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Are multiple info-bar popups for unregistered users the intended behavior of the site?

I loaded up Stack Overflow for the first time on a new computer last week, and was surprised to see three dismissible info-bar popups on my screen. This is 424 rows of pixels (if I counted right), ...
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Please reword the Ask Question Wizard's intro for Software Recommendations

In the Ask Question Wizard, there are 6 options: 3 of these options make a customized message appear. For instance, the "I have a question about some code" option's message is a custom message about ...
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Require confirmation before allowing mostly-image or mostly-link posts

There are loads of new questions (mostly from new users) which primarily consist of a hyperlink to data or code or a picture of data or code. For example:
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Change of the new user attrition rate year over year

The high new user attrition rate was mentioned a year ago as one of the reasons to introduce a code of conduct, new contributor labels or the question wizard. With the high number of new users it ...
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How can the anonymous user workflow for the landing page be improved?

The interesting section When I visit the landing page ( it leverages a set of knowledge to provide me with interesting questions. I actually like that set, to be honest. ...
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Feature request: "Post notice" suggesting to accept an answer

In line with the abandoned rule proposal, I suggest the implementation of a "Post Notice" question banner in the style of the "Close Vote" banner, visible only to question authors, ...
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The Answer Question Wizard

After having lost way too many hours of my life futilely flagging the endless stream of Not An Answer (NAA) posts we get in the SOBotics chatroom (Please provide your code, I'm having this problem too,...
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Google user avatars are broken for new users

This user signed up less than two hours ago but the profile image is broken. I think something should be fixed in signup flow. I would suggest that the image be retrieved from Google and re-hosted on ...
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How is it possible, that a new user asks the same question twice within a minute?

The screenshot says it all I believe this must be a bug, or something weird going on.
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Correct imprecise wording about gaining reputation on the tour page

Currently, our tour page on the topic of reputation reads: Your reputation score goes up when others vote up your questions, answers and edits. This wording is very imprecise. Edits can not get ...
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Forum style discussion between new users

While reviewing the following question and getting some answers using the comments area, I noticed that quite many new users all answered the question, based on the original assumption, or just ...
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Question submission checklist to help improve quality

As a constant user of SO, questions from new users with 1 reputation that are very low quality plague the entire site. Some of these are better than others, and others are just "do my job for me" ...
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Make closing the comment help intuitive for new users

When I, a new user asked a question using this Ask Question wizard, I was shown the comment formatting help on every comment that I was posting under my question. Can it be set to some threshold? 3-...
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Can the question asking page be improved with a reminder about MCVE?

One of the most common problems in my experience, especially from new askers, is that they don't fully provide the complete picture such as: Posting only the couple of lines of code that caused the ...
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Recent First Answers from New Users on Old Questions

A few of the reviews I've recently carried out have included first answers from new users, that have been on old questions (ie more than a few months old). They have often been very low quality or ...
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Better guiding new users who ask a question to the page "guide mode" and the "how to ask"

I'm new to Stack Overflow this month. I notice that too many new users don't follow the how to ask guide and post really very bad formatted questions: bad title, non formatted code, unusable pictures,...
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Prompt new users to try Stack Snippets

I've been using SO for a fair while now and only just learned today about how to make Stack Snippets. My initial impression was that code entered into a message/post would automatically become a ...
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I fixed one of my questions, is this the proper way of editing a question for the better of the community helping to lift the question ban?

Here , I included a question which I tried editing so that it will be better. I have tried consulting the Help Forums and for the first time people. I'm just posting here if this could be considered ...
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"Marked as duplicate" box should include a link to the dupe target

When I close a question, it gets a box appended that says marked as duplicate by Bergi ecmascript-6 some mins ago This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those ...
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New user bullied into deleting question [only 10k users can see]

I just found a blatant example of a new user who was bullied into deleting a question. Since the question is no longer there, this is the only method I know of reporting the user's behavior. How do I ...
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Is code snippet icon clear enough for new comers?

I see a lot of code snippets in new users questions which are not a code snippet actually, but just a code block. It seems some people click on snippet icon by mistake. Maybe the icon is misleading?
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Acceptable question with too low text-to-body ratio

Not long ago I gained the privilege to review queues and I try to help the community a little by handling issues in the queues. My issue is with questions with low text-to-body ratio. Often askers ...
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Give first time askers real examples of bad questions before posting?

So I've already seen this question and this They are suggesting adding it to a separate curated list or a link to some other page (adding a link to it is probably not going to attract the attention ...
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Formatting warning for stacktraces

Many new users seem to have a hard time finding the proper formatting for stacktraces. They format them either not at all or a quotes. Both makes them hard to read. Since Stacktraces are rather ...
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How can I *safely* edit totally broken new user's question?

So, it's happened again. Some user posted valid question with invalid formatting and grammar, not mentioning the totally useless title "Please help 139 return value C". So I start editing the ...
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advice to new user about basic/self-answered question?

A new user asked this question: , which seems (1) very basic and (2) not framed as a typical SO "how do I solve this problem?" ...
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Make the wiki more worthwhile, or rules for first time posters on a tag

I realize this question has probably been asked in a different light, but in certain tags the wiki is loaded with useful debugging, template, tutorial information that would really cut down on the ...
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When is the "Your Answer" popup above the answer box shown?

I was thinking about alternatives to the feature request proposed here and started thinking about a placeholder text-based solution (once proposed here). While tooling around while logged out from ...
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Why did I fail this audit question?

I would like some clarity as to why I failed this audit question. My thought was that this was a good question but did not belong on Stack Overflow because it was not of a programming nature. ...
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