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Questions tagged [notifications]

For questions about the various types of notifications that can be received on the site. For notifications of newly asked Qs via email apply tag [subscriptions] instead.

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Send notification when question is closed or deleted

By chance I found out that an old question of mine has been deleted. Given that it was very old and highly upvoted, I didn’t lose any reputation and—according to current standards—it was indeed off ...
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Can we opt out of the banner announcing Stack Overflow Podcasts?

Every once in a while, we get a banner on top that announces Stack Overflow podcasts: We should be able to opt out of seeing it. If that's not possible, it should at least go away automatically.
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Changing mail for notifications in Preferences doesn't notify about sending a confirmation mail

When I insert a new email address here: After pressing "Save email settings", the button changes its color to grey and the user think that it's done. When you leave this page, and come back to it ...
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Notification on reopening downvoted question

Very often I downvote bad question that later on gets closed. Since, it is site policy that bad question should be edited and improved rather than deleted, it would be nice to receive notification ...
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Looking at the same comment thrice

When a user comments on my answer or question I get notified in three distinct locations: On the question page itself In the top navigation bar On my profile page The problem is that the ...
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Opt out from job search notifications for results not provided by SO Jobs directly?

I had a saved job search on Jobs, which almost never brought any results up because sadly Stack Overflow Jobs has not made any impact so far in the country I live. I left the search up because I ...
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Question editor auto closes when another edit is submitted while editing

Over the last several days I was bitten enough times to be sure that the following is actually happening, is not a coincidence, and started happening only recently: I start editing a question. ...
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Portuguese notification on SO

I got a badge notification for a recent answer on Meta.SO and it was in Portuguese instead of English:
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Got a +1 notice when undownvoting post despite not having earned reputation

Steps to reproduce (all on the same day): Downvote an answer. Be nice to everyone, get upvotes, and hit the rep cap. Remove the downvote on that answer The vote is removed from my reputation history,...
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Can moderator responses to flags show up in the notification inbox?

Could we get responses to moderator flags in our "Recent inbox messages"? Let me explain why. I've had an experience with a user I've been constantly flagging for the same question asked, and I ...
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Is there an XSS vulnerability in Stack Overflow <script>alert_("XSS");</script>

Note: I've edited the title because the alert was annoying me. Hopefully this will get rid of it. Is there an XSS vulnerability in Stack Overflow? Adding <select> to the title of a question ...
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Sync recent achievements reputation notifications and reputation in the activity tab

What's the point of keeping the reputation gained count in the activity tab after already seeing it through the navigation bar? It also appears here: Can we please sync these notifications? General ...
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I received a question ban without seeing any warnings

Update: I am now unbanned! I finally did get that warning too. Thanks! Update 2: Rebanned... Update 3: I asked support for help, and they untied bad questions from my account! I'm unbanned now. I ...
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Why don't we get notifications for chat room creations based on extended comment discussions?

Why don't we get a notification for creating a chat room? Whenever we comment for too long about a specific problem with another user, the system prompts us to open/create a chat for it. But, I never ...
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Stack Overflow says bounty ended, but it didn't yet

I got a notification that my bounty ended: And also an email: However, the bounty is still active: Why is Stack Overflow trying to mislead me to award the bounty before it ends?
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'Your Teams are moving' dialog box ji-ji-ji-jitters when I scroll

Firefox 106.0.1 Chrome 106.0.5249.119
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Lack of notifications about new questions when union and intersection of tags is used

I am not sure if I should tag this question with [bug] or [feature-request] since don't know if this conditional lack functionality is a desired behaviour or not. Anyway I would love to have this ...
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Unsubscribe to old questions

Stackoverflow from the beginning seemed to understand I don't want spam and doesn't email me. But after a few years my notification feed is filling up with 90% legacy notifications, spam by another ...
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Content in new answer posted notification banner is hardly readable

Couldn't it have been done better? Banner: full width It is very difficult to read what is written on this banner, especially those blue words.
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Show notification on events in title bar also for question pages

If you are on tag question page, you are able to see the activity (new questions on that tag or edit in some of current questions on page) on title bar of the tab. This would be really nice to have ...
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Why are notifications about replies to comments on deleted questions sent, if the person whose comment is being replied to has <10k rep?

On this question (Copy constructor using scope resolution operator) I've got a reply to one of my comments. However, as I have <10K rep, I won't be able to view the reply to the comment (apart from ...
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Why did I receive a notification in some foreign language?

Today I reached the 25k milestone. I received a message about that in my inbox. Normally this message is: You've earned the "Access to site analytics" privilege! Learn more about it in the ...
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Notification clearing

Sometimes I follow a question as it's interesting but not something I can contribute to as I don't know the language itself, not as much experience, whatever the reason. I then get X amount of ...
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Mark comment in inbox as read when comment is opened via the link to that comment in an email

If I click on an unread comment in my inbox, the red number decreases (or goes away if the number was one). This "red number" decrease doesn't happen if I click the link for the comment (the ...
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Opening a notification in new tab doesn't mark the notification as read

I often open notifications in a new tab and recently they don't go away when you click and open in the tab. So after opening and reading the comment, I need to click notification again to hide it and ...
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Why is my reopen queue completion notification written in Russian?

