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A post ban means that a user is blocked from asking new questions, or posting new answers.

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Link the question-ban meta FAQ on the question-ban help page

After a discussion with a question-banned user I realized that the comprehensive question-ban meta FAQ doesn't seem to be linked from the question-ban help page. The user told me that they are only ...
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Do duplicate questions count towards a ban?

Six months ago I earned myself a question ban. I asked a bunch of sub-par questions and I deleted them when they hadn't been answered in a few days, not knowing that deleting questions would add ...
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Send users in a question ban to the Staging Ground when asking a question

This is something that has been raised a few times, both on announcement posts and in the private Team; however, I am posting a formal request to make it so that users that are in a question ban are ...
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Implement a discussion ban system similar to the question ban

While people that are question banned can't post on discussions, nothing is happening to those who abuse discussions and post all their low quality questions there. Because these people never post ...
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Specific suggestions on editing my questions?

I am a novice both in programming and SO. About 8 months ago, I first met stackoverflow after searching in google. I was mesmerized by both this idiosyncratic website and answers. So I signed up ...
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I received a question ban without seeing any warnings

Update: I am now unbanned! I finally did get that warning too. Thanks! Update 2: Rebanned... Update 3: I asked support for help, and they untied bad questions from my account! I'm unbanned now. I ...
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Can answer-banned users use the "answer your own question" feature?

Can answer banned users use the answer your own question Q&A style feature? I heard that if you post too many poor answers you can get banned or something, banned from posting answers only, but ...
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Dealing with an ancient unsalvageable question which scored 0 points and had zero interest

Please note this question is being asked by a user that is banned from asking questions, is trying to do something about, is not trying to dodge the results of previous questions. I am wondering what ...
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Question ban; followed instructions, not sure what to do next

I've been question banned. The Help Center says to edit all of your posts and contribute to the site to get unbanned. I have edited all of my questions, added solutions to my questions where ...
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I have been post banned and I would appreciate some help improving some of my questions

I have been banned from posting to Stack Overflow after posting this question: Adding CORS headers to my NodeJS ExpressJS API but not working I am not really sure why I was downvoted twice, and I ...
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How do I fix edit/fix my very very bad questions?

I am currently on a question ban, and till my next question comes, I am focused more on the review queue (honestly I don't know what I would do if I didn't have that) and SEDE queries to try to grasp ...
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Does removing a user's community wiki post count toward their question ban?

I recently stumbled across this post a few minutes ago on SO. It appears this question has been out there for some time and based on the comment string, may no longer contain reproducible code. It ...
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What's wrong with my questions, and how can I improve them?

Coming from this meta question, as you can guess, I am actually question banned. I have read plenty of meta topics about being question banned and the only way out seems to be "Improve your ...
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What should I do if I realize that my question is a duplicate?

I had a question in which there was a problem solving another problem. It already has three downvotes. Now I have found an easier and simpler solution to the base problem from another Stack Overflow ...
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How can I improve my questions

I have currently reached my question limit and I get the message 'Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more.' The help center recommends that I ...
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Shouldn't users get to ask one more question after the warning for bad questions?

I recently found that I had a warning about asking bad questions and that I might lose the privilege, so I decided to stop asking anything until I felt certain my question was very good and ...
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How many deleted questions do I have?

I can see that I've got one -5 question deleted, but I'm interested in any others which I can't view. I've been question blocked (probably because of the -5 post) and am not sure where to go now. ...
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What are the criteria for low-quality automatic answer bans on meta sites?

Related: Does the same mechanism for an automatic question ban apply on MSO? Is negative rep on Meta taken into Consideration for a Question ban Downvotes on Meta are confusing: do they *really* ...
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Improving my broad question asking for advice that was also answered

Regarding this question: Laravel: How to request data from database and dynamically update html select element How can I improve this? I have stated my situation, what I plan to do and then if that is ...
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Do well accepted questions lifts out answer ban?

I am currently in an answer ban, yes it sucks, maybe because I'm a newbie, but the reason I got poorly received answers is that my answers were not voted up nor voted down. This happens because the ...
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The delete option warns about question bans even they don't exist on MSO

When I went to delete a post: We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. See "I've thought better of my question; can I ...
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Am I improving my questions and are self-answers useful?

Unfortunately, for the 3rd time in a row I have been question banned. This time I'm really taking it seriously. I have been going through all of my questions to try to improve them, answering other ...
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How can I improve a question if its basis is fundamentally flawed?

I recently received a warning that I was close to losing the ability to ask questions on SO some time after a particular question received a large amount of negative score (-6) and was deleted for &...
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Help fixing some of my questions in order to (hopefully) lift the question ban

I have asked 10 questions in total on Stack Overflow. Of those, 7 are negatively-scored, 2 have scores of 0, and 1 has a positive score. I am now hitting a question ban, and I see that what I should ...
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