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Questions tagged [on-hold]

For questions about the "on hold" status, which occurs for the first five days that a question is closed. Please don't use this tag for any question that merely mentions "on hold" in it.

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Is this question about if-statements really an off-topic?

I would like to ask whether the following question is really an off-topic: How to condense my 9 if statements into one I'm confused, because there is a plenty amount of similar questions, which are ...
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5 votes
0 answers

Should edits not be put on the reopen queue immediately?

I asked a question (here) that was correctly put on hold. I edited the question, but realized it really needed more work and edited it multiple times. I was thinking I had five days to fix it and at ...
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Answering my own question that's on hold

I asked a poor, un-SO-like question here that was put on hold for good reason. However, the question was indirectly answered in the comments, and I'd like to "answer" my own question in an effort to ...
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