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Questions tagged [opinion-based]

For questions about the "primarily opinion-based" close reason. Use [discussion] for questions that are opinion-based themselves.

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How can a question, about how certain frameworks handle browser side scripting, be opinion based? [duplicate]

May I please know how this question (Python(Django), PHP, Ruby frameworks: How do they handle browser side scripting?) is "opinion based"? Is there any opinion involved here when someone asks "How is ...
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Do [anti-patterns] encourage opinion-based questions?

I've stumbled upon this very old question: Is global constants an anti-pattern? It seems very clear to me that this is opinion-based. It's not focused on a particular problem, and answers may be ...
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2 answers

Why is this question not closed as opinion-based?

In the newsletter mailshot today, top of the "Top new questions" list is this one Why is “!!” considered bad form in Perl? To me this is an obvious example of "Primarily opinion-based" and it already ...
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Should a question be closed as opinion-based, when it's only the *comments* expressing opinions?

After I answered this question, it was closed as opinion-based. I don't see that, although I can imagine a too-broad reason. It asked "I'm having difficulty visualizing how the code will run. ...
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Why is a list of comparisons subjective? [duplicate]

This question is a response to my question about OpenGL libraries being put on hold. The question in question: The question was put on hold as being ...
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What makes this question on Stack Overflow opinion based?

I asked this question on Stack Overflow and it was closed for being "opinion-based": gRPC endpoint that sends initial data and afterwards stream of data I formulated the question like this: ...
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Question about who uses and when or how to use a design pattern was closed [duplicate]

I've asked this question a few minutes ago and unfortunately 5 users voted it to be closed without giving me any hint in the comment why they did so. Unfortunately, I don't really understand why they ...
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What kind of questions can separate an opinion based question from an acceptable question? [duplicate]

I want to gather more information about Jekyll as a substitute for React front end in my web application. Asking just this would result in the question being opinion-based. However, the only other way ...
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Close opinionated questions [closed]

This question looks like an opinion with very little research details. Why wasn't this closed for this exact reason? Which btw might also be considered an opinion.
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Asking on leads on new territory and asking for opinions [duplicate]

I asked a question on Stack Overflow which I guess is more on getting leads to know if there are any systems that satisfy my requirements for which I don't even know what kind of keywords to search ...
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-8 votes
3 answers

What is wrong with this question about asking for the proper HTML tag for a given type of content?

Here's my post, word for word (deleted by various mods for being "opinion based") HTML Purists: what's the most correct tag for a slogan on a business website? [closed] What's the most ...
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-8 votes
3 answers

Isn't the vote for a question to be "Opinion based" opinion based itself?

I have asked the following question: Why does Kotlin compile faster than Scala? and it was closed as opinion based. According to me Kotlin indeed compiles faster and it's not an opinion but was ...
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3 answers

Is a question that can only be answered correctly by a small group of people a bad question? [duplicate]

Recently I asked this question on SO and it was quickly closed for being opinion based. One of the commenters mentioned that it could "only be accurately answered by the designers" of the language. ...
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How do I ask an off-topic, but important, question on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have a rather strange question related to computer programming that I need answers to. The question is How to explain computer programming to a 3-year-old child? The average Joe, who is a non ...
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How should I ask a question about the use of block comments in Ruby? [duplicate]

I would like to know whether the use of block comments in Ruby is a good programming practice. What are the pros and cons of block comments compared to line comments? Before even posting this question,...
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Is asking opinion-based questions "need good luck (i.e. Faster than close vote)" to get answers?

I'm just curious to know why don't hide or remove opinion-based questions from this site, if these types of questions are forbidden. To be honest, sometimes I find some closed opinion-based questions ...
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How to make this question more focused?

I asked about a best-practice strategy for field initialization. To keep it tight and clear, I specified a limited set of possible approaches and explained why they all may make sense in certain ...
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Posted kind of opinion based question, then edited, but still closed later [duplicate]

Why is my question still closed even after my edit?
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3 answers

Can the help center have a list of good places to ask good questions that are not suitable for Stack Overflow or Stack Exchange sites?

The last two questions I asked have been downvoted and one of them closed. (I had thought that they were good questions, but it turns out that questions about proper style/conventions are often too ...
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2 answers

Questions about best coding practice [duplicate]

I recently asked a question about a coding problem to which I had several possible solutions, and I was asking which one would be considered best practice, or if any of them would be considered ...
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1 answer

Is it allowed to ask questions where others can each share their opinion? [duplicate]

I want to ask a question in Stack Overflow about what I should do, and everyone can share every opinion. But, I guess everyone will mark this question as "Opinion-based", right? So can I ask ...
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1 answer

Why was this post closed as opinion-based?

