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Regarding what constitutes offensive language or constructs in posts, or the process of flagging such content that doesn't belong.

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Why does "convert to comment" validate SPAM / OFFENSIVE / VLQ - Flags?

The disputed review-audit Review queue audit question inconsistency demonstrates a bug in flag-validation: While it is proper that deleting a post validates most flags, convert-to-comments, which is ...
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Offensive answers are not censored in "new answers to old questions" moderator tool

In the New Answers to Old Questions moderator tool (accessible starting with 10k of reputation), it seems answers that were automatically deleted because 6 spam / offensive flags were raised are not ...
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Report a single comment or multiple comments

If I saw a user that had a bad attitude to the others, and even insulted others on comments, for example, Why does it work? You should just delete your answer I guess. Please delete your ...
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