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Related to the new Stack Overflow navigation (2015) which is currently on-hold.

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New Navigation Release Candidate [closed]

Administrative Note July 6, 2017: development for this project is currently on hold; if you find it useful you may continue to use it and report bugs or suggestions, but fixes / improvements may not ...
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Help set Q&A (TeamDAG) product development priorities

Thanks everyone for your feedback on this post. As expected, there is a lot of passion around how we spend our resources improving Q&A. There is an undeniable desire to see DAG focus on ...
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New homepage navigation breaks back button

On the new Stack Overflow start page, clicking on a question link, followed by pressing the “back” button in the browser, won’t return to the previously shown question list — instead it will show a ...
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Add small UI hint on why the "need answers" tab is empty

For several days now, I wondered why the "need answers" tab for a tag I follow was empty. At first I thought this was a bug, but today I found out it's not a bug, it's a feature. It took me some time ...
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How am I supposed to moderate and watch any / my top tags using the old navigation?

Judging from the latest edit on Retiring New Navigation (beta) in preparation for Navigation 3.0 the "New Navigation" has been removed and we have gone back to a system of navigation I do not know and ...
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Website New navigation "That's a miss" error on initial "question" navigation

On occasion since enabling the new navigation when going from "Dashboard" to "Questions" link, I get the following screen: Note that this is the default page hit for me when navigating to "questions" ...
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Why do I still see (accepted) answered questions even though I've checked "no answer"?

This only happens in the below scenario, when I combine & web-api tags:
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Bounty spelling wrong in tabs?

"Bounty" seems to be misspelled in the default title for browser title and in the SO tabs. You can reproduce this by filtering a tag by questions with "bounties" and then ordering by bounty size.
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Spelling mistake for singular bounty?

Not sure that "bountie" is an alternative spelling of "bounty": Even if it is, that doesn't seem too standard.
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Wildcard tag results in "or or or ..."

When accessing the wildcard tag [boost*], a lot of boost tags are listed as well as multiple "or or or ..." as shown on this screenshot: what is the reason for this? is it a bug? This also happens ...
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Add a save button for the beta programs

Currently, in your profile settings, there are checkboxes that state what beta programs you are currently in. If you accidentally press one of those checkboxes, the information will automatically ...
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Browser history/pagination doesn't remember the page I was at (when navigating back from a question) [closed]

This applies to all the pages with pagination (for example, just the "Home"). Use the pagination to go to any other page than page 1 Click a question in the new page Navigate back from the question ...
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23 answers

Retiring New Navigation (beta) in preparation for Navigation 3.0

Summary: New Navigation has been removed so we can build similar functionality (plus other improvements) for everyone. I summarized the feedback below to incorporate into the replacement design. (If I ...
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35 votes
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Stale/fake statistics for questions loaded live

When questions are loaded in the new nav by clicking the "n new questions" notification, they are shown with blank statistics (0 score, 0 answers, 1 view). All the questions below were loaded at once, ...
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Will the new question filter ever leave beta?

I ran across the new question filter/nav a couple months ago when Community bumped the meta posts. At the time I didn't see that those post were two years old, and so have been waiting for the new ...
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URL with several tags joined by OR is broken

Until recently I have been successfully using this URL to monitor new questions:
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Indicate how full review queues are within the top bar dropdown

When clicking the "Review Queues" icon in the top bar, one can see the sizes of each queue, but not how close to the queue limit it is. This information would be useful, however, because a queue ...
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The tab widths of new-nav are too short

As titled. The tabs are too short. 100px is not even enough to show "need answers" completely. The maximum width should be longer (e.g. 300px). (btw the + new tab button can be changed to just + to ...
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Renaming a tab requires an explicit click on the Save button

When you try to rename a tab, the change appears to stick, but doesn't really. I renamed a tab, using the drop-down menu. The textbox appears, you fill in a new name, and hit enter. I thought that'd ...
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Per Page Setting Doesn't Always Stick

I like to keep my questions per page at 50, but that setting won't always stick. I've read this question: New Nav Bug: Number of Items per Page Resets When Switching Tabs and this one: New-Nav ...
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A quick new nav update

TL;DR: please help us test this version of new nav! Update (Dec 17): We're holding off on the A/B test for now, but feel free to keep testing the new UI. We are a bit short of resources to work on ...
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3 answers

New-Nav page size resets when changing list pages or tabs on a new or refreshed page

When loading a question list or refreshing on a question list, changing pages or tabs in the list resets the page size to 15. After having set the page size back and switching tabs/pages again the ...
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Saved tab including synonym + master shows zero results

I have saved a tab containing a search query which includes jenkins-pipeline and jenkins-workflow (with any option set). Since the synonym request for jenkins-workflow → jenkins-pipeline was recently ...
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On hover tag search (i) icon is doubled up on itself

When searching for tags to add to the homepage tab bar, the info link icon is doubled up on itself. Repro in Chrome 50, Firefox 46, and Edge 25.10586.0.0. Example:
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The live refresh randomly starts getting questions without the summary div

I am not sure if this ever happened to me in the old nav. But in the new nav, this is randomly coming without the summary divs of the questions. I was able to grab a screen of that behavior. I was ...
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Tabs with multiple tags automatically become modified

This has started to happen on Edge (the same also on IE11) today. I have made a Tab with 4 Tags joining them using the ANY option. When I click the tab, the star (*) symbol automatically appears on ...
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Persistent empty sponsor section above excerpt in single-tag tabs

The area above the excerpt for sponsor info in single-tag tabs is now showing as an empty block, both in tags where the content has been dismissed, and tags that have no sponsor. This normally ...
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Can we apply tag filters to "questions with new activity" in the Questions tab?