This post got closed as opinion-based: When should I use read.csv() versus read_csv() in R. Why is that? There are plenty of "When should I use x over y" types of questions that get highly ...
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Don't understand why my question is closed

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Is reverse proxy in front of Node reasonable? I don't understand why my question is closed as "opinion-based". I agree that it's somewhat ...
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Why cannot opinion-based questions be answered or implemented here? [duplicate]

We can treat them in a lot of ways. Suggestion: (Skip to save brain power) the OP will choose whether the question is opinion-based or not at the start. When the OP chooses that it is opinion-based, ...
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Held as opinion-based when I asked for resources

Should I hyphenate GitHub topics? asks whether there are any recommendations, conventions or "best practices" on usage of a certain tool. Note that I wasn't asking for the opinions of SO users, but ...
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Where is the "opinion-based" part of my question?

I asked a question ( and it was promptly closed as "opinion-based". Where is the ...
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Do open-ended questions with good intentions deserve a place somewhere on the network? [duplicate]

I recently ran across a post in which the OP asked a very open-ended question. Essentially, he said, I have created some applications in C#, what's the next best thing to learn (within C#). A user ...
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How can answers tend to be opinions if there are no answers? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question that was "put on hold as primarily opinion-based". In the explanation it says (emphasis mine): Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert ...
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This question of mine was downvoted, but I read rules and think it fits them [duplicate]

EDIT: I'm not complaining for it, I'm politely asking if it fits rules or not, please just comment without touching that downvote button... EDIT 2: My question is different that the previous one, ...
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Newbie C++ question closed for a bad reason

The recent question C++ Classes should I use this-> in the .cpp file was closed as opinion-based -- but both alternatives OP provided are objectively wrong, given the c++ code provided. The (...
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"We prefer questions which can be answered, not just discussed", discuss [duplicate]

Stack Overflow questions which field opinion are routinely closed for attracting opinions. In a largely fact-free world I absolutely value the call for factual responses, and for specific problems ...
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Question closed since it's opinion-based

I'm trying to write a question to get a better understanding of what advantages an EKS cluster provides over a traditional ECS system: When should I use EKS over ECS? However my question got closed ...
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-23 votes
2 answers

"Debating" question mark/badge

How about marking hot questions like The art of programming: Java vs C# as "debating" questions? A debating question - a question which has several alternative applicable answers each of which having ...
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3 answers

What can we do when a close-reason requires an explanation?

Suppose you have this question: Which is better: X or Y? or What is the best way to do Z? You could close it using the "opinion-based" close-reason. However, this is not very helpful for ...
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2 answers

A different way to treat thoughtful 'Opinion based' questions [duplicate]

I've been on Stack Overflow for a bit, and getting questions closed is still very painful to me. 'Primarily opinion based' especially rubs me the wrong way, because the most interesting questions ...
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2 answers

Asking for wisdom, strategy and judgement? [closed]

Like others, I'm an active consumer of Stack Overflow, and I'm 2+ decades into my technical career. I often need to make decisions with imprecise information. Occasionally I ask Stack Overflow. These ...
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Should the goal of Stack Overflow be defined and expressed more clearly? [duplicate]

tldr; People get misunderstood a lot on here, existing users trying to help, and new users with the overall goals of the site. New users need redirected instead of boiler plates, other sites exist for ...
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-32 votes
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Why doesn't SE implement poll functionality? [duplicate]

I think there should be a poll function for questions here. I don't actually get the argument behind "recommending software is A Terrible Thing, And We Don't Do That". Here's an example. And ...
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Is this question really opinion-based?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Should Redux Saga be learned in 2023? Sure asking if someone is worth learning or not is opinion-based, but is it really opinion-based asking if ...
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-41 votes
4 answers

Why are opinion-based questions banned? [duplicate]

Can anyone on this site guarantee that their answer is 100% correct? If not, then why are “opinion-based” questions banned from this site? What if people are looking for a suggestion or recommendation ...
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3 answers

Can we open up Stack Overflow to accept questions which are opinion-based? This induces a constructive answer of pros & cons & industry best practices [duplicate]

Closing good questions which have useful answers and apply to many developers for being "opinion-based" or "too broad" is one of the huge problems I have with Stack Overflow in ...
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1 answer

It is dishonest and counterproductive to consider best practices questions as invalid "opinion based" questions [duplicate]

Let me start with a simple but likely controversial statement: all answers (and therefore all questions) are necessarily opinion based answers, and any attempts to draw a distinction between "...
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