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How do I flag a user for moderator's attention? [duplicate]

I just found out that two users asked two questions that were close enough to get suspicious: When you get ...
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Where do all these 'user123456' accounts come from?

Being a read-only user for a long time, I hadn't noticed this before... But, switching to 'registered user' and reviewing all these questions asked - I wonder, where all these newbie accounts (i.e. 1-...
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"Marked as duplicate" box should include a link to the dupe target

When I close a question, it gets a box appended that says marked as duplicate by Bergi ecmascript-6 some mins ago This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those ...
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Force/request/educate beginners to "@notify"

Too often I see comments (from multiple people) asking for clarifications about questions and then a while later the question author does respond but doesn't address/notify anybody with the "@...
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Question submission checklist to help improve quality

As a constant user of SO, questions from new users with 1 reputation that are very low quality plague the entire site. Some of these are better than others, and others are just "do my job for me" ...
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Will my answer be visible to people even if my reputation is very low?

I am new to Stack Overflow and have answered a few questions, but I am not getting much response. So I have a question: are my answers visible to people or not?
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Can we grant points based on outside reputation?

I just saw a tweet which says: OH: "I can not answer questions on Erlang because I don't have enough points on @StackOverflow " by @joeerl inventor of #Erlang I understand that SO points are ...
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2 answers

Show a notification to the question asker when they try to add a large comment on their own question

We all know the situation, new users don't understand that Stack Overflow is not a forum. Therefore if someone asks a question and the question misses relevant information someone will post a comment ...
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How can Stack Overflow be more welcoming? [duplicate]

I have been on Stack Overflow for a little over a year now, and while I've had many of my questions resolved by kind and well-meaning people, I for some reason have never totally felt welcome here. ...
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For high-volume sites like SO, implement a waiting period for first answers

Problem Same ones we've heard: Difficult for newbies to contribute (upvoted) answers, even when competent in the subject, proficient in English, and a good explainer, due to lack of familiarity with ...
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How can I *safely* edit totally broken new user's question?

So, it's happened again. Some user posted valid question with invalid formatting and grammar, not mentioning the totally useless title "Please help 139 return value C". So I start editing the ...
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New Safari users can't see the "Thanks, I will keep these tips in mind when asking" checkbox [closed]

My friend "moyoteg" was trying to ask a question and couldn't figure out why he couldn't get past this screen: Notice that the checkbox is not really visible. He kept clicking "proceed" and it was ...
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New user bullied into deleting question [only 10k users can see]

I just found a blatant example of a new user who was bullied into deleting a question. Since the question is no longer there, this is the only method I know of reporting the user's behavior. How do I ...
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1 answer

How to add multiple pictures as a new user?

I am unable to add more than two pictures as my reputation is not high enough, but my question will not be clear without those pictures. Please suggest a course of action.
224 votes
16 answers

Should I be nice to new users?

In the First Posts queue I encountered this question: It's terrible, of course. ...
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22 answers

Let's improve Stack Overflow's "Ask a Question" page!

We've all heard and done our fair share of complaining about declining question quality. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Various ideas have been floated, but haven't gotten significant traction for various ...
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Why does Stack Overflow mark questions as duplicate? [duplicate]

I am new to Stack Overflow. I just want to find out why questions are marked duplicate and lead to banning of asking future questions. For beginners it's not helpful because, while the solution might ...
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Proposal: Adding reason for putting on hold on a question [closed]

There are many newbies on the website, but they don't know how to frame it or the question is very obvious or it may be any other reason to get enough downvotes or the question being put on hold. The ...
342 votes
31 answers

Should Stack Overflow be more restrictive about new user registrations?

The largest problem facing the site today is the flood of terrible questions coming in, mostly from new user accounts. I've mentioned this before, but I suspect that some of the worst of this is due ...
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2 answers

"voting corrected" does not reverse site association bonus: it's not OK

Background: I recently got the site association bonus, which is a nice reward for my contributions on SO so far, and "top 0.89% this week" note appeared in my profile. I clicked there, and was ...
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How often is the search dialog used on the interstitial page?

Way back in 2009, an interstitial page was added to Stack Overflow for users with less than 10 reputation when asking a question. It looks like this: I have a couple questions about effectiveness. ...
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Should tag wikis get more exposure?

Comments on this meta question made me realize there's a dedicated info/wiki page for each tag (e.g. the JavaScript tag wiki). I feel a little sheepish not knowing about it — I've been on SO for ...
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advice to new user about basic/self-answered question?

A new user asked this question: , which seems (1) very basic and (2) not framed as a typical SO "how do I solve this problem?" ...
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I am getting the following error

I am getting the following page whenever I try to submit an answer for the questions.
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Aren't new users throttled asking questions anymore?

How can this happen: I thought that new users were throttled with asking no more questions than one within 90 minutes? As @gnat stated in comments: since all the garbage they dumped is ...
115 votes
4 answers

Does banning relatively new users encourage alternative accounts?

