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For questions about the PluralsightIQ plugin inside the Developer Story feature.

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Incorrect questions in Pluralsight IQ test

I just did the Pluralsight IQ test after seeing fellow chat members do it and reading the featured SO statements. The questions in the test I took (was JavaScript) were awful, some of them were ...
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Add an assessment to your Developer Story

TL;DR We’ve added a new item type called ‘Assessments’ to Developer Story. You can take a free skill assessment on Pluralsight and add your Pluralsight Skill IQ to your Developer Story. WHY ...
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Include Pluralsight score in the Developer Story PDF [duplicate]

Right now, the Pluralsight Skill IQ verification appears in the Developer Story. However, when we save the story as a PDF, the verification is not included in that file. I think it would be reasonable ...
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145 votes
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Pluralsight IQ credibility and quality/relevance of their tests

I did the "MySQL" test and found the questions heavily weighted towards the DBA role (eg obscure questions about log file configuration etc.) rather than the coder role. Since the results of such ...
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Pluralsight IQ share gives suspicious request

I just took a couple of IQ tests on Pluralsight and would like to insert the results into my developer story, but it keeps giving me this error: I couldn't find any related informations about this, I ...
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Assessments are not visible in Traditional view of Developer Story [closed]

I just added some assessments to my Developer Story and discovered that they are not visible in Traditional view: Story view Traditional view
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Dealing with bad Pluralsight IQ results

Suppose my internet connection goes down during a Pluralsight test, which is timed, and I get a very bad score. Assume also that I've already used up the 1 free re-try, so the very bad score stands. ...
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Can't link pluralsightIQ to Stack Overflow developer story [duplicate]

I have got PluralSight Skill IQ score Which I tried to link in my developer story by clicking on stack overflow icon. But I get redirected to 404 page. Below is the URL in browser on 404 page. ...
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Developer Story Skill IQ Bug. Readding Improved Skill IQ will not add it to the profile header

There seems to be a bug with the 'Add Skill IQ' feature. I have previously added Pluralsight Skill IQ for JavaScript back in October 2020. I have retaken the assessment recently in November 2020. ...
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Pluralsight skill iq test added to dev story seems to be displayed wrongly

I just took and pass my 1st pulralsight skill iq test and got it added to my dev story where its listed without any details like the score, validation, etc. I tried one more time and the same happened....
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