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Stack Exchange's own OpenID provider, used for "log in with Stack Exchange" and potentially used for logging into other OpenID consumers.

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Suspicious email about the end of OpenID support

I've just received a email from SO titled "ACTION NEEDED: We are deprecating OpenID suppoort". I haven't used OpenID as the login method for my account if memory serves me right. Besides, the ...
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How does session expiration work?

How does session expiration work on Stack Overflow? Is it independent of the OpenID provider? Does expiration take place regardless of when you last visited a site? I'm asking because every once in a ...
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Can't add new Stack Exchange openid login

I'm trying to get away from google login so I created a new Stack Exchange openid login. I then went to my Stack Overflow profile, logins page, and selected add more logins. In the box where you can ...
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Support logging into Stack Exchange account with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is very powerful, and for non Google users that wish to have a single sign-on (SSO) for their communities the LinkedIn login is a must. Will Stack Exchange support it?
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Adding SE OpenID to login results in page-not-found

When trying to add my StackExchange OpenID to my login options, it results in a page-not-found error. Steps: Go to profile Click "My Logins" Click "add more logins..." (https://meta.stackoverflow....
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I have a wrong gravatar

I've been having a fight with my login this days (my OpenID provider was broken), claimed my account with my email addres, had some problems, then finally logged in with my OpenID (when my provider ...
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