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Might we gently encourage NEW users to distinguish between accepting and upvoting answers?

Yes, I know...I'm kinda revisiting an old request to encourage answer acceptance, but in contrast to that question, I'd like to offer that an upvote is more obvious than accept, and in the case of a ...
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Should we provide professional-level advice to newbies?

Note: This question possibly applies to C++ tag only. I'm not frequently viewing other tags, so I'm not sure whether this situation occurs anywhere else. Imagine a question like following (an example ...
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Questions of mine getting downvoted – how can I become a better community member?

I'm looking for some advice on becoming a better member of the community. I feel like I want to leave because I keep on getting downvoted. I understand why two of my questions were downvoted: they ...
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What really amounts to "be nice to new contributors"? [duplicate]

This is the post that made me thinking: Python - Array - homework. Screenshot for <10k users: I totally agree with all the comments that Stack Overflow is not a homework forum. However, when I ...
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Identify answers that just copy content from the question and say nothing more

I flagged a (now-deleted) answer on this question as NAA, because it was literally nothing more than the code snippet copied from the question, and pasted into the answer box. It was identical, except ...
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Reward good questions by new contributors instead of punishing bad ones

I feel that new contributors are often treated a bit harshly on SO. We have all seen the 'Hi, welcome to SO. Here's why your question is bad', accompanied by lots of downvotes and in some cases some ...
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User wrote a thank you comment instead of upvoting/accepting an answer. What should I do? [duplicate]

It often happens that I spend a lot of time writing high-quality, working answers, to which I expect reputation increase. Some OPs, instead of accepting the answer or upvoting it, write a thanks, it ...
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Is there any language-specific effort to better help new contributors asking questions?

We frequently ask new contributors to improve their questions to comply with How to ask and Minimal, complete, verifiable example. Those pages provide some basic advice and show what a good question ...
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Caveat emptor. Making students aware they cannot delete their homework questions

It's the usual trick of people asking a homework question, then as soon as it's answered, they delete it. For example: How can you put 20 turtles on a circle in Python? Visualize a sparse matrix using ...
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How to deal with questions where the OP lacks the very basic concepts or understanding of issue asked [duplicate]

First - I am quite sure this was already asked in some format, but searching the site for terms like 'user', 'basic' and 'understand' is not really efficient although also this question might be ...
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Why are new editors discouraged & not given an opportunity to explain/defend?

I attempted to edit the following 'accepted' answer: Accepted Answer to "Global javascript exception handler (in Chrome)" ... my purpose to editing it, was that as the 'accepted' answer, it's going ...
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The advice shown to all new users asking questions should be useful

Right now, when a new user goes to ask a question for the first time on Stack Overflow, they are shown the exact same thing that new users asking on Server Fault are shown (except Server Fault's ...
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Educating new users not to ask questions in the answers

Over 5% of deleted answers posted are actually questions. Some raw figures: Shog provided some data on answers deleted with the canned review comment: 'This does not really answer the question. ...
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Should we add an example in how to MCVE?

New users usually fail to post an MCVE, despite helpful commentary linking to How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. I am thinking why.. Could the link be more helpful by ...
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Can we be more welcoming by managing expectations?

I've just cleared the First Posts review queue. Only one of the questions I could assess did not merit a vote-to-close or a VLQ flag. How "welcome" do you suppose those newcomers feel? We already ...
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Detect "thanks!, wow!, fantastic!, that worked!" comments

I get a lot of comments on my answers that are similar to the above listed. There have been other posts trying to address the issue from different angles. It shouldn't be too hard to detect these ...
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Link for public users to join my TEAMS.SE?

How do I create a link for other members the public domains of SE to click on that would allow the user to request to join my TEAMS.SE?
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How to avoid asking previously asked questions, yet gain reputation? [duplicate]

I have recently joined Stack Overflow. Mostly, I am searching well on my programming questions here and can find answers on my own, yet this approach does not help with my Stack Overflow reputation, ...
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Require confirmation before allowing mostly-image or mostly-link posts

There are loads of new questions (mostly from new users) which primarily consist of a hyperlink to data or code or a picture of data or code. For example:
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The "New Contributor" banner is making review audits easier [duplicate]

When I was going through the review queue for First Posts, I noticed that all of the user badges had the "New Contributor" banner, of course. But for audits that the users actually aren't new, the ...
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Can we statistically detect changes in friendliness from the Welcome Wagon, new CoC, New Contributor Indicator, etc?

Can we statistically analyze the success of the Welcome Wagon, new Code of Conduct, and related UI changes? I did some analysis I'll provide as a self-answer below, but new answers and edits are more ...
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Why is it important for corporate SO to maintain a fast new user growth rate?

Following the plethora of posts on the "be extra nice" initiative, I started wondering. If the goal is Create a repository of high quality Q&A to cover programming issues It seems like the ...
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Why is the "xxx is a new contributor" warning reminded in the answer box?

I understand that some new users may find some curt or "please post your code" comments daunting, snarky, whatever, and all things considered, this isn't a bad thing to remind users that the person is ...
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Why new users don't read the Help Center and what we can do about it

With the new Code of Conduct, we see two groups of people: Group 1 argues that we should be more welcoming to new users; Group 2 argues that the new users get what they deserve, especially when they ...
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Is this "New Contributor" thing even helping?

