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Use this tag is for questions about the outdated answers and the outdated answers project.

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Editing to update outdated solution on question about Xdebug on Mac

The solution on Building/Installing Xdebug on Mac OS X with MAMP is outdated, and would I love to combine my answer reflecting current affairs into the accepted answer. Yet it apparently is held up in ...
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Is it not ok to update posts with standardization information?

Today I updated this answer. It is a good answer that mentions use of a function from a popular library. Some of the most useful parts of this particular library tends to get standardized into the ...
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Should we highlight old questions & answers?

Sometimes you try to solve a problem by following an answer but it just won't work, while it seems to work for everyone else, (for example here on this MySQL question) until you realise that the ...
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Question does not make sense anymore since software update

I recently asked a question that basically asks "why can't I do this in TypeScript?" but since the merge of #50666 the question doesn't make sense anymore because what I ask to do can ...
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Comment or edit to inform package deprecation?

python-certifi-win32, a small Python package, has been left in an unmaintained state, and its author recommends pip-system-certs as a replacement (by the same author). This has all been properly ...
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When will I be able to vote again on outdated answers? [duplicate]

I've just voted for an outdated answer, and got the following message: When will it be eligible for my vote again? It could be that in a few weeks/months it will eventually become outdated.
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"Is this answer outdated" shows on new answers to old questions

As the title says, the "Is this answer outdated?" prompt shows on all answers to old questions, regardless of when they were posted. This came to my attention when I was prompted if my own ...
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How bad does any answer need to be to warrant flagging under the outdated answer project?

I'm feeling some hesitation on flagging an accepted answer on the basis of either "Newer, more efficient" or "poses a risk", and would like to have further elaboration on the ...
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