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Could the email of a new user be available in his profile by default [duplicate]

I reckon many new users look for quick solutions and do not spend much time setting up their account. They do propose questions interesting to the community but then maybe are not present to accept ...
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Formatting warning for stacktraces

Many new users seem to have a hard time finding the proper formatting for stacktraces. They format them either not at all or a quotes. Both makes them hard to read. Since Stacktraces are rather ...
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Let's send new users off to see the Wizard

This post is prompted in part by What can we put in a question template to help people ask better questions? where Jon Ericson and others have indicated an intention to develop a question wizard ...
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Please provide a tagline with site purpose

Would it be possible to add a tagline or subtitle for Stack Overflow in an attempt to educate users of the purpose of the site? Maybe something like: Or: What I am finding is, some users still don't ...
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Why may new users ask questions without having gained the informed badge?

I'm active in a "medium" traffic tag, Codeigniter, a php framework. Lately I noticed a lot of new users (1 rep) asking their first question, but not showing any badge at all. As example see ...
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How to improve frequently asked questions

Stack Overflow questions After spending some time on the Stack Overflow community I came across a lot of bad, low content, duplicate and too broad questions. These questions always got the worst of ...
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Impressions of a newbie to Stack Overflow

This is very much a discussion, and I don't expect that there will be a "right" answer to this. My objective is just to start a conversation that perhaps may improve Stack Overflow, given that I'...
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Why can users under 10 reputation only use two hyperlinks in questions?

Today I was looking at this question and a user asked a question. By the way, the OP needed to use four hyperlinks, but he said he can only use two hyperlinks. The OP said: P.S. I couldn't post ...
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SO needs to do a better job of communicating that it's different from "normal" forums to new users

We're all aware of how many bad questions and answers are posted on Stack Overflow every day. I think a large portion of these can be attributed to users who misunderstand how SO works. The reason for ...
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Mentorship Research Project - Results + Wrap-Up

Check out SO Podcast 117 to hear Kristina talk about the mentorship experiment. First, if you haven’t read the original announcement post about the Stack Overflow Mentorship Research Project, you ...
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What to do when an user thinks that one's question is a homework question but it is not?

I recently asked the hypothetical question of "How can you create a while loop using only if statements?" which seems to be specific enough for a title. I did make the mistake of not providing enough ...
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Reducing the number of low quality posts without excluding potential newcomers to our community

There's been much discussion on how to reduce low quality posts on the site. Both as questions and answers. I was having a discussion with someone about how we can improve the instructions to new ...
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Newcomers vs early overflowers [duplicate]

I know a user whose latest question is from mid 2012 and latest answer is from late 2012. In the last several years this user collected over 20k points. While this is great for him, I think it's ...
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3 answers

Teaching new users how to accept an answer

This keeps coming up time and time again. I answer someone's question, they upvote it and say thanks, but they don't accept the answer. I see many other questions answered by other users that never ...
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Do new users have a harder time now earning rep than they did 8 years ago? [duplicate]

Been flipping through new questions for a while, modestly answering questions I know a bit about (mostly winforms or string manipulation, the easy stuff) and collecting my +10 or +15 for the ones I ...
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Why store negative votes of people new to SO?

I recently gained the privilege to vote down. Before this, every time I down voted something, the system said something like: Your down vote is stored and will be applied, as soon as you reach the ...
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1 answer

How can I answer if the question isn't accepting answers?

I found this question, and I know of a good solution for the problem. How can I share my solution? The "Add a comment" button requires "50 reputation", but I have no idea about the "reputation". How ...
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"How To Ask" Wizard/Mentorship middle ground

If you frequent Meta, you've probably seen a few posts addressing the need to improve the "How to Ask" page. Cody Gray's question prompted a wizard approach, while the mods are also discussing a ...
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35 answers

Stack Overflow Mentorship Research Project

I’m Kristina, the first (and so far, only) User Experience Researcher here at Stack Overflow. As you probably know, on SO we have a bit of a problem with our new user experience. People new to SO (or ...
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Answering questions as a student.

So I am new to the developer scene. My knowledge is limited but I am very interested and have been studying hard for 5 months now. One thing I have learned from my time in university and life in ...
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Can a newbie comment on answers to their own questions? [duplicate]

This new member seems to think not. It has been a long time since I have been there and I am having difficulty finding clarification on this. I read ...
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Is it better to answer beginner's questions with intro-level answers? [duplicate]

I have come across this a lot in my first few weeks on Stack Overflow: Often times users who are obviously (and often self-proclaimed) beginners to a specific concept are met with often over-complex ...
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How can the anonymous user workflow for the landing page be improved?

The interesting section When I visit the landing page ( it leverages a set of knowledge to provide me with interesting questions. I actually like that set, to be honest. ...
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Are user1234-like display names automatically generated?

On the Stack Exchange network, I've seen nicknames like user1234, that is the word user plus a number. Are they automatically generated when, say, someone registers via existing account on some other ...
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2 answers

I'm new to Stack Overflow; what are some things I should do, and what things will I likely want to do that I shouldn't?

