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'offensive' flags are used for content that is offensive in manner. Regarding what constitutes offensive language or constructs in posts, or the process of flagging such content that doesn't belong.

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-7 votes
2 answers

Why are swear words allowed in answers? [duplicate]

I saw these two answers: Potentially offensive answer, open image at your own risk And I was wondering: Why are swear words still allowed in answers? It wouldn't be too hard to implement a word filter,...
41 votes
1 answer

How do I get more context on flagged chat messages?

I just saw the feature to vote to remove chat messages that were flagged as offensive or spam. The first one I am presented with is: poor little lady :D This is most probably a sexist comment. ...
6 votes
1 answer

rude or abusive flag declined

I have marked code formatting - How to make Android studio put braces on own line? as rude or abusive. Why is my flag declined? The post is showing closed on my flag summary. When I visit the URL ...
16 votes
2 answers

Offensive flag rejected

My "offensive" flag for this question was rejected. It's not surprising, based on the question in its current form, but prior to the edits (which occurred after my flag), the body of the question ...
144 votes
2 answers

Add a red tooltip signaling that the "offensive" flag is a nuke

A recent answer to a question about a rejected offensive flag explained that an offensive flag is a real nuke that should be used only for posts that are completely made just to be offensive. I didn'...
0 votes
1 answer

Why was my 'offensive' flag disputed?

I flagged this post as offensive and it got disputed. If the reviewer had no idea of what the OP was saying in then why dispute it ? For the info OP is abusing to the people who will downvote his ...
59 votes
1 answer

Offensive answers don't seem to get censored when manually deleted

Update This originally was a feature request, but Brad pointed out that suggestion #2 is how the system is supposed to work, so this actually appears to be a bug. Is it really a bug? For what it's ...
91 votes
2 answers

In what cases can the "offensive" flag be used?

I recently saw an answer where the OP had edited it to be offensive, & I flagged it. The flag was declined as declined - Rolling back the edit was clearly the correct thing to do, not flag.: I ...