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Questions tagged [pluralsight-iq]

For questions about the PluralsightIQ plugin inside the Developer Story feature.

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Why don't PluralSight IQ scores show up to employers on Stack Overflow?

This Pluralsight IQ thing doesn't show up on the developer story being sent to employers in my case. I tried downloading a version of the one sent to the employer and nothing regards the Pluralsight ...
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Remove Pluralsight IQ from timeline or header

I feel that it's a bad thing that the results of Pluralsight IQ tests are displayed both at the header of my Developer Story and on my timeline. Is this duplication really necessary? It directs user ...
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Pluralsight's "AWS Cloud Compute" skill does not have tags on the Stack Overflow badge

I passed the assessment for "AWS Cloud Compute" skill on Pluralsight. I tried to add the badge of this to my Stack Overflow dev story. I noticed that badge does not have any tags. It is an issue ...
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Can't add Pluralsight IQ to developer story header

I found a similar bug reported almost a year ago which apparently got fixed. So I'm going to report this one too hoping it would get fixed soon. I took the PHP Development Fundamentals IQ test on ...
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How to post a PluralSight score from another email

I accidentally followed an ad link (on SO) to PluralSight rather than a link from my SO account profile (or email), and then blundered again by using a different email from the one my SO account is ...
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"Pluralsight Skill IQ assessment" asking me to create an account

I was going to do take the Pluralsight Skill IQ assessment, it said its free but when i provided the information and agreed on terms, i was redirected to login / create account on pluralsight and when ...
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Why some PluralsightIQ assessments does not show relevant tag

I have finish a few PluralsightIQ assessments and wanted to share that in my SO developer story. For express the tag was automatically added, and for angular there is no tag added. What is the reason ...
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