For the following post: How to get messages in a channel in pycord and then delete them? (don't worry about the issues with this post; I'm currently trying to fix my duplicate. A lot of people viewed ...
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Bounty expiration notifications off by day

I had placed a bounty on a question of mine on January 25 to reward an existing answer and to draw attention. I got a notice 6 days later, on January 31 that my bounty is going to expire in 1 days, ...
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Same-type notifications on a followed post should appear once in the inbox

When following a post, you get notified of different related actions (comments, edits, etc.) on that post as if you were tagged in a comment. When tagged in multiple comments from the same post, it ...
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React to real-time notifications about question status changes

While typing out a non-trivial answer in the Stack Overflow Android app, the question was deleted, but the app did not notify me until I tried to submit my answer several minutes later. Waste of time, ...
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What can be done about duplicate notifications in the Stack Overflow & Stack Exchange iOS apps?

I have both the Stack Exchange iOS app (used for all stack sites other than Stack Overflow) and the Stack Overflow app. I get duplicate push notifications from both apps. When clicking on SO ...
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The "This post has been edited 1 time" banner doesn't disappear when changing pages on review queues

The banner that appears when a post you are editing has been edited by someone else doesn't disappear when on a review queue and you change the page. (IE click "save edit"). I would expect it to do ...
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Modified comments are not shown in inbox

When commenting, the first edit is signaled to the receivers, that is, the author of the question/answer and one @person. However, the next edit is no longer shown. Proposal: Signal also edits to ...
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Error updating message status displayed when clicking a link in inbox

I'd noticed this a couple days ago, but only been on mobile so getting a screenshot was hard (timing of tapping and hitting the screenshot buttons). Finally got one, but the error reads: An error ...
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Inbox fails to update with new messages after reading one new message

Several times now, I've noticed a problem with the Inbox where it doesn't properly show new messages. This only happens on tabs that have been open for a while, where I've already received and read an ...
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Can I get notifications from Stack Overflow on my Android phone?

How can I get notifications from the Stack Overflow account on my Android mobile phone?
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"Follow" for chats

Can we get "follow" functionality for chats, so we get notified about new messages even after we closed the tab? It's super useful for questions/answers. But with chats, I have to actively ...
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I did not receive a notification for a question I followed that was edited after I was following it

Just as the title states: I did not receive a notification for a question I followed that was edited. Being this question on Stack Overflow. I did receive a notification for the OP posting a comment ...
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Were notifications for favorites changed?

Before, I was getting a lot of notifications for activity on questions in my favorites. Now, it seems that even if there are new comments, the favorites notification in my user page isn't marked. ...
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Incorrect badge icon in notifications

I just got a badge on Meta SO, but got the notification while I was browsing Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The notification looked like this when viewing from that site: Last time I checked, meta SO badges ...
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Stack Exchange Safari Notifications

This might be the wrong place to ask this, but was wondering if there was anyway to get any notifications come up on my Mac OS X desktop using the Safari notifications setting or something similar. ...
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"Unread" filter for inbox doesn't work

I have 9 "old" unread messages, but the "Unread" filter doesn't show any of them. New ones do get shown if there are any, but not old ones. I could go to the "full inbox" ...
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How did a @reply in a comment notify a user?

According to this MSE FAQ How do comment @replies work? : Who can be notified with this feature? ... For questions: The moderator or gold badge holder who closed or reopened the question, provided ...
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Getting notifications for question I no longer care about

I posted a question a few years ago for a bug in the IDE I was using at the time. Now, every time I come back to stackoverflow, I see notifications for people voting or commenting on this question. I ...
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When completing your About Me section, notifications are received from multiple sites

I know my profile is shown on multiple sites, but I don't think so many notifications are necessary. So far I've received the following notification: You've earned the "Autobiographer" badge (...
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A Welcome Notification Bar gets displayed every time when opening chat

A Welcome Notification Bar gets displayed on the top every time I open chat, though I have opened it many times and I have 20 reputation also. It's quite annoying to see it again and again on the top. ...
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Notifications when an answer other than the one accepted got more votes

For the person who asks the question I understand it can be complicated when a question is very active since this can change often, but in terms of the UX that should not be a problem (e.g. it could ...
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Is it possible to have the "@xxx" in the comments automatically updated when a user's username has changed?

Many times, I have come across Stack Overflow questions with long comment threads. In some cases, a user changed their display name, so a lot of the time I have no idea who's responding to who. Is it ...
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Why am I not receiving email notifications?

I have my email notification settings set to notify me every three hours, but there have been times when I didn't get notified for months. I haven't been receiving any email notifications. The ...
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Any way to turn off the reputation (points) gain notification

(I have been googling for a while however haven't found a relevant Q&A; fine to be removed if duplicate.) I prefer not to get any notifications when the reputation is gained because of the questions ...
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If a correct answer to a question is edited, should / does the questioner get informed?

So a question has various answers and the question asker marks the best one for their situation as correct, we all know how that work and it's pretty basic. My question is this: If a question ...
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