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What are the differences between Stack Overflow in Japanese and Stack Overflow? [closed]

When I searching on Google, I find the Japanese Stack Overflow website. But the ask page exists over there. What are the differences between the Japanese Stack Overflow and Stack Overflow? Does ...
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It's really hard to find the other Stack Exchange sites from Stack Overflow

Friendly marketing and user experience advice: There are no links or pointers to the rest of the Stack Exchange network from the Stack Overflow site. Whilst you can do an Internet search for them, ...
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Where should [ros] questions be posted?

As already mentioned here, the robotics community is used to asking their questions on a different forum very similar to the Stack Exchange Network: There are about 25 questions ...
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How can I add a new email login to my profile? Why is GitHub only available as login option on SO, but not network sites? [duplicate]

I originally created this account as login with Google. Recently (a few months ago) I added my GitHub login to this account, and removed my Google account. I remained logged into all of my network ...
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How does Stack Overflow share a token across domains?

How does Stack Overflow share token across different domains? There is and there is and its different domains, so token sharing is not easy... How does Stack ...
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Should I flag a mod-flag if a user advises (repeatedly) that askers take questions to other sites of the network, erroneously?

I've encountered a user (by virtue of seeing their comments in questions on the close-review queue) that with some consistency votes to close many questions with a custom reason reading something like:...
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CraftCMS StackExchange ad broken [duplicate]

There was a CraftCMS StackExchange ad on the right-hand side, which I was curious about so I clicked on it. Instead of taking me to it, it simply opened an iframed version of the main site where the ...
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Why do Vi and Emacs have Stack Exchange sites but other tools don't?

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results: these are the most popular development environments and tools in 2018. and these are the most popular ones in 2017 by occupation. Visual ...
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Is this a question of Super User?

I'm a bit confused on migrating this question to Super User. The OP had asked about pausing or playing CSS animations when the browser tab is changed. OP had also attached a code with it. When, I ...
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What's up with Wordpress?

wordpress and Wordpress confusion is a problem. With over 137,000 questions tagged over here and 85,000 questions over at the SE site, new users probably have a lot of confusion and most likely ...
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Show more sites when there is room in new footer

In the new footer, when I click "Science", it expands and shows me a new list of 11 items. It also shows me a more button containing "more(16)". This button, however, seems meaningless, since there is ...
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Alphabetize the list of Network Sites

Currently, the list of network sites in the footer is organized by graduation date: While this can be okay for a short list of sites, since the ones most likely to be clicked will be listed first, ...
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