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For questions about the various types of notifications that can be received on the site. For notifications of newly asked Qs via email apply tag [subscriptions] instead.

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Commiters to a tag should have notifications enabled by default [closed]

This is sad. As for me personally I feel courage. Why would you commit to a tag just to abandon it, leaving your fellow commiters? I don't think that should be accepted. For that I propose this change:...
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How do I disable notifications from Documentation? [closed]

I've apparently managed to enable notifications for the Javascript Language topic over in documentation. I get pinged for every single new topic request and it's becoming quite annoying. Would it be ...
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Please help me understand what I need to do with "Change needs review" notification in Documentation [closed]

I just got 2 notifications related to changes that were made in the Documentation section: This change is related to an ...
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Old data values in title bar when using mobile Chrome's back button

I am having slightly a different setup than in this question: Stack Overflow top menu bar not being rendered properly in Chrome but the same issue: My machine is a Asus tablet with a native Chrome,...
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Ask a new question if not a duplicate?

I was recently reminded that the help text when a question is closed as a duplicate states that you should ask a new question This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those ...
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Auto-Notifications for new questions in Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Is there a feature in Stack Overflow that would send us the new questions or notifications of the tags in Email or Desktop notifications? That would really be cool and would ease out the task of every ...
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Duplicate notification messages for wiki edit

For Wiki Edit I got duplicates notification when I made a wiki edit for the ios tag. As far as I understand every tab info divided in two parts Usage guidance (excerpt) Detailed Information (...
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Comments and notifications

Sometimes after I have made a comment, I realise it could be better phrased. If I have missed the ninja-edit window, I copy-paste the comment into a new one, edit that and then delete the old one. ...
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If a correct answer to a question is edited, should / does the questioner get informed?

So a question has various answers and the question asker marks the best one for their situation as correct, we all know how that work and it's pretty basic. My question is this: If a question ...
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Can you make the "new answer" notification more obvious?

Today I answered a question. When I was writing the answer, I can see that only one very low-quality answer was there. So I thought, ok, let me answer this question! After writing the answer and ...
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Why wasn't I notified of a new answer to my question?

I asked a question yesterday. I looked at it again today and was surprised to find that it had an answer even though I hadn't gotten a red update notice. Looking at my notifications, there was ...
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A Welcome Notification Bar gets displayed every time when opening chat

A Welcome Notification Bar gets displayed on the top every time I open chat, though I have opened it many times and I have 20 reputation also. It's quite annoying to see it again and again on the top. ...
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Why are there no notifications for comments in a question?

Earlier today, I was going through some of my comments and found out that some users replied in the comments. But I couldn't reply back since there wasn't any notification regarding this, and so I ...
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Notify me on comments on a post I already commented on

Currently the notification system works like this: I get a notification when someone comments on one of my posts, and I also get a notification when someone explicitly mentions my username, i.e. @...
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Is a @user notified in a comment if their @name is added in an edit to that comment?

If I add the comment: Why isn't this question clear? to a post, but forgot to notify the user to whom I am replying, does editing my comment to: Why isn't this question clear? @User – notify ...
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New notification for old comment

I’ve just received a notification for a comment: This refers to a comment that is more than five years old. What?
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Notification on reopening downvoted question

Very often I downvote bad question that later on gets closed. Since, it is site policy that bad question should be edited and improved rather than deleted, it would be nice to receive notification ...
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Psst. We're talking about you over here

I would like to be notified when a Meta question is asked about a Stack Overflow question I've asked, answered, or commented on. I'll refrain from suggesting solutions here in order to avoid ...
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Not receiving notifications [closed]

Last time I see this reported was from Sep 2014: Not getting Stack Overflow Notifications I haven't been getting any Achievement Inbox notifications for the past couple days. I do get them in my ...
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How often do people who get private messages from moderators actually notice and read them?

According to How to view messages from moderators on Stack Overflow?, mod messages only show up in the receiving user's inbox at the top-left of the screen. But I've observed a couple of colleagues ...
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Show a notification that an answer/edit is being made

Sometimes when a new question pops up and is relatively "easy" to answer it I go straight ahead to typing. What happens when I publish my answer though is that I realise there are already 5 answers ...
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Follow a question by notifications [duplicate]

When an interesting question is asked on Stack Overflow, I would like the option to follow any answers via notification whenever there are new answers and/or comments. Marking a question as a ...
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Real-time notification causes navigation page to scroll [duplicate]

I'm using the New Navigation Release Candidate, and I view new questions in my SO favorite tags with Then I scroll down on the page. When a real-time ...
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Notification sent to incorrect email address

My profile email address is but I get notification to email Why is this? I think the problem started because more than one person use the same computer and ...
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Stack Overflow Desktop Notifications App [duplicate]

I would like to suggest a desktop app with Skype-style notifications in the corner of the screen. I would suggest this as an alternative to email notifications because email inboxes get filled with ...
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Not receiving notifications of other answers or comments

I recently have an issue with comments and other answers notifications in browser. If I navigate to the question itself I can see other comments and/or answers to the same question I answered: But ...
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Looking at the same comment thrice

When a user comments on my answer or question I get notified in three distinct locations: On the question page itself In the top navigation bar On my profile page The problem is that the ...
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After hitting the daily reputation limit, how do I tell which answers were upvoted?

