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Questions tagged [opinion-based]

For questions about the "primarily opinion-based" close reason. Use [discussion] for questions that are opinion-based themselves.

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5 answers

Is asking "why" on language specifications still considered as "primarily opinion-based" if it can have official answers?

I just found this question and answer about why Java uses UTF-16, but now it is closed as primarily opinion-based. I know, a similar issue is discussed here and some people say this type of question ...
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1 answer

Why cannot opinion-based questions be answered or implemented here? [duplicate]

We can treat them in a lot of ways. Suggestion: (Skip to save brain power) the OP will choose whether the question is opinion-based or not at the start. When the OP chooses that it is opinion-based, ...
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4 answers

Why are opinion-based questions banned? [duplicate]

Can anyone on this site guarantee that their answer is 100% correct? If not, then why are “opinion-based” questions banned from this site? What if people are looking for a suggestion or recommendation ...
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2 answers

Are "Is it a good practice...?" questions off topic or opinion-based?

Many times I am programming something and wondering if what I'm doing is or not a good practice (it doesn't mean that I'm asking for code reviews as some people say, in fact I don't include code). So ...
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Why is "primarily opinion-based" a valid close reason on Meta?

I'm not an especially seasoned Meta user, so forgive me if this seems like a trivial question. My impression of Meta is that one of its major functions is to act as a forum for focused discussion of ...
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4 answers

Should we treat questions asking for idiomatic versions of code snippets as primarily opinion-based?

Often people ask for language specific versions of some code snippets. For example a term that seems to be found rather frequently in questions with a python tag is "pythonic" and people ask for ...
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What is the line where "is it bad practice..." questions become opinion based?

I think I'm not getting the distinction between opinion based questions well. Currently this question is not closed Currently this question is closed They both ask if a thing is a bad practice, but ...
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"Primarily Opinion Based" on "Best Practice" questions

Industry best practice could be described as opinions that have been established and validated by the community. How then should one ask questions that related to best practice, when these questions ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is SO a bad place to ask "historical" questions?

I noticed that it is, despite being disputed and disproven in many SO answers, a widespread misunderstanding that heap memory is generally slower than stack memory; I presumed "historical" reasons for ...
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What classifies as "opinion-based open-discussion"? [closed]

A discussion about open-discussion questions Open discussions about programming-related that are somewhat open-discussion "questions" are usually frowned upon in the Stack Overflow community and more ...
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3 answers

Is a question that can only be answered correctly by a small group of people a bad question? [duplicate]

Recently I asked this question on SO and it was quickly closed for being opinion based. One of the commenters mentioned that it could "only be accurately answered by the designers" of the language. ...
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Do open-ended questions with good intentions deserve a place somewhere on the network? [duplicate]

I recently ran across a post in which the OP asked a very open-ended question. Essentially, he said, I have created some applications in C#, what's the next best thing to learn (within C#). A user ...
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Why doesn't SE implement poll functionality? [duplicate]

I think there should be a poll function for questions here. I don't actually get the argument behind "recommending software is A Terrible Thing, And We Don't Do That". Here's an example. And ...
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3 answers

Can we open up Stack Overflow to accept questions which are opinion-based? This induces a constructive answer of pros & cons & industry best practices [duplicate]

Closing good questions which have useful answers and apply to many developers for being "opinion-based" or "too broad" is one of the huge problems I have with Stack Overflow in ...
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64 votes
6 answers

Can we preserve Chip Pearson's content on Stack Overflow?

Almost anyone who's learned any amount of VBA in the last 20 years knows the name Chip Pearson. Millions have visited his website, always packed full of easy-to-understand instruction and lateral ...
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Opinion question with an expert answer

Does an opinion question with an expert answer deserve special treatment? Suitability of Rails, Padrino, and Sinatra for building a prepaid mobile service This question has been nominated for ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How should we handle "weasel words", or unintentionally broad questions that aren't?

Related to Is asking for solutions to a problem that has more than one possible solution too broad for SO? and Please stop having opinions about things, but meant as a more general question. I think ...
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Questions about Dennis Ritchies's opinion [duplicate]

I'm wondering about correct boundary between historical questions and primarily opinion-based ones. Here's an example: What was the original reason for [blah], which quite clearly asks for the ...
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Opinion Based Question

I've recently asked this question: What are the advantages of server side Blazor app It got flagged as opinion based pretty fast, even though I intended to ask for specific benefits of using a ...
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A question of mine was closed as being opinion based. I edited it to meet this objection. What would trigger a vote to reopen it? [duplicate]

I wrote a question 8 months ago. Someone recently upvoted it (making 4 over 8 months) but the question was recently closed as being "opinion-based". I will agree that my title might have led someone ...
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Why is a list of comparisons subjective? [duplicate]

This question is a response to my question about OpenGL libraries being put on hold. The question in question: The question was put on hold as being ...
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3 answers

What is wrong with this question about asking for the proper HTML tag for a given type of content?

Here's my post, word for word (deleted by various mods for being "opinion based") HTML Purists: what's the most correct tag for a slogan on a business website? [closed] What's the most ...
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How can answers tend to be opinions if there are no answers? [duplicate]

I recently posted a question that was "put on hold as primarily opinion-based". In the explanation it says (emphasis mine): Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert ...
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2 answers

"We prefer questions which can be answered, not just discussed", discuss [duplicate]

Stack Overflow questions which field opinion are routinely closed for attracting opinions. In a largely fact-free world I absolutely value the call for factual responses, and for specific problems ...
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"Debating" question mark/badge

How about marking hot questions like The art of programming: Java vs C# as "debating" questions? A debating question - a question which has several alternative applicable answers each of which having ...
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