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Related to the new Stack Overflow navigation (2015) which is currently on-hold.

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Add a save button for the beta programs

Currently, in your profile settings, there are checkboxes that state what beta programs you are currently in. If you accidentally press one of those checkboxes, the information will automatically ...
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Will the new question filter ever leave beta?

I ran across the new question filter/nav a couple months ago when Community bumped the meta posts. At the time I didn't see that those post were two years old, and so have been waiting for the new ...
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Indicate how full review queues are within the top bar dropdown

When clicking the "Review Queues" icon in the top bar, one can see the sizes of each queue, but not how close to the queue limit it is. This information would be useful, however, because a queue ...
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The tab widths of new-nav are too short

As titled. The tabs are too short. 100px is not even enough to show "need answers" completely. The maximum width should be longer (e.g. 300px). (btw the + new tab button can be changed to just + to ...
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Per Page Setting Doesn't Always Stick

I like to keep my questions per page at 50, but that setting won't always stick. I've read this question: New Nav Bug: Number of Items per Page Resets When Switching Tabs and this one: New-Nav ...
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A quick new nav update

TL;DR: please help us test this version of new nav! Update (Dec 17): We're holding off on the A/B test for now, but feel free to keep testing the new UI. We are a bit short of resources to work on ...
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Saved tab including synonym + master shows zero results

I have saved a tab containing a search query which includes jenkins-pipeline and jenkins-workflow (with any option set). Since the synonym request for jenkins-workflow → jenkins-pipeline was recently ...
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On hover tag search (i) icon is doubled up on itself

When searching for tags to add to the homepage tab bar, the info link icon is doubled up on itself. Repro in Chrome 50, Firefox 46, and Edge 25.10586.0.0. Example:
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Persistent empty sponsor section above excerpt in single-tag tabs

The area above the excerpt for sponsor info in single-tag tabs is now showing as an empty block, both in tags where the content has been dismissed, and tags that have no sponsor. This normally ...
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Can we apply tag filters to "questions with new activity" in the Questions tab?

If one sits on the questions tab with whatever filter and sorting they have, eventually a message will appear saying X questions with new activity. Clicking on this message will add all of these ...
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"Related tags" sidebar lists tags as related to themselves

Here's a minor UI issue I just noticed: when filtering questions by tag on SO, the sidebar redundantly list the tag(s) being filtered by as "related tags", as in this screenshot (look under the mouse ...
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"That's a miss" but I reckon it's a hit and consequently a bug

Repro Steps: Go to Click Page 3 Now click Bounties (two are available for Winforms right now) Actual: You see the "That's a Miss" page Expected: ...
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new-nav: Can we get "favorite[ question]s" as one of the available tabs?

I expected to find [my] "favorites" as one of the available tabs in "Where are my tabs?" but it's not there. This would be a nice improvement, as I frequently favorite (aka "star") something just so ...
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How to filter questions based on favorite tags with the new filter tabs

How can I filter the questions based on my favorite tags with the new navigation on the questions overview? It seems to be impossible. With the old navigation I could choose 'Favorites' from the ...
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Allow the tab to also be "default"

In the new navigation tabs, there are several customizeable options. However, regardless of the level of customization, when I click "Questions" it no longer returns to the selected tab I was on. It ...
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Is Stack Overflow updating times on questions, comments, answers more slowly (and not spotting new comments, answers as quickly)?

Are you seeing Stack Overflow show updates to the times on questions, answers and comments — and collecting/displaying new answers and comments and other updates to questions — much more slowly than ...
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Not enough space between username and rep on the questions list

On the front page / new questions list, the name of the user and their reputation is too close together, and looks ugly, making it hard to read & tell apart: Right now, it's nameOfUser2,910, it ...
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Add option to hide Products menu

Other than using a monkey patch, I'd like an option to hide the new Products menu. I currently have my left side navigation collapsed. Perhaps it could be folded into there.
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The /questions feed seems to reset number of items to display

I prefer to display 50 questions at a time. I've set this on the default tags I watch and on the home page. However, it does not save this setting all the time. It appears to reset when I perform a ...
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Visual tab bug on Microsoft Edge

Moving your mouse on a tab gave me a weird feeling on Microsoft Edge. I was seeing things: Expand keep flashing every time my mouse moves across the tab. Steps to reproduce: Use Edge Login Move ...
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Automatically fill in wildcard tags

In my "Favourite Tags" (the tag list you can create on the right hand side of a page) I have a few wildcards, for example: It would be nice if the new tabs feature could pre-fill or save a wildcard ...
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Tag exclusion not returning any results

I am trying to set up a tab for questions tagged with java, but not android. If I type [java] -[android] into the search bar, I get the list I expect. but if I type java not android into the tag bar,...
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Can't go forward after going back to question list when using custom tabs

Here's the steps to repro: Have a custom tab in the new-nav with several tags in it (I'm doing it with 10 tags) Navigate to a question from the displayed list Look at the question, decide you're not ...
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Visual bug with new-nav

I noticed a visual bug with the new-nav. I don't know if was intentional or not but I'm adding a gif to show it. Basically padding for the tabs change when mouse enter and leave. OS: Windows 10 ...
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Can we make the tabs draggable?