I saw a new contributor question today. The post doesn't show any effort done by the OP and also doesn't contain any code, images or anything. I still tried to help it out by asking him to post what ...
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Acceptable question with too low text-to-body ratio

Not long ago I gained the privilege to review queues and I try to help the community a little by handling issues in the queues. My issue is with questions with low text-to-body ratio. Often askers ...
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Are multiple info-bar popups for unregistered users the intended behavior of the site?

I loaded up Stack Overflow for the first time on a new computer last week, and was surprised to see three dismissible info-bar popups on my screen. This is 424 rows of pixels (if I counted right), ...
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Should a bad question by a newbie spared from being downvoted? [duplicate]

There was this question i came across. (It has been edited since, so here is the screenshot of its first revision.) I found this question to be of low quality as it was lacking a lot of aspects e.g. ...
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Constructive way to advise poster on their approach

This is related but I think not identical to: Is it appropriate to caution a poster about their tone? I (and another user) have been engaged with a new poster whose question was phrased as "why is R ...
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How to answer a question when the right answer may not be a good idea [duplicate]

I hang out in the haskell tag a lot and there are frequently questions from people learning functional programming for the first time. It is usually pretty obvious who they are, but I like helping ...
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How many first-time questions are asked on Stack Overflow each day?

How many first-time questions are asked on Stack Overflow each day?
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Notice when downvoting a new users question

So recently, we've been seeing a lot of discussion around Stack Overflow not being very welcoming. There are two questions that proposed an approach to handle downvotes on new users, both massively ...
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Reworking the question ban

(Blog Post) - "Stack Overflow Isn't Very Welcoming. It's Time for That to Change." Post bans are arguably the least-welcoming mechanics of Stack Overflow. They work in theory but not in practice. ...
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When is the "Your Answer" popup above the answer box shown?

I was thinking about alternatives to the feature request proposed here and started thinking about a placeholder text-based solution (once proposed here). While tooling around while logged out from ...
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Dealing with no feedback from low-rep or new users [duplicate]

Sorry if this question is a duplicate, I couldn't find any about this specific nuance or maybe I'm just writing here to vent some frustration. I have the maybe bad habit to pick up newbie questions ...
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Enabling easier elimination of posts by new users that disregard documentation

It is evident that SO tries to remove hurdles and make it easy for newcomers to post questions. While this surely reduces the "friction" that new users encounter, it has the downside of ...
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What's wrong with my post? How can I improve?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post Downsize page content as page gets smallerCS: I'm new to Stack Overflow and I can't say for sure that it's been a completely amazing experience. Now, I ...
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What's wrong in asking this question?

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: How to 'enter' as soon as you press a key? Why was this question downvoted?
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Learning the art of not replying - how to be more welcoming

We're still adjusting to the upheavals and site examination since Jay Hanlon's "Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming" blog. There's some confusion about what is rude or polite and a moving focus on ...
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Where is the conventions help page?

I happened across a(nother) question where the author isn't aware of some of the conventions on SO, such as not putting tags in the title and not saying Hi! or TIA. It would be nice to be able to ...
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Comments asking for clarification or an MCVE are not rude/abusive

This is the latest comment to be flagged in what is becoming a trend in faux rude/abusive flags. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot see anything rude or abusive in this comment, in fact they use ...
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Experiment request: Temporarily stop showing characteristics about a user in the question preview to certain users

Judging from my overall experience on Stack Overflow and what I've seen happening with others, it might be that users' votes are confounded based on the reputation of the post author, or based on ...
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Changing new users' expectations of this site *before* they ask their question by requiring them to pass a test

The problem: Currently, to ask a question, a user has to tick a button at the bottom of a page of text: Nowhere am I told that Stack Overflow isn't a forum. At no point is it checked that I have ...
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How to deal with users who are being abusive on valid criticism?

I recently came across a question which was like How do I create something like this … ? and the only detail was a link to a screenshot. I commented asking the OP to be specific and post a sample ...
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Would you like for free?

tl;dr: I own the domain name I cannot build something good for the community with it, and I want to gift it to someone who has an idea that will benefit the Stack Overflow ...
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Can we introduce the concept of a MCVE to people before they even have a question?

The concept of a minimal, complete, and verifiable example is actually pretty tricky. It's entirely learnable, and most experienced Stack Overflow users have probably internalized it, but it's still ...
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What exactly is the term "new-user" referring to?

In the current discussion of new-user experience, I found there is a serious ambiguity on the term new-user (or newbie, new-comer, etc.). new-user can refer to 2 very different groups: only new to ...
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Is Stack Overflow really racist/sexist?

In Jay Hanlon's recent "Not Welcoming" blog article, Jay claims in the first sentence that the community is unfriendly to women and people of color. I myself never look at who's posting, let alone ...
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A SWAT team of nice II: temporarily show new questions only to designated "guide" users, allowing for fixing problems

tl;dr: Let's allow new users to request a temporary "pit stop" for their questions before they enter the race track - a mode where the question is visible only to a group of designated "guide" users ...
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Enable the “ask about own post” feature for low-rep users

Following the discussion at Should the "ask about own post" feature be enabled here on Stack Overflow?, the reception appears to be positive and generally in favor of enabling that feature ...
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