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Questions tagged [on-hold]

For questions about the "on hold" status, which occurs for the first five days that a question is closed. Please don't use this tag for any question that merely mentions "on hold" in it.

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User was able to answer a question while it was "on hold" [duplicate]

This question was put "on hold" as "too broad." The OP edited the question to show their code, but someone was able to add an answer while it was still "on hold." What could cause this?
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Question deleted after edit while "On hold"

I ran into a case which is kind of frustrating to me. OP (which is a new user), posted a question of low quality, and the point of the question was hard to understand. The question have been ...
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My question is still on hold after multiple edits - am I still doing something wrong? [duplicate]

This is in reference to this question: PHP 7 (on Windows 7) is crashing intermittently - need diagnostic assistance It was put on hold because it was "unclear" what I was asking, so I've tried to ...
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Question was put on-hold and now I have the answer code to post [duplicate]

I had a tough question that was put on hold, but I added clarifications and sample code to improve. I have sinced worked out a complete solution and would like to post the answering code since other ...
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How do I get attention to this Stack Overflow post that has had no views or votes for two days and was put on hold?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: Can't add multiple items to shopping cart please suggest ways with php(No Sql)? Can somebody help me or vote me up because it is been 2 days and no ...
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How can I know whether a question is queued for hold review?

This question was reasonably placed on hold, probably because there wasn't enough code to reproduce the problem. Six hours after it was edited to include reproduceable code (I just set up a test ...
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Comments on the held questions are deleted

put on hold questions can only be commented, voted, and edited! I commented on a question, and later the question was put on hold. After refreshing the page the comments were also been deleted. Is ...
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Why is this programming question put on Hold? [duplicate]

Learn Flutter or iOS? Answering this question requires opinions indeed, but also technical skills and experience. When we provide a solution to a programming problem, it also requires opinion to ...
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Why is this question regarding the use of different kinds of HTML tags considered primarily opinion based?

I asked a question about HTML the other day, mainly out of curiosity and also because I felt like it was sort of "missing" from SO and anywhere else I looked. Seems like that feeling is not shared by ...
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Can an answer to a question which has been put on hold be marked as accepted?

I answered a question, and the question was then put on hold. Can the asker mark the answer as accepted even though the question is on hold?
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Question put on hold, after the second edit, will they get notified?

I have a question that was put on hold. After reviewing the guidelines, I edited the question. Still, my question was left on hold. Therefore, I expanded and added additional details with a second ...
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Answering question in comments - by linking to offsite resource [duplicate]

I've noticed this pattern of behaviour a few times recently1. Since I just had a flag2 declined for highlighting it (admittedly, this is the first time I decided to do something about it), I thought I ...
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Is this question about if-statements really an off-topic?

I would like to ask whether the following question is really an off-topic: How to condense my 9 if statements into one I'm confused, because there is a plenty amount of similar questions, which are ...
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Held as opinion-based when I asked for resources

Should I hyphenate GitHub topics? asks whether there are any recommendations, conventions or "best practices" on usage of a certain tool. Note that I wasn't asking for the opinions of SO users, but ...
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Can we delete a highly up voted but off-topic and closed question?

About half a day ago, it seems there was an issue with some Facebook servers and a question like Suddenly stopped Facebook login popped up. It was closed as off-topic within a few hours but it has ...
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How long before on hold questions get closed

Just curious. One question shows up as [closed], even if it was asked just 40 minutes ago. But I thought questions were [on hold] for days before showing up as closed! So is this just a glitch, was ...
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Is there a reason to downvote questions if they garner enough flags to be on hold? [duplicate]

Is there a particular reason why one would downvote a question before/after it becomes [on hold]? Is it purely to tell the question's author "hey, you need to put some more effort into your questions."...
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Should I edit on-hold questions?

Should I ever edit a question if it is on-hold? The OP is supposed to edit the question anyway when it is on hold, so an edit by another user is bound to be overthrown by the OP's new edit. And if ...
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Should edits not be put on the reopen queue immediately?

I asked a question (here) that was correctly put on hold. I edited the question, but realized it really needed more work and edited it multiple times. I was thinking I had five days to fix it and at ...
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Why is the following question on hold and what should I change?

My question,, is on hold, because it is seeking debugging help. I have read both
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Are code comparison questions too broad? [closed]

I recently asked Being a member of the community for some time, I understand that open-ended ...
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Why is this question still on hold?

