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I know how to mitigate "The Fall of Stack Overflow"

The site should be made newbie-friendly Or, rather, question-friendly. I realize that such a blunt suggestion is likely to be met with immediate backlash, from all sides. But please hear me out. ...
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How do you make your answer stand out from the influx of generative AI content?

I've had a few years hiatus and could not find any article that underscores this question, so please go easy on me. I also just got somewhat up to speed about the strike as posted here, so I know this ...
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Is it true that moderator overreach is turning away a large number of users?

There is this post on meta that makes an announcement to the mods on some of the new requirements they will be needed to present before suspending a user who supposedly used AI to generate an answer. ...
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Should there be a Stack Overflow/Wikipedia comparision in the tutorial?

Basically, the purpose of Stack Overflow is to create a library of questions and answers where authors ask questions other people may have too in the future, and other users answer these questions. So ...
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Why is it easier to write answers than comments without enough reputation? [duplicate]

As someone who isn't confident enough to provide answers, I often find myself wanting to post a comment. Why is posting answers easier than posting comments? I've been struggling to get enough ...
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Add hint / warning for specific tag combinations? [duplicate]

I see a lot of questions in the c++ realm, where the tag is applied unconsciously, primarily by new contributors. Especially some combinations like arduino (should be arduino-c++, or net/cli (should ...
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What is the preferred method for guiding newcomers to make their posts more presentable (grammar/spelling/formatting/etc)? Do it for them? Or comment?

In How to parse the below Json data coming from Kafkatopic, a new user asked a question with JSON code blocks on a single, very long line. Instead of just editing the question directly, I wanted to ...
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Welcome to Stack Overflow! -1 [duplicate]

This is not a duplicate of Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late (N.ed: since 2014). It's a constructive board for considering three banal constructive points, and eventually their positive ...
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A dummy review queue could benefit question-banned, new users to learn how to ask good questions

For new users who get placed in a question ban, I think that some percentage of them aren't necessarily lazy and just don't realize the damage they are doing to the site. I myself actually was placed ...
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Restoring a good question deleted by its author after receiving an answer [duplicate]

I recently answered a new member's question about an issue with their Java code here: but after they ...
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Has the 30-minute rate limit between successive answers from <125 reputation users been lifted? If so, can the help center article on it be removed?

On December 8 of last year, due to a flood of ChatGPT answers from new users, the rate limit for answers from users without 125+ reputation was increased from 3 minutes to 30 minutes. The global meta ...
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Why this user can find Stack Overflow can be VERY frustrating

I'll probably get criticized for this too, but way too often instead of getting help on Stack Overflow, I get edited unnecessarily such as changing some bullet points to remove the bullets or changing ...
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Stack Overflow "tutorial" shows up every time I ask a question

Consider: I've already asked numerous questions on the site, but Stack Overflow still assumes that this is my first question.
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Canonical question for new questions about importing data from Yahoo Finance into Google Sheets

Follow-up of Canonical question for importing content from dynamic websites using IMPORTHTML / IMPORTXML Google Sheets functions Recently I have found that many "bad" questions about ...
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How to handle questions by askers who seem to lack basic understanding of how to ask a well-formed question

I need to understand some basic protocol myself, regarding how to deal with others who lack similar knowledge. I have noticed (have a feeling?) that more questions recently posted have one or more of ...
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Is there a non language specific general help chat room?

I was reading through the Mentors part of this post. I'm wondering if there's a sort of new user help room for new contributors to get help on how to ask questions and write answers. I know you have ...
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Many answers were given in a short period [duplicate]

I just left a comment beneath an answer by a new user. The answer was wrong in several aspects. I visited their profile and was amazed at seeing they gave a staggering number of answers in a short ...
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Why don't my questions get views? I asked 15 questions on my account, but only 6 questions have been answered

Why don't my questions get views? I asked 15 questions on my account but only 6 questions have been answered. Is access to my questions restricted? Why? I don't know what is going on regarding my ...
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Should I create a tag-specific question template and ask new users to refer to it for asking good question?

I work on the tag mongodb most of the time on SO. Usually, the questions are about some query composing, like "how can I achieve behaviour xxx?". For us, people who are trying to help, ...
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2 answers

Where should we direct new users who post comments as answers?

I have been seeing this happen for as long as I've been using SE sites - people posting for the first time on whatever sub-site as an answer, when it is a comment or question. What is the best page on ...
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Multiple issues when adding images in new Ask Wizard

For about 7 years now, we've had a really useful, sitewide feature in place that warns new users (<15 rep) when they post an image. Example from Ask Ubuntu (from a new-user test account I created):...
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37 votes
2 answers

How was a new user under 10 reputation able to post an inline image?

Can this be stopped now, please? It's just getting ridiculous: Can we stop that silly experiment right now, please 🙏 I ...
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2 answers

Should we point new users to recent SO blog posts and podcasts episodes that mentions entities that help people to learn to code?

Some recent blog posts and podcast episodes mention entities that help people to learn to code or improve their programming skills. Should we point new users to this content or other content more ...
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Co-authorship as a way to avoid established answers engulfing new ones

The rationale. I think it would be more motivating for new contributors if established answers could be more easily replaced with new ones after breaking technology changes, rather than incorporating ...
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1 answer

How to encourage people to use linebreaks and periods?

I wonder why people do not use line breaks and periods. I see many long paragraphs and sentences using commas. Some posts are really hard to follow and require (lots of/some) post-editing to ...
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5 answers

Do we have guidance for first time askers not perceiving themselves as programmers?