I've noticed that not every question is supposed to be answered. My immediate tendency upon joining was to sit there and refresh the questions section hoping to find one that I could answer, only to ...
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A staging area for telling new users how they can make their questions better

When looking through the Android tag, I see a lot of questions where there is an issue explained and often "please help" or something similar is written there. No stacktrace, no code, just "here is an ...
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Why do we allow downvotes on first posts? [duplicate]

One of the things that really irks me about parts of the SO community is the downvoting patterns. A good example of this is downvoting users first posts. I stumbled on this question today: Why can'...
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How to encourage others to be welcoming to newbies?

We all know that new users often ask dumb questions without reading. The answers to Should I be nice to new users? provide plenty of good reasons why we, as a community, should encourage new comers ...
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User level upgrade! High level's shouldn't answer all easy questions! [duplicate]

I would love it if high reputation users were blocked from answering low reputation users questions. At least for a period of time, then if it remained unsolved a high rep could step in with an answer....
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3 answers

Should I improve my duplicate question?

I have posted a question which was later flagged as duplicate. This is fine with me, as the linked answer completely covered my issue. Later, I was given criticism due to the question title, and I ...
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3 answers

New users cannot edit their question?

I often find myself in a situation that I need to ask a user in a comment to their question to update it such that it becomes clearer, contains more necessary information or an MCVE, is easier to read,...
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Triage: question seems to not have enough information, but users have been answering. What to do?

I have been seeing a lot of questions in the triage queue where the author: Posts a long source code instead of a minimal working example; Includes/does not include an error message; Is not clear ...
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Users without the comment privilege unable to edit their own comments

I've noticed that I can't edit my comments even though they're on my own posts/answers to my questions. I get this: Why must you torture me and waste time with this? It only takes about ten extra ...
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Rephrase items on the Tour page

I think there are a few mistakes (or at least places for improvement) on the Tour page. For example: This site is all about getting answers. It's not a discussion forum. There's no chit-chat. Hmm.....
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Why don't we detect "i found the solution myself" self-(non)answers by new users?

This. This is enraging. No, not the user's post. Why Stack Overflow does not attempt to detect such non-answers is enraging and raise an automatic NAA flag. Just like we detect and block questions ...
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Correct imprecise wording about gaining reputation on the tour page

Currently, our tour page on the topic of reputation reads: Your reputation score goes up when others vote up your questions, answers and edits. This wording is very imprecise. Edits can not get ...
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How do I earn more reputation points on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I have gone through the documentation which is not quite clear on this. Can someone explain it better? The lack of reputation points is preventing me from up/down voting answers which I believe would ...
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Can the question asking page be improved with a reminder about MCVE?

One of the most common problems in my experience, especially from new askers, is that they don't fully provide the complete picture such as: Posting only the couple of lines of code that caused the ...
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3 answers

New Users aren't redirected to the Tour page. Should they be?

When composing this answer, I wanted to see if the Be Nice page was displayed or linked for new users. (Spoiler: if it is, it's not obvious, because I didn't see it.) What I found was that new users, ...
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Help pages example workflow: Getting from a bad question to good question of the same topic [duplicate]

I have been thinking about the help pages. In the past I have often criticised that they are too vague and are open to interpretation, especially at the corner cases or for new programmers. Often you ...
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How do I flag a user for moderator's attention? [duplicate]

I just found out that two users asked two questions that were close enough to get suspicious: When you get ...
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1 answer

Where do all these 'user123456' accounts come from?

Being a read-only user for a long time, I hadn't noticed this before... But, switching to 'registered user' and reviewing all these questions asked - I wonder, where all these newbie accounts (i.e. 1-...
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"Marked as duplicate" box should include a link to the dupe target

When I close a question, it gets a box appended that says marked as duplicate by Bergi ecmascript-6 some mins ago This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those ...
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2 answers

Force/request/educate beginners to "@notify"

Too often I see comments (from multiple people) asking for clarifications about questions and then a while later the question author does respond but doesn't address/notify anybody with the "@...
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0 answers

Question submission checklist to help improve quality

As a constant user of SO, questions from new users with 1 reputation that are very low quality plague the entire site. Some of these are better than others, and others are just "do my job for me" ...
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2 answers

Will my answer be visible to people even if my reputation is very low?

I am new to Stack Overflow and have answered a few questions, but I am not getting much response. So I have a question: are my answers visible to people or not?
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2 answers

Can we grant points based on outside reputation?

I just saw a tweet which says: OH: "I can not answer questions on Erlang because I don't have enough points on @StackOverflow " by @joeerl inventor of #Erlang I understand that SO points are ...
51 votes
2 answers

Show a notification to the question asker when they try to add a large comment on their own question

We all know the situation, new users don't understand that Stack Overflow is not a forum. Therefore if someone asks a question and the question misses relevant information someone will post a comment ...
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How can Stack Overflow be more welcoming? [duplicate]

I have been on Stack Overflow for a little over a year now, and while I've had many of my questions resolved by kind and well-meaning people, I for some reason have never totally felt welcome here. ...
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For high-volume sites like SO, implement a waiting period for first answers

Problem Same ones we've heard: Difficult for newbies to contribute (upvoted) answers, even when competent in the subject, proficient in English, and a good explainer, due to lack of familiarity with ...

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