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For questions about the "primarily opinion-based" close reason. Use [discussion] for questions that are opinion-based themselves.

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Is asking "why" on language specifications still considered as "primarily opinion-based" if it can have official answers?

I just found this question and answer about why Java uses UTF-16, but now it is closed as primarily opinion-based. I know, a similar issue is discussed here and some people say this type of question ...
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Why was my question closed as "opinion based" when I'm asking how to solve a specific issue in a specific framework in a specific language?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Highlighting the SEND button in MFMessageComposeViewController I asked a specific question on how to highlight a UI component within a predefined ...
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3 answers

Why is "primarily opinion-based" a valid close reason on Meta?

I'm not an especially seasoned Meta user, so forgive me if this seems like a trivial question. My impression of Meta is that one of its major functions is to act as a forum for focused discussion of ...
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Can we preserve Chip Pearson's content on Stack Overflow?

Almost anyone who's learned any amount of VBA in the last 20 years knows the name Chip Pearson. Millions have visited his website, always packed full of easy-to-understand instruction and lateral ...
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What is the metric to determine whether a question is opinion-based or not? [duplicate]

I’ve posted a question “Altering the state of a composed class by its composing classes. Is there any rule or principle for not doing so?” which people seem to find as an opinion-based question and ...
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2 answers

When are "difference between" questions considered opinion-based, and when not?

Today I have failed an audit while completing Close Votes review. The question has the following formulation: R class and R.drawable class are two different classes within Android framework, both ...
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"Opinion based" link should go to the "Don't Ask" page

Logically enough, the close banner for the "needs debugging details" close reason links to the page on how to create a MRE. However, the "Opinion Based" close banner links to the ...
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34 votes
4 answers

Should I ask questions about idioms or are they too opinion-based?

Today I asked this question about which of two solutions was more idiomatic in Python. It received a few downvotes, and was put on hold as being an opinion-based question. This confused me, as being ...
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What is the line where "is it bad practice..." questions become opinion based?

I think I'm not getting the distinction between opinion based questions well. Currently this question is not closed Currently this question is closed They both ask if a thing is a bad practice, but ...
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4 answers

Should I flag opinionated comments?

One time I answered a question and my answer not only worked but was accepted. It got me out of a sticky situation, saved me a lot of work, and continues working beautifully to this day. I am proud to ...
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1 answer

When is a question asking for opinions considered on-topic?

I just came across the following post (Tensorflow 2.0 is getting harder to understand for senior tf developers, does anybody share the same feeling?) in my Triage queue and I was surprised that it was ...
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24 votes
2 answers

Opinion question with an expert answer

Does an opinion question with an expert answer deserve special treatment? Suitability of Rails, Padrino, and Sinatra for building a prepaid mobile service This question has been nominated for ...
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23 votes
4 answers

Should we treat questions asking for idiomatic versions of code snippets as primarily opinion-based?

Often people ask for language specific versions of some code snippets. For example a term that seems to be found rather frequently in questions with a python tag is "pythonic" and people ask for ...
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Opinion-based close reason doesn't seem accurate for my question

I don't understand how Make dapper SQL be syntax colorized is opinion-based. It's asking for a very specific technical task to be done, and the top upvoted answer gives a concrete and specific means ...
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2 answers

Are "Is it a good practice...?" questions off topic or opinion-based?

Many times I am programming something and wondering if what I'm doing is or not a good practice (it doesn't mean that I'm asking for code reviews as some people say, in fact I don't include code). So ...
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"Primarily Opinion Based" on "Best Practice" questions

Industry best practice could be described as opinions that have been established and validated by the community. How then should one ask questions that related to best practice, when these questions ...
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12 votes
4 answers

Is a question asking for good ways to do something really opinion-based?

After several questions were deservedly closed when the poster couldn't act within the normal community guidelines, I asked a question which I thought should be better-received and which addressed ...
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3 answers

What terms should one avoid in question construction? [duplicate]

I try to avoid ever asking anything on Stack Overflow. Most questions have been already been asked and answered. Recently, however, I have branched out into a couple of new areas and the complexity ...
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Could I have better asked about a language's lack of an important feature? [duplicate]

I asked a question about immutability that was closed as "opinion-based". I respect the closers' judgement, but I don't completely agree. I'd like to know what I'm missing and how I could have asked ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to correctly review answers provided to opinion based questions?

While reviewing Late Answers, I came across an answer to this question: Can automation QA/Tester work in SDET profile I realized the question, even though it is more than 4 years old and had several ...
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1 answer

The Line Between "Legitimate SO Question" and "Opinion-Based"

I've been here a long time (since Beta, though I wasn't active and lost the badge). In the entire time I've participated in this community, I've always understood "opinion-based" not to mean "there's ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Is an opinion or assumption-based answer eligible for being "Not an answer" (NAA)?

I recently came across a couple of answers which rather almost entirely consist of assumptions or opinions than are based upon facts. Often answered to off-topic questions like seeking for ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Why is this SQL Server question "primarily opinion-based"?

This question (Dynamically reorder column values in a SQL Server table) asks about a SQL approach to dynamic reordering of values in a SQL column. After I answered the question with some SQL code, it ...
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3 answers

How should we handle "weasel words", or unintentionally broad questions that aren't?

Related to Is asking for solutions to a problem that has more than one possible solution too broad for SO? and Please stop having opinions about things, but meant as a more general question. I think ...
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Delete highly upvoted opinion based questions?

