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I fixed one of my questions, is this the proper way of editing a question for the better of the community helping to lift the question ban?

Here , I included a question which I tried editing so that it will be better. I have tried consulting the Help Forums and for the first time people. I'm just posting here if this could be considered ...
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How should I handle a duplicate answer by new user

I was going though the Low Quality Post Review Queue when I came across an answer by a new, 1 rep user. The answer is a copy of the code in another answer to a different question. The user does ...
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The good in bad questions [closed]

I guess this essentially boils down to 'quality questions vs helping noobs' or 'does SO suffer from elitism'. (And turned out not to really be a question) The SO 'mission statement' (if you would ...
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Number of new accounts that have their first question closed shortly after account creation?

In the Tavern, the topic of post quality came up recently. One of the ideas thrown out was to delay the ability of newly registered users from posting immediately - perhaps a 30 minute delay to '...
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Dealing with My Own Over Reactions (formerly known as Dealing with Mob Mentality)

Edit After some recent heated activity here on Meta, I've had some time to reflect upon what is important here and what is maybe, splitting hairs and I think that this post is of the latter. It has ...
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User deleted his own account and created a new one to win bounty

I suspect this user is the same user as user5515672. User user5515672 started a bounty a week ago and after a couple of days disappeared (i.e. his account was deleted). Just yesterday a newly created ...
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Flagging rude question and comments by a newbie

I don't know how to deal with rude questions like this one (downvoted -7); I gave an (imperfect, but useful, and upvoted +4) answer and I find the reactions of the OP insulting. Both the OP and I ...
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New Users Chat by Invitation? [duplicate]

I've had occasion recently (I've only been here two weeks, but whatever...) to answer a new member's question, only to quickly realize that the individual's misconceptions or lack of knowledge exceed ...
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Why sometimes need to wait a minute to accept an answer? [duplicate]

Sorry if I'm asking a stupid question here. This is my first post on meta stackoverflow. I using SO quite a long time and I like it not because most of my questions can get answered, but I also find ...
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Declining Numbers of Women in Programming, What Can SO do to Help?

Edit Summary for the TLDR People are asking for a summary due to the enormity of this thread of posts and comments. In summary this post is to discuss the link of diminishing numbers of women in ...
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Display Basic Guidelines in New Question Window

Recently, I have been looking through the top meta posts and have come across quite a few discussions regarding the poor quality of many questions. I am not too active on SO, but it seems that a ...
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2 answers

They don't even know where to start [duplicate]

I have new found privileges on Stack Overflow and review many first-time questions. Many questions are what the community would call low-quality. Common type of questions are: "I want to create ...
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2 answers

Can first posts be reviewed before being becoming visible on the site?

I cannot see an exact proposal as this, though there are similar. Before voting to close or downvoting, please read through this and the similar question carefully, as they are different enough to be ...
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1 answer

Adding skill tests for initial reputation points boost

I would like to suggest adding some field-related tests similar to ones that are commonly available on freelancing sites so that newcomers can get an initial boost in rating. Something like earning ...
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Failed review audit, but I think it's not an answer

I failed this review audit. However, I think the answer is NOT an answer and should be a comment. In my opinion if you can guarantee that the parameter you working with will never contain a string ...
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How to deal with a slowly learning user? [duplicate]

So I met a certain user who posted their homework problem on SO. They put some effort into answering their questions IMHO and are slowly getting there. They got here already public class Assg2 { ...
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Why not show the help center immediately after a user registers?

I see more and more new comers with 1rep posting questions with bad quality or formatting. And every time there is someone (or me) telling them to read the help center. I don't know whether this is ...
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1 answer

Was it wrong to flag this review audit as not an answer?

I failed a review in the first post queue on this answer: Happens to me when I define UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance in my Info.plist. It happens on iOS 9 (beta & GM) but not on 8.4. ...
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What is happening today with new users?

The amount of unsalvable questions of new users is very high today. Did Stackoverflow launch a new ad campaign for more users or something? Some examples: Session in Code Igniter https://...
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1 answer

User does not speak English and duplicates questions

A new user has an issue and asked a question about it days ago. His sentences were weird, and I imagined he did not speak English great and used a translator. I wrote an answer that I made as clear ...
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2 answers

Can't view deleted question anymore, nor my comments on that question

This question was asked about 1 or 2 hours ago. He received a bunch of comments asking for more info, also from me. Now (s)he deleted his question and asked again. Considering that this user only has ...
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Low-rep user making wholesale tag edits [duplicate]

As in What to do when I find a user suggesting a large number of trivial edits?... This user is making wholesale tag edits, removing basic. All those edits are going for review, due to their rep. ...
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5 answers

How do I encourage better quality questions, and discourage poor quality?

A relatively new user has stumbled upon my area of interest, asking many low quality (vague) questions that show a lack of prior research. This user has 44 asked questions in 37 days, and answered ...
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-43 votes
3 answers

Is reputation a measure of intelligence?

Life is hard on Stack Overflow for us, the under 1000 reputation guys! It seems impossible to earn this level of reputation, a level which appears to indicate unusual intelligence or ability. This ...
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1 answer

Where can I speak out against user behaviour pattern? Is this the right forum? [closed]

I've just noticed a behaviour on SO that I think creates a barrier to new users entering the community. Where can I express my opinion to the Stack Overflow community and speak out against this sort ...
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3 answers

How can I improve the way I use SO and avoid downvoting of some of my posts?