NOTE: This is not a duplicate of What can I do when getting “We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? I am not asking what to do once an account has been banned. I am asking ...
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Has anyone analyzed the survival rate of new SO users based on quality of first question(s)?

A common way to look at the quality of an online community is by the survival rate of new members. Basically S(t) where S is the % of people surviving after time t. It can also be based on events ...
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Is there any way to find how many new accounts were created today?

Is there any way to find how many new accounts were created today? On the profile page we have
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We should discourage comments asking for code when it is obviously unnecessary

I hope I'll be forgiven something that's about as much of a rant as a real question, but my frustration over this topic has been building for some time. We seem to have a fair (well, to be honest, ...
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What can I do when I can't offer a bounty? [duplicate]

I recently started as an intern with a programming assignment for Android. I am not that good with Android yet so I have a lot of problems when I code. That's when I decided I should use Stack ...
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2 answers

Should "I'm a noob" change our view? [duplicate]

Many questions on SO nowadays are from noobs. First, should we edit out the part "I'm a noob" or "I'm new to ..." or we should leave it? And second, should we change our answer from an expert solution ...
112 votes
6 answers

How do I contribute to Stack Overflow?

Disclaimer: This is not "being a new user sucks, plz give more points!" I've come upon an issue with using Stack Overflow: It's hard to contribute. That comes in a variety of literal and figurative ...
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Forum style discussion between new users

While reviewing the following question and getting some answers using the comments area, I noticed that quite many new users all answered the question, based on the original assumption, or just ...
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Would using honeypot tags to trigger a warning be effective in raising question quality?

Would using fake "Honeypot" tags to warn/inform the user when added improve question quality? As an example of how I see this working: create an expert-advice-needed tag (and others) ...
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3 answers

Help out a woeful newbie with some constructive options [duplicate]

I came across a single post that seemed strangely terse, especially since it got a few answers that went into details beyond what was in the question. A quick glance at its latest edit indeed showed ...
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Why did I fail this audit question?

I would like some clarity as to why I failed this audit question. My thought was that this was a good question but did not belong on Stack Overflow because it was not of a programming nature. ...
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4 answers

What to do when a question you answered gets deleted intentionally?

I have answered a question (not view-able anymore since it was deleted...) about an hour ago. After taking the time to answer, and replying to the OP's (a new user on the site - 2 days old) many ...
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Failed to review a answer [duplicate]

You have made too many incorrect reviews. For an example of a task you should have reviewed differently, see: Ok... so I reviewed an answer and ...
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2 answers

Why is an obvious improvement rejectable by a (novice) OP, outvoting supporting reviewers?

I recently suggested an edit, only to find it rejected later on. Still I think it was an improvement to: spell “Visual Basic” instead of a lower-case abbreviation (“vb”) use a typographic dash and ...
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Suggesting an IDE to new Python programmers

I often come across questions (by users that are relatively new to programming) that would have never been posted here if they had been using an IDE that can easily detect a missing ' and inform the ...
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Why did I fail this first post audit? [duplicate] Just in case you can't see the answer in question there, it's: You just need to wrap img and figcaption inside figure tag :) It turns out ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How is this not an answer?

I was failing a review and I am just wondering why. I had doubts that this might be on the short side for an answer, but on the other hand, it gives the complete steps in words. The OP is about the ...
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I fixed one of my questions, is this the proper way of editing a question for the better of the community helping to lift the question ban?

Here , I included a question which I tried editing so that it will be better. I have tried consulting the Help Forums and for the first time people. I'm just posting here if this could be considered ...
34 votes
2 answers

How should I handle a duplicate answer by new user

I was going though the Low Quality Post Review Queue when I came across an answer by a new, 1 rep user. The answer is a copy of the code in another answer to a different question. The user does ...
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1 answer

The good in bad questions [closed]

I guess this essentially boils down to 'quality questions vs helping noobs' or 'does SO suffer from elitism'. (And turned out not to really be a question) The SO 'mission statement' (if you would ...
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2 answers

Number of new accounts that have their first question closed shortly after account creation?

In the Tavern, the topic of post quality came up recently. One of the ideas thrown out was to delay the ability of newly registered users from posting immediately - perhaps a 30 minute delay to '...
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4 answers

Dealing with My Own Over Reactions (formerly known as Dealing with Mob Mentality)

Edit After some recent heated activity here on Meta, I've had some time to reflect upon what is important here and what is maybe, splitting hairs and I think that this post is of the latter. It has ...
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3 answers

User deleted his own account and created a new one to win bounty

I suspect this user is the same user as user5515672. User user5515672 started a bounty a week ago and after a couple of days disappeared (i.e. his account was deleted). Just yesterday a newly created ...
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Flagging rude question and comments by a newbie

I don't know how to deal with rude questions like this one (downvoted -7); I gave an (imperfect, but useful, and upvoted +4) answer and I find the reactions of the OP insulting. Both the OP and I ...
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New Users Chat by Invitation? [duplicate]

I've had occasion recently (I've only been here two weeks, but whatever...) to answer a new member's question, only to quickly realize that the individual's misconceptions or lack of knowledge exceed ...

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