Questions tagged [obsolete-flags]

Use this tag for questions about the "Obsolete" class of comment flags, or specific "Obsolete" flags that have been declined.

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32 votes
2 answers

Can you clarify the meaning of 'obsolete' flags for comments?

Some time ago, I flagged a few comments that I clearly considered obsolete. Surprisingly to me, four of them in a row were declined. The first flag was on this comment: This is not a duplicate. He'...
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6 votes
1 answer

Flagging obsolete comments; repercussions to the user

I just noticed that after I had deleted a couple of my own 'too chatty' comments and went to flag the 'chatty' responses as 'obsolete' (they were now referring to portions of a conversation that no ...
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4 votes
0 answers

An obsolete comment I flagged was instantly deleted- what gives? [duplicate]

I got a notification that someone suggested an edit to an answer I wrote (TL:DR; I rejected it as it was making an unnecessary change to the URL). I then went to the actual question and found that the ...
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