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2 answers

Question Ban Message

I was browsing the Help Center when I came across this page. It gives an example of a message someone would see when question banned: We are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the ...
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15 votes
1 answer

You have reached your question limit? [duplicate]

Today I was about to post a question and get You have reached your question limit Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account * What is this about? EDIT: (Screenshot)
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Spam from your network problem solution with ZenMate [duplicate]

Your post cannot be submitted at this time due to the volume of spam and abuse originating from your network. We apologize for any inconvenience. See the help center for more. I kept seeing this and ...
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4 answers

Do you (or would you) downvote a question or answer before giving the deciding vote to delete it? [duplicate]

There are times when I'll be browsing my favorite tags and find an extremely downvoted question which is closed and has a few delete votes. I'll typically read the post and, if appropriate, downvote ...
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What to do when a new user delete content their question after It has been answered correctly? [duplicate]

This user deletes the content of the question after It has been answered correctly, then, I flagged "need of moderator intervention" I requested to ban the user
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Does deletion of questions by community make a question ban "unsolvable" for a user?

I well know, that SO's question ban algorithm isn't (and won't be) disclosed. Well though, every time I use my deletion privileges, I ask myself: May this throw the OP into an unsolvable situation ...
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36 votes
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Removing question ban- how do edited posts get recognized?

After receiving a question ban (not answer ban), I've been using to get answers, but haven't got the same quality. So I decided to try to get my question ban lifted. I've answered a ...
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Does the amount of downvotes you recieve on a question affect a question-ban eligibility?

The description on how you receive a question ban is such: Stack Exchange has automatic filters in place to ban questions from accounts that have contributed many low-quality questions in the past. ...
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Does a post-ban get lifted after serial downvotes have been reversed?

I noticed someone intentionally downvoted a few of my questions. I lost about 16 reputation points, and now I am banned from asking questions. Now that I got my reputation back, can I get the ban ...
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Notify someone as they near their question ban

Today I was banned from asking questions because some people 'down voted' my question. I wasn't warned by StackOverflow that if I ask another question which may be of poor quality, then I will be ...
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3 answers

Will my own deleted, non-closed, flagged `useful`posts be completely un-associated from my Stack Overflow account?

I had five questions which were poorly received (3 downvoted by single votes and all 5 with no answers) by the Stack Overflow community, and therefore I had deleted those. Yesterday when I was ...
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