If one sits on the questions tab with whatever filter and sorting they have, eventually a message will appear saying X questions with new activity. Clicking on this message will add all of these ...
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What is the current status of the new tabbed tags navigation?

Fifteen months have passed since the last official update. There's a bunch of feedback from users awaiting response from the developers. The "opt-in" setting on the profile page still says that it is ...
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"Bounties" button is unresponsive

For custom tabs, the "bounties" button behaves unresponsive at times: Specifically, this occurs if and only if I switch from a tab with no active bounties to one with active bounties. The button ...
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The "Need Answers" filter isn't working properly and/or as expected

I've created a custom filter for: Tag filter: knockoutjs Additional filter: need answers Order by: newest This is what it looks like: This makes absolutely zero sense to me :-). I've asked a ...
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"Related tags" sidebar lists tags as related to themselves

Here's a minor UI issue I just noticed: when filtering questions by tag on SO, the sidebar redundantly list the tag(s) being filtered by as "related tags", as in this screenshot (look under the mouse ...
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"That's a miss" but I reckon it's a hit and consequently a bug

Repro Steps: Go to Click Page 3 Now click Bounties (two are available for Winforms right now) Actual: You see the "That's a Miss" page Expected: ...
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22 votes
2 answers

No Real-time Update from New Nav

I have set-up the New-Nav as main tab: new filter : custom Tags (C) show : all sort : newest layout : expanded layout Screenshot below But, I am not getting the real-time update for new ...
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Why does the "new" > "recommended" tab give always 96 questions? [closed]

"New" > "recommended" tab constantly shows 96 questions for me. Why is that? Why exactly 96, not 100, or some round number?
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21 votes
1 answer

Too many tags in "My Tags" results in overlapping UI elements

As you can see here: I just added javascript and now I can't click the (X) button to remove it. I fear if I could somehow get my cursor back into the text box add any more tags, I wouldn't even be ...
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1 answer

Bounties page updates with new activity for non bounty questions [closed]

I was browsing the bounties page for the Python tag here, and opened a few links to go look at them. I left the page of bounties open, and after a few minutes noticed a (4) appear in the tab's title ...
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new-nav: Can we get "favorite[ question]s" as one of the available tabs?

I expected to find [my] "favorites" as one of the available tabs in "Where are my tabs?" but it's not there. This would be a nice improvement, as I frequently favorite (aka "star") something just so ...
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2 answers

Navigation through questions pages is broken

I just noticed that the navigation bar for changing the question pages is kind of going wrong. This happens only with Stack Overflow. Meta works fine. If I click the 'next' button, nothing happens ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Sometimes "Ignored Tags" are not ignored in the active tab

I'm trying out the new navigation (loving it) but sometimes my active tab includes questions that should be hidden, since they contain a tag that's in my "ignored tags": I'm using Safari 9.0.1 in OS ...
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19 votes
1 answer

"Per page" pagination returns no results when increasing limit on last page

I typically set my pagination limit to 50 on the homepage. While experiencing, researching, and finding this post on the limit resetting when changing pages (which happens intermittently for me at 50),...
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19 votes
1 answer

Visual navigation bug on Microsoft Edge [closed]

Sometimes (read: always) when switching tabs on the home page, and then pressing the browser's back button, the layout will mess up Steps to reproduce Navigate to
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New nav seems to forget items per page [duplicate]

For years I had a link on my browser toolbar that brought up a filtered list of questions. Once I selected 50/page I never had to reset the items/page unless I logged out (which I never do ...
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How to filter questions based on favorite tags with the new filter tabs

How can I filter the questions based on my favorite tags with the new navigation on the questions overview? It seems to be impossible. With the old navigation I could choose 'Favorites' from the ...
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The /questions/no-answer URL is not accessible for everyone

When I go to this link : I get a 404 page ! I already have confirmation from other user that this link is valid, so I investigated a bit in the Chrome ...
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Allow the tab to also be "default"

In the new navigation tabs, there are several customizeable options. However, regardless of the level of customization, when I click "Questions" it no longer returns to the selected tab I was on. It ...
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Is Stack Overflow updating times on questions, comments, answers more slowly (and not spotting new comments, answers as quickly)?

Are you seeing Stack Overflow show updates to the times on questions, answers and comments — and collecting/displaying new answers and comments and other updates to questions — much more slowly than ...
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Not enough space between username and rep on the questions list

On the front page / new questions list, the name of the user and their reputation is too close together, and looks ugly, making it hard to read & tell apart: Right now, it's nameOfUser2,910, it ...
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New Nav Bug: Number of Items per Page Resets When Switching Tabs

I create a tab to filter for the java tag. I then set the value for number of questions per page to 50, which it displays. Then I switch to the "Home" tab and see that the value there is set to 15. So ...
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Custom tabs don't roam across clients [closed]

So I set up some custom tabs on my work PC. Awesome. I log on to a different PC, and I've got none of the custom tabs I set up - this is unexpected behaviour, if not a bug.
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