I know that we have some guidance for first-time askers, but do we have something for "non-programmers"? I have found a lot of questions about google-sheets, google-apps-script and other ...
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Should I tell someone to accept answers to their questions [duplicate]

Should I encourage users to go through their history and see if they feel that some of their questions received answers worth marking accepted if they have a history of asking questions, and many of ...
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Verification email is not showing up in my inbox [closed]

When I opened my settings on Stack Overflow, I typed in the email that I wanted to change to, and after I clicked on the "send verification email" button, nothing shows up in my inbox. How ...
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Would asking users, who ask a bad question, to read some other closed bad questions let them know how bad their question were?

It seems that reading other people's bad questions might help new users find out what's wrong with their question. Do you find this question confusing, awkward to read, and completely miss the point? ...
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How many new users start off asking good questions?

Asking a good question on Stack Overflow can be tough, especially for new members. How many users' oldest recorded questions are currently not closed, have no downvotes, and have at least one upvote? ...
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How is it possible, that a new user asks the same question twice within a minute?

The screenshot says it all I believe this must be a bug, or something weird going on.
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Feature request: "Post notice" suggesting to accept an answer

In line with the abandoned rule proposal, I suggest the implementation of a "Post Notice" question banner in the style of the "Close Vote" banner, visible only to question authors, ...
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Staging Ground: Reviewer Motivation, Scaling, and Open Questions

This post is following up on some final topics that we want to cover during the product discovery and early development stage of the Staging Ground. We are building here off of the framework that we ...
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2 answers

How can an incorrectly closed question be restored, and the closing voters notified? [closed]

In 2021 a question asked by a new user was closed by several members with sufficient reputation, but without sufficient experience in the subject matter.
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How can I see the all-time reputation graph of another user profile? [duplicate]

When having a look at a profile of some long-time users, you do not see the full-scale interactive reputation graph. I think that the beginning even of a 12-years profile is interesting as well. On ...
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17 answers

Staging Ground Workflow: Listings, Filters, Quality Control, and Notifications

This is the second workflow post describing in detail the different aspects of the Staging Ground. It is written assuming that you have read the first workflow post (Staging Ground Workflow: Question ...
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49 votes
22 answers

Staging Ground Workflow: Question Details & Actions

We have previously mentioned our plans for a new section on the site called the Staging Ground, which is aimed at improving the new user onboarding experience and increasing the quality of first ...
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13 answers

Ask Wizard for New Users Feature Test is complete

Update: This feature test was live on Stack Overflow from 2022-03-21 through 2022-04-06. The overall results from this test were very positive and are available in a separate post. A couple of weeks ...
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2 answers

Has SO considered a gentler approach to newb questions? [duplicate]

I saw this (following link), and I thought "my daughter (age 9) would ask something like this, and I want her to get good answers and not a brush-off".
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9 answers

New User Experience: Deep Dive into our Research on the Staging Ground – How do you feel about review badges & opt-in settings for the Staging Ground?

Last week, we posted here on Meta about the new feature that we are launching, called the Staging Ground – a place where newly registered, low-rep users would receive help from higher-rep Stack ...
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54 answers

Introducing the Staging Ground, an attempt at improving the first-time asker experience - What was asking your first question like?

Stack Exchange sites are some of the best knowledge resources available. The Stack Exchange network is built on the premise that good questions (asked with a good process behind them) can get good ...
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13 answers

Feature Test: Ask Wizard for New Users (trial has completed)

This experiment was live from 2022-03-21 14:20 UTC until 2022-04-06 12:00 UTC. Initial data from the test looks to be positive. We plan on doing some bigger data analysis on the results and will post ...
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2 answers

What causes new contributors to miss the last line in a code block and paste the image as a hyperlink?

I very often see new contributors asking questions like this: function foo(){ return "bar"; } enter image description here I personally don't know how they get there, especially for the ...
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1 answer

Formatting code with backticks hides first line [duplicate]

Something I've noticed when editing the first posts for a lot of people is that many people use the 3 backticks method to enclose a code block that they copy and paste in. Since the first line is ...
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7 answers

Where are new users supposed to learn that they should show code and error messages as text, not as images?

Recently I saw a question by a new user, where they showed the error message they were getting in the form of a screenshot of their IDE. I added a comment, telling them that they should include the ...
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1 answer

Content relevance (filtering) for different levels/types of developers

Please note: This is not about forking/splitting Stack Overflow into "beginners" and "advanced" (as discussed e.g. here, here, and here, tag: split-stack-overflow). It's about ...
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Alarming number of new spam users

I just visited the Autobiographer badge page, and scrolling through, I was alarmed to find a large number of obviously spam users. Looking at the links and and bios of these users, they're pure spam. ...
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Why is there such a large quantity of beginner Python questions that concern Pandas?

Something that I've noticed during my time on here is an excessive quantity of programming questions related to Pandas. Normally, given the package's popularity, this wouldn't raise any eyebrows. ...
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Good first question tag [closed]

GitHub has this "good first issue" tag to help mark issues of the type 'Easy for a beginner to fix but not worth my time'. One of the strong complaints of new users is that it is so ...
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Some new users confuse editors for answerers/askers, can a subtle design change avoid that?

Take a look at this answer by the_best. They start their answer by saying: Updating Prashant Pimpale answer. Just did it a moment ago. Now, ignoring the improper referencing in their answer, the ...
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