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OverflowAI Search is now available for alpha testing (September 13, 2023)

A few weeks ago, Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar spoke at the WeAreDevelopers conference to announce some exciting features we have been working on. On that day, we also shared a small ...
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I get it. I can find answers with the help of AI. Can you stop bugging me now?

I see there is a new popup telling me that I can find answers more quickly with the help of AI. However, once I close it, after I go to a new page, it pops up again. This is similar to search bar ...
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Call for volunteer reviewers for an updated search experience: OverflowAI Search

2023-09-07 -- We're now targeting next week for a first round of invitations. We'll have a more in-depth update to post around that time. Apologies for the delay. Stack Overflow is planning to ...
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AI search: sometimes returning no results, toggling off takes hours, opting back in days instead of instant

I've opted into the AI search alpha. It has at least two serious bugs for me: It doesn't seem to work for some search terms, e.g. when I search for colima it returns nothing even though there surely ...
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What does the new Google AI Partnership mean?

Context of the question: Stack Overflow and Google Cloud Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Generative AI to Millions of Developers press release Stack Overflow has selected Google Cloud as the ...
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How do content authors feel about AI powered searches using their content for summaries?

Recently, the company shared their vision of a new AI enhanced search function that is supposed to display summaries of relevant search results within the site search. The top most relevant answers ...
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How to disable "Ask with AI" pop-up

I don't want to try now Ask with AI. Is there a way, without using ad-blockers / user style / user scripts, to avoid having the pop-up shown every time I open Stack Overflow? Sidebar element text ...
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