The daily reputation limit is 200. After I reach that limit, how will I know whether other answers I wrote were also upvoted or not? SO does not notify me of any additional reputation gains. Will I ...
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Is there a way to track a tag?

Some time ago I published a .Net library on Nuget, and lately it's been becoming more popular. As such, I'd like to be able to track questions tagged with my library's name. Is there a way to ...
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How do I get Stack Overflow to send me new answers (or alerts) through email?

How I can customise my account for it to send me email notifications and alerts of new answers and comments? I'm fairly new, is there a help page that describes this?
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People should get notified when answers to their questions are edited

I really think this is a good idea. I think there would be situations where a person asks a question, gets an answer and say "Oh that doesn't really help. I am gonna ignore that". But then ...
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Is there notification when you lose reputation?

Example: Yesterday my reputation was 702, today is 630. I found that one of the questions I got +40 points is closed or deleted. But, I've trouble figuring out how the rest of 32 points got revoked. ...
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Get notification when a question you answered gets a bounty [duplicate]

The linked post actually does not contain an answer, and by definition does not answer my question. This is a meta channel where communicating this issues of the main site are most important. I don't ...
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Is it possible to get notifications of question activity without adding a comment or answer? [duplicate]

I am interested in a particular question and I need to know about activity on the question. Is it possible to get the activity notification? I did not add any comment or answer to the question I ...
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Does Stack Overflow have in-browser notifications similar to Slack? [duplicate]

Does Stack Overflow have in-browser notifications similar to Slack? I also was looking for some extension for Chrome as an option, but I could not find something useful. I would like to be notified ...
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Incorrect badge icon in notifications

I just got a badge on Meta SO, but got the notification while I was browsing Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The notification looked like this when viewing from that site: Last time I checked, meta SO badges ...
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Get notification when 50 question limit passes?

I am experiencing the 50 question per month limit on Stack Overflow. I'd like to get a notification when the limit passes, however, looking at the Subscription portion of my profile, I don't see how ...
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Notify authors when a bounty is offered

Please automatically inform the authors of the question and any answers when someone posts a bounty. I received an upvote on my answer to How to wrap table cell at a maximum width in full width table....
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Add an inbox notification for rejected edits

I would love to see an inbox notification for suggested edits which are rejected, similar to "comment" notifications but with the title of "rejected edit" and the reason in the ...
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User e-mail preferences don't update (immediately) after you save settings

In the user e-mail preferences, I change my old e-mail address to my updated one. After I click "Save E-Mail Settings," I reload the page. The e-mail address changed back to what it was before I ...
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Is it possible to know if your question is being discussed on Meta Stack Overflow?

Is it possible to know if your question is being discussed on meta? For example, if I do something wrong, a bad edit or whatever, and it is picked up and discussed here on meta, will I be informed in ...
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Are bounty posters notified they are in the grace period?

An OP set a bounty on this question, which in now in the grace period, but he hasn't been active for the last 3 days. Are emails sent to these people reminding them to come back?
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Unsubscribe to old questions

Stackoverflow from the beginning seemed to understand I don't want spam and doesn't email me. But after a few years my notification feed is filling up with 90% legacy notifications, spam by another ...
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Is there a way to autocomplete @username without typing the whole thing?

To notify another user when I am making a comment I type @username. I notice, though, that a little box pops up to tell me who I am matching. After reading this helpful answer on how comment replies ...
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Changing mail for notifications in Preferences doesn't notify about sending a confirmation mail

When I insert a new email address here: After pressing "Save email settings", the button changes its color to grey and the user think that it's done. When you leave this page, and come back to it ...
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Is there a SO Desktop notifier?

We all have a SE Android App, which is fantastic. But, is there any way to get notified on my PC when I am not using the app?. Suppose, I am using a PC and I want to get notifications for my post as ...
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Downvote without comment notification doesn't show up properly

This is a bug report for Move the vote button which is currently in A/B testing on Stack Overflow. Today I tried to downvote question which is lengthy in size. So I've scrolled down to read and ...
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Can we have @name in answers, too? (name from any user participating in the Q&A)

I have seen it that people want to point to a certain user in an answer. They write the name as plain text. @name is not available/there's no notification. Reasons for that include: - They want to ...
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When does a user get notified for a comment?

If a comment is addressed to me (explicitly via @ or implicitly if added to one of my questions or answers), I get notified in the inbox at the top of the page. If I don't respond (or look there) for ...
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Getting a notification when a question that's not yours is answered

Stack Overflow should be enhanced with a "Need Answer" functionality. A user could mark a question that's not his, and then a notification will be generated when a new answer arrives for that question....
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