I was running through the Reopen queue and this question popped up There's some sharp comments about ...
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Why was this question undeleted? [closed]

Storing installation files in Version Control to automate dev machine setup This question was deleted as part of the source-code cleanup. It now has two reopen votes (at the time of this question ...
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Guidance re-writing a question closed as opinion based

I had a question closed as opinion based. I'd like to ask the community if the problem here was the wording I used, that is, how the question was written, of if the subject itself is not suitable to ...
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Five questions in one. All subjective [duplicate]

I'm guessing (and hoping) that this question will eventually undergo a review. It's five subjective questions bundled into one question from a relatively new user. I saw it yesterday and voted to ...
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Is SO a bad place to ask "historical" questions?

I noticed that it is, despite being disputed and disproven in many SO answers, a widespread misunderstanding that heap memory is generally slower than stack memory; I presumed "historical" reasons for ...
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How can I ask question with possible solutions?

I have a question on how to implement some functionality. I also have multiple ideas about how it can be done, but it seems as an overkill for me, and I hope there is a better solution. So I would ...
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Dealing with a question that reads opinion-based, but could be of use to others

I stumbled across this question not that long ago (really not that long ago). It seems like it's an interesting and novel approach to something that someone in Java may want to deal with at some ...
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Opinion-based question receives factual answers (through comments) [duplicate]

I was wondering if there was a known reason for a specific .NET class to reside in a language-specific assembly: Can TextFieldParser and other types from the Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly be safely ...
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What is the difference between too broad and primarily opinion based?

Recently I've seen two questions in a very similar fashion being flagged differently. I'm only starting to actually get acquainted with reviewing posts so I might be totally off here, but it seems to ...
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How relative are "Software recommendation" and "Opinion based", and why is all OK in this case? [duplicate]

I got this test on "Reopen review". Note: there is a question with similar answer. But only mine question has a "picture" that helps to identify the problem on the fly and without doubts. This is ...
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Why was this opinion-based question reopened?

The question How to use Git and Dropbox together? is clearly ambiguous to answer and opinion-based, and this has been stated repeatedly in the comments: This comment said: This question is unclear. ...
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2 answers

Why was this question closed as opinion-based?

I had asked a question about Limiting types in C#. This indeed is asking a How to implement? question. The opinion-based flag description reads: Opinion-based This question is likely to be answered ...
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Why was my question deemed to be opinion based?

I asked this question about why one would choose to use a C# switch expression over a switch statement. It has been closed as being opinion based, but I don't understand why. I researched it first ...
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"Why should I do XYZ?" vs. "What are some benefits of doing XYZ?" [duplicate]

A certain question of mine, formulated as "Why should I do XYZ?", was recently closed as primarily opinion-based. I suspect that if I formulated it as "What are some benefits of doing XYZ?", it would ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to reopen or edit the content of this question to become less opinion based?

I'm seeking information about default toString method and hence found this question, but unfortunately it is closed as opinion based now. I guess it was closed because some question like "is x useful"...
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Can/Should I fix an opinion-based question?

My question was marked as opinion-based: Should Equatable include the id for Identifiable structs in SwiftUI? I am reaching out, because I am unsure on how to proceed in way that benefits this ...
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Questions about Dennis Ritchies's opinion [duplicate]

I'm wondering about correct boundary between historical questions and primarily opinion-based ones. Here's an example: What was the original reason for [blah], which quite clearly asks for the ...
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2 answers

Is this question opinion based?

I have stumbled upon this question I am wondering if these kind of questions can be considered opinion based. The question might have an objective answer, or the community might not have a consensus ...
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1 answer

Opinion Based Question

I've recently asked this question: What are the advantages of server side Blazor app It got flagged as opinion based pretty fast, even though I intended to ask for specific benefits of using a ...
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2 answers

Why is this question regarding the use of different kinds of HTML tags considered primarily opinion based?

I asked a question about HTML the other day, mainly out of curiosity and also because I felt like it was sort of "missing" from SO and anywhere else I looked. Seems like that feeling is not shared by ...
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A question of mine was closed as being opinion based. I edited it to meet this objection. What would trigger a vote to reopen it? [duplicate]

I wrote a question 8 months ago. Someone recently upvoted it (making 4 over 8 months) but the question was recently closed as being "opinion-based". I will agree that my title might have led someone ...
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2 answers

Are questions about design patterns at fault for being "primarily opinion-based"?

Earlier today, I asked a question about the design pattern of WordPress. With astonishing speed, it was "put on hold as primarily opinion-based." However, it seemed to me that was I asking a clearly ...
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What classifies as "opinion-based open-discussion"? [closed]

A discussion about open-discussion questions Open discussions about programming-related that are somewhat open-discussion "questions" are usually frowned upon in the Stack Overflow community and more ...
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Can we specify requiring objective answers to prevent "close as opinion based" if I don't know whether my questions have objective answers?

This question is related to questions discussed at here (To reduce meta-effect, I don't paste the question links here:( ), but now I'm not arguing the linked questions. I hope I can describe the ...
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3 answers

how can I ask peoples' opinion on something? [duplicate]

I've gotten several downvotes and questions put on hold for asking questions that were deemed to be overly opion-based. The thing is, I think opinions are incredibly valuable. Especially in terms of ...
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My "Why..." question was closed for being opinion-based

Yesterday, I asked Why aren't traits Sized by default? which was closed for potentially being opinion based. I didn't agree, so I voted to reopen it. Upon reopening, it got a well-received answer, ...
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