I am new on Stack Overflow and getting used to the platform and community. I have used it a couple of times when I discovered the answer to a question I was struggling with, and for which no answer ...
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1 answer

What to do with a question that's directly addressed to a customer service department? [duplicate]

I saw this post earlier today: What is the best way to deal with it? Is there any link to explain ...
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2 answers

Do entry level badges encourage superfluous questions?

I've used stack overflow as a reference for a long time but am now just starting to become an active user. In my first week of use I've noticed that the entry-level badges (student, scholar, etc...) ...
42 votes
4 answers

Why don't we give users below 250 rep notion about close votes?

To clarify beforehand: I'm not asking for leaving auto comments as with close voting a question as a duplicate. Why aren't low rep users notified when they receive a close vote/flags with their ...
43 votes
2 answers

Was I too harsh when handling a newbie question?

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this question, asking: Which is the best platform for bootstrap coding ? I have googled but I did not understand. For me this appears to be a tool recommendation ...
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1 answer

Can we improve appeal to new users by rewarding question improvements (response to mod flags)

I see many discussions, on Meta and offsite, where new users rebuke the mod feedback that occurs in modded questions (unclear, low quality, dupe, etc). The modding is completely appropriate, but it ...
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Quick modal to show bits of help to new users when they ask a question [duplicate]

When a newish user wants to ask a question, show him first a modal with a couple radio buttons: Your question is about... Code that does not work A feature of a framework A programming-related ...
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Trivial edit spree by new user - get's all of it approved

See this user's rep - all of them are trivial edits that get approved one after the other. There is something wrong with current reviews. Edit: Seems all edits are only approved by the same user.
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24 answers

Why don't people sign up and contribute?

In all the places I've ever worked, Stack Overflow is frequently used by practically every developer there, and they have a positive experience in which they quickly find a good answer to the problem ...
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1 answer

"Welcome to the site" for review comments for brand new users

We want to welcome new users to site and encourage them to actively participate to improve the site. Pandering to new users is bad, encouring positive behaviour is good. For automatic comments from ...
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1 answer

What should we do with low quality posts from new users who can't leave comments?

While reviewing Low Quality Posts we always see posts made by low reputation users who can't leave a comment, So: Is it fair to flag those posts as Low Quality Posts? Is it fair to recommend deletion,...
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157 votes
2 answers

Require new users to check the preview before posting

Following on from Highlight the preview on the Ask Question page, whether or not we do that, I wonder if for new users, we may want to (softly) force a review of the preview before allowing them to ...
59 votes
2 answers

Highlight the preview on the Ask Question page

I can't count the number of simple errors in questions that a glance at the preview would highlight for the person posting them, such as HTML not showing up because it hasn't been marked up Code not ...
36 votes
3 answers

How did 3 reviewers miss this blatant plagiarism?

There's something wrong with the Review Queue for First Time Posters. See here where a straight up rip-off from another answer was posted, reviewed at least three times, and no one noticed the blatant ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

Peer-reviewed edit rejected without a trace

As a new user, I edited an answer by updating outdated links, as well as adding a few lines of explanation. As someone with very little points, the edit ...
-18 votes
4 answers

Hostility level of communities within SO are varied. Can we make it better?

In Stack Overflow, I have entered different communities. What I mean by community is more like the tag given in a particular question. (python, ruby, etc.) Community hostility level are varied. Some ...
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1 answer

Why not offer a second chance to new users before they are massively downvoted?

Often new users are massively downvoted after badly asked questions. I think it could be fun to provide a new button-feature to redirect a new user to the "How to ask" for example ? Accompanied by ...
50 votes
5 answers

Should low rep users be able to delete their own questions?

Recently I've spent time helping new users, taking time to understand their question, work on solutions and respond and so have many other users. Only for the question to just get deleted without any ...
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1 answer

Do new users actually read the rules [closed]

I know when I first joined I didn't. It left me helpless, and I ended up going through 3 question bans. I have been trying to do better since, and have noticed the decrease in quality all the long ...
22 votes
2 answers

Is it better to delete our own contentious questions, or allow them to be closed by vote?

I recently asked a question here on Meta which collected at least two or three upvotes, but accumulated downvotes almost as quickly. When it got to its fourth vote to close, I took the hint and ...
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2 answers

Can there be a separate site for "off-topic" Stack Overflow questions? [duplicate]

It seems a lot of questions on Stack Overflow are considered off topic but still hold valuable information. For example, a lot of questions like Recommended Java maths/stats library [closed] are ...
6 votes
3 answers

Should new users be allowed to upvote questions and/or answers?

Especially on Stack Overflow, I see more and more upvotes appearing on questions that clearly don't deserve an upvote. These questions hardly follow any of the Guidelines and usually lack any code or ...
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-5 votes
1 answer

Allow new user's comments on any post in their own question [closed]

Feature Request: Allow new users to comment on any post on their own question. Example of problem: User01 posts a question: What's 1 + 1 A swarm of mods quickly close the question Ignore the ...
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29 votes
1 answer

Is it appropriate to share the results of my research toward solving my own minor questions?

Being an amateur programmer, I often have questions which are well within my ability to answer for myself. In the service of these questions, I'll run tests and experiments that give me answers that ...
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1 answer

What else to do to prevent (possible deliberate) spamming from a new user

This user is a member since today only. I noticed, all his/her posts (question/answer) contains a link to a particular website. E.g.: Moreover, the posts themselves add no value. I think this is ...

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