I had asked a question a few days ago and it was kept on hold for not following 'MCVE' and for being 'off topic' and that is reasonable. Afterward, I had a chat with a moderator and worked with him to ...
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"duplicate/on hold" question answered after 1 minute? [duplicate]

This question is a about the following post : JavaScript: Remove last child with class This post was Marked as duplicate at : 11:13:02Z then received another answer after 1 minute, at 11:14:04Z. ...
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Should links to external jsfiddle be converted to code inside the question itself? [duplicate]

Recently my question How does width: 100% on table-cell work? has been put on hold. The reason mentioned is: "Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't this code working?") must include the ...
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Question put on hold as primarily opinion-based when it specifically asks for not opinion-based answers [duplicate]

I've written a question asking for verifiable differences between two ways of writing a for loop. One minute after I asked it it got put on hold "as primarily opinion-based." While I don't use the ...
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Question put on hold for absolutely no reason

The question described below has been put on hold for reasons beyond my understanding. Would someone please kindly explain why? I would like to start discussion on this if possible: https://...
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Create a topic on Code Review for a question put on hold

Today, the following question got put on hold. However, the question intrigued me and I thought the question through a bit longer, and then prototyped an answer in a different language, just for the ...
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How to improve an on-hold question? [closed]

I posted this question: question The question was downvoted and then put on hold without any explanation. I would like to Edit/Improve the question if more specific feedback could be provided. The ...
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Does this reworded question fit the rules to be not on hold?

This is a question asked by a user in Stack Overflow and was put on hold for being not clear. The question has been reworded and the objective has been narrowed down. Does it still stay in the "not ...
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When will my on-hold question be reopened and how do I know its current status?

I posted a question and it was placed on hold. I read that questions on hold will be closed after 5 days if there is no improvement. I have edited my question, but it's still on-hold. How long does ...
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Why was this question put on hold?

Yesterday, I asked this question Replace Markdown-like links with HTML links in a string. This was put on hold There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for ...
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On hold (Too Broad) but only has one valid answer [duplicate]

This Animating in Graphics Context was put on hold for being too broad. But over the years I've seen (and sought) the same type answer to this same type of question in regards to linear interpolation ...
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Questions on hold - can it still be seen or answered?

I'm new here and was wondering how questions get taken off hold? I have a question that was placed on hold, perhaps because it wasn't clear enough. I've edited it and hopefully it is clear, concise, ...
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On hold - should the process to reopen be changed

Update I was not aware of some informations from the comments. And my edits did not help to clarify the situation. I changed pieces of my question to adress a few points i did not know before (see ...
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Question put on hold due to bad editing, but has been updated since

I'm talking about this question here It has been put on hold, and I can see why, the original formatting was terrible and unclear what the user was asking. However, when I edited the question, I saw ...
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Is there any reason not to straight up delete question and re-ask it if it gets put on "hold"? [duplicate]

If I make a question and mess up (or perhaps an overly zealous moderators step in) and the question gets put on HOLD, is there any reason not to straight up delete the question and re-ask it? ...
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How to remove "on hold" mark after editing? [duplicate]

I asked How to retrieve outliers from ceres solver result?. It was short but, in my opinion, it was clear. However, it was put on hold as unclear. I've done some editing to clarify, added a comment ...
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Why was this C network interface question put on hold as off-topic?

This is regarding my recent question, How can I find the bridge device name for my tap adapter in C (Linux)?. It was placed on-hold, with the reason given as off-topic. (Please note that I have ...
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Question put on hold because no code was posted

Need some clarification on the justification to put this question on hold: Executing functions on dynamically loaded elements My question was not one "Seeking debugging help" therefore, an MCV is not ...
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Why is this question on-hold?

As you can see, the question ClassNotFoundException when running Spark application with spark-submit [on hold] is on-hold for the following reason: "Questions seeking debugging help ("why isn't ...
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Disabling answer posting, after spending extensive time, seems annoying [duplicate]

I spent a lot of time trying to answer a question which was put on hold. You may be asking why I tried to answer this question, so I'll say: When I started, the question wasn't on hold. This comment ...
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How can we make a question closure feel less like an attack?

Update: Honestly, I don't understand all the downvotes. It must mean that people on Meta here don't want to talk about this issue anymore. Do people think the problem is solved? Yes there are many bad ...
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Is there some route to delete on-hold questions quickly?

I came across a question, shortly after it was asked, which was "I wanted to know how to do something, found the way, so wanted to share it". Self-answered with a link. Some irony that it was ...
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What is difference between "On Hold" and "Closed" questions?

Can we edit our closed questions? If we edit the question well then is the question reopened by the Stack Overflow community? I have read the 'Help Center' and I learned 'Closed' and 'On Hold' ...
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More reasons to put a question on hold

(Note that I wrote a first version of this proposal in SE Meta. Some of the comments there have helped me to write this in-principle-more-appealing second version.) The problem which I am trying to ...
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Just wondering about this question how it can be considered as too broad [duplicate]

This question has been marked as too broad. I just don't understand the reasons behind it being at this state. I have already made two edits to improve it but I see no change in the status. I am ...
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Question was set on "hold", but nobody tells my which StackExchange site matches for this question [duplicate]

My question was set on hold because it is off-topic. Unfortunately nobody told me which StackExchange site matches for this ...
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What is the difference between "put on hold" and "closed"? [duplicate]

I see a lot of questions that is "put on hold" or "closed". But I don't see their difference. Can you tell me what is the difference between them? Here are my guesses: People can only close question ...
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Do improved questions actually get re-opened after they've been put on hold? [duplicate]

Take the following (now closed and deleted) question as example:
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Appeal question which is onhold? [duplicate]

What is the correct process to follow to appeal a question which is on hold after the question has been edited? The reason I ask is I have edited a question and this edit was approved however the ...
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