As of now, you can only move the tabs by clicking Move Left or Move Right on the drop-down of the selected tabs. It can be quite frustrating when you have multiple tabs and you have to re-select the ...
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Tags are duplicated in Job Listings

Possibly related to Jobs search page windows title has invalid characters, so possibly broken by the latest build. When searching a specific tag in Job Listings, the tag name is duplicated in the ...
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New navigation showing fewer questions

When I click on the new navigation tab for Java questions it shows fewer items, happening only on the 1st page, this is because I have some ignored tags, if I move to page 2 it shows 15 elements ...
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Bounties new-nav doesn't remember sort order

When I visit the bounties page, I like to replicate the old functionality of the "Featured" tab which was to sort by ending date with the soonest to expire first. The bounties pill box automatically ...
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Disable favorite tag highlighting for every tag in search

If you do a search for a single tag on your favorites list, it doesn't show the yellow background for any questions which have that tag (unless it has another of your favorite tags): However, if I ...
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Boolean Operators on Tags aren't working as advertised

These boolean operators may need some work... or clarification. This is what shows up after a real-time notification for this search:
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Bug with new navigation- tag info still showing after changing tabs

Bug Step 1: Normal home tab Step 2: After clicking on [javascript] Step 3: Clicking back to home tab, the javascript tag info is still showing.
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Search field is cleared by new question notification

Not sure if it's a new-nav. When typing something into search field (on top, to the right from help) as soon as bar 1 new question appears (or is updated with more ...
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Question lists loses place in new navigation

Reproduction steps: Opt in to "testing the new navigation". Go to any question list. Go to a page number not the first page. Click on a question, then go back. OR Reload the page. Your place in the ...
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Initial load of page hides filter (or something) causing a bit of a flicker

Due to the new navigation system when you first go to the stackoverflow site (or meta even) there is a very fast action of hiding the tag filter text box: I'm not sure if this is some sort of hiding ...
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Sidebar disappears in Safari and Mobile Safari

The sidebar vanishes when returning to the question list by using the back button or swiping from the left edge of the screen in Mobile Safari on both iPad and iPhone (IOS 9.1) - main SO site and Meta....
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Overlapping tabs in question section in SO

When a user has too many tabs in Questions section the tabs are overlapping with the number of posts counter in SO. Also, mouse over on the overlapping tabs hides no. of post
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Layout issue in tags filter field in new UI

There is no way to edit the tags before angular2 (50.0.2661.37 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)) iceweasel 38.6.1 For this URL
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New questions in custom list are displayed in the wrong format

Sometimes when I click on the X more questions bar that appears while displaying a custom question list the new questions are displayed using the wrong format: Note that the format selector in the ...
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Possible bug, using not operator in search

I was trying to search for questions tagged styling, but not css I used the not operator like so: [styling] -[css] Initially it returned the expected result, as in a brief flash of questions ...
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Get Most Popular Questions of a Tag

I was trying to get the most popular questions of all time on a tag postgresql. But it seems the tag is been ignored. Here is the link of that filter
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New questions clear the text from search box

There seems to be a bug related to the search box and live-refresh of new questions. To reproduce, type in something in the search box and wait for a new question to pop-up in any of the tabs. When ...
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'Ask Question' button has a nav element inside in the new layout

Picture's worth a thousand words? Closer: This only happens if I go to, on it's fine. The html that is inside: <nav class="...
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Why do I get different styles on initial and reloaded pages?

I reproducible get different styling results for the URL depending on whether I perform an initial load (enter URL and go!) or if I reload the same page ...
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Bounty new-nav doesn't remember page size setting if I change sort order

I browse Stack Overflow with 50 questions per page. Occasionally, I wander through the bounties page to see if there is anything I can answer. On initial page load, I see 50 bounties listed. However, ...
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Different Question counts on Votes tab and Active tab

If you go to Votes tab it shows (9,976,233) Questions which is lesser than the count that is shown by active tab (10,421,421). In both the occasions filter is selected as All. This can't be due to ...
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Long search queries with tags are incorrectly clipped in the new nav

This particular query is ios or swift or xcode or uiviewcontroller or objective-c or ios10 And I did not interact with the text field.
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The [android] tag is showing up on my question list when it isn't selected

For some reason, the site is serving me questions that have the android tag. It only happens sometimes, like when I click the css tag under favorites, but then when I click elsewhere (like deleting ...
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Unable to change page number manually entering page parameter in URL

Hopefully this question has already been answered, similar behavior of Not able to change page 2 which hasn't been answered. Maybe relates to the new-nav feature. I try to skip to a specific page ...
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Websockets for tags I searched for

If I input tags on the tag page and connect them with any then I get new questions notifications through the web socket. Example link But if I search for tags and connect them in the search box with ...
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Homepage at session restore shows relative dates from the last time you closed Firefox

I've noticed in Firefox 43 in win10 x64, the following: (provided that in Firefox Options you have set: General|When Firefox starts|Show my windows and tabs from last time and the Don't load tabs ...
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