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Questions tagged [no-longer-needed]

Refers to comments that are no longer needed, usually in the context of the "It's no longer needed" comment flag

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1 answer

Should users encountering benign but irrelevant comments flag them as not needed?

I just flagged the following two comments from the question Is it worth bothering to align AVX-256 memory stores?; Good question! I don't know the answer off the top of my head and don't have the ...
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2 answers

Why was my reply deleted as "no longer needed"? I think it could stand alone

On my post here, the first comment by [deleted] suggested the post was a duplicate. I then responded why I think my post is not a duplicate. [deleted]: duplicate of Can't ping user because two ...
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7 answers

When are "This worked in [related or unrelated technology]" type comments worth keeping?

Background Lately, I've been spending a fair amount of time doing comment analysis and have been looking through a few thousand comments a day. We have quite a few broad categories of comments that ...
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3 answers

On Stack Overflow, would flagging a bunch of un-needed comments found via SEDE be helpful? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up from this question. Tl;dr: Q: Is flagging and removing manually a bunch of unneeded thank-you comments as found by a SEDE query OK? A: Generally, but make sure it makes sense for ...
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deleting/flagging no longer needed comments?

Following situation: I post a comment to ask for clarification or to inform OP about an issue with their question OP replies I write an answer that also covers what has been discussed in the ...
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Should I flag all comments in a conversation that is no longer needed? [duplicate]

Today I flagged only one comment from a conversation which is no longer needed after edit to the post. I hoped that one flag will be enough for mod to handle the whole conversation, but only the ...
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