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Questions tagged [pagination]

For questions about how various lists on Stack Exchange sites are spread across multiple pages.

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The API is returning incorrect values for `has_more`

I'm sometimes getting a random bug when retrieving questions from the Stack Overflow API. It happens under conditions like this: I request the page 7 from the API (with 100 records per page). The API ...
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Enable pagination based on the total number of answers not the number of undeleted answers

Generally, questions that have a large number of answers have their answers paged so that only 30 are ever displayed to the user at one time. Take, for example, What does "use strict" do in ...
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The /questions feed seems to reset number of items to display

I prefer to display 50 questions at a time. I've set this on the default tags I watch and on the home page. However, it does not save this setting all the time. It appears to reset when I perform a ...
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Pagination bug when total pages are 7, it shows an ellipsis instead of page 6

For example go to, you can see what I mean. (or check the screenshot below) I know normally it is not a big deal, but ...
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Home tab pagination bug

The first time I noticed this bug was around March 2016, but it didn't really bother me enough for me to add an entry here, and I assumed someone else had probably reported it and it would get fixed ...
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Bounty page does not load page 1 when click on bounties

When click on bounties it loads the page number that has been selected previously, instead it should load the first page of bounty page. To reproduce this, Select python tag and go to 5th page of ...
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Stack Overflow cannot remember how many bounties I want to see

When I visit the questions with bounties list I see usually 50 questions per page. However when I click on page 2 just 30 questions are shown. I call this a bug.
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Paging goes back to 1st page when changing "questions per page" option

Stack Overflow has 2147 pages with new questions. If am on the 2147th page and the "questions per page" is set to 30, it's shows two questions (This SO first questions). But when I change the "per ...
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Zero results on first page when ignoring topics

If I view I come across a few questions with different tags. If I choose to ignore these tags and refresh the page, I get zero results. It's not until ...
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Clicking on the last page of the "Recently Active Questions" gives "Page not found" error

If I go to Stack Overflow's Recently Active Questions tab, and select last page present in the pagination, many times I would get "Page not found": Other times, when I do get the last page, ...
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