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This tag is for questions about questions on Stack Overflow that have been closed with the reason "Needs more focus"

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What is wrong with this question? (Failed audit)

I was performing some review on the site and came across this question on the open review votes. The question looked good to me, so I voted for it to be reopened, but the system told me it was an ...
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Is this a good reopen queue audit?

I recently came across this audit in the reopen queue and failed it. It seems to me that the question is too broad for SO. While it is about a particular topic, it asks 20 different questions within ...
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Is this First Posts audit too broad a question?

I was very close to failing this audit review in the First Posts queue. I passed by pressing No Action Needed, but had I not realized it was an audit I would have flagged it as too broad. The ...
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I provided a Q&A pair with a question that was too broad. What are my options?

At the risk of asking another question that will be poorly received: I wanted to share some knowledge I had recently acquired, and as I couldn't find a simple answer to my original research question ...
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What should we do with flawed attempts to solve a problem, where the flaw is unrelated, both are common, and the question isn't explicit?

What should we do with flawed attempts to solve a problem, where the flaw is unrelated, both are common, and the question isn't explicit? This is an extremely common issue I've been running into with ...
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Question too broad - feedback issue

After seeing the following links: Data modal design for structured interviewing SO Data modal design for structured interviewing CodeReview Data modal design for structured interviewing DBA I ...
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What makes this question about CSS selectors not focused enough?

I've slightly modified this question ((How can I disable a whole CSS stylesheet on a specific list of domains?)) but I don't think it makes a difference. What makes that question unfocused, and is it ...
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When is too broad not too broad?

A while back I flagged this question: Any way to add multiple images on Materialbox Materialize CSS? As too broad. As it turns out it may have been a victim of the error I pointed out here: Flagged ...
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Narrowing down a broad question about a language's performance/security

Earlier I asked a question on SO about trying to figure out if there were any security/performance issues with backporting code from Java 1.8 to 1.5. My reasoning behind asking the question was ...
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Editing someone else's "too broad" question?

Let's say I come across a question that, as currently stated, is too broad. But let's also say that it looks like the original asker is driving at a more specific question that I happen to think is ...
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Closed. This question needs to be more focused -> reopen

I have asked the question counting number of steps to reduce integer to 0 which to be fair was broad, thus it got closed, and got this message: Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is ...
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What makes this question "too broad"?

I posted this question a couple of days ago, after coming across a problem for which I wasn't sure about the optimal solution. I did my best to explain the problem properly, provided example code, ...
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How could I make this question less broad?

I just had this question put on hold because it seems too broad. I had the feeling that it would make a good question about the limitations of cgo and don't really understand what's wrong about it. ...
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Is this question still on topic?

I recently reviewed an answer for this question, and was trying to decide if it was the answer I was having problems with or the question. The question quite literally asks for "what the other .NET ...
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Can I edit all but one of the questions out of a disjoint multi-part question?

I came across 4 program design interview questions. Clearly too broad as there are 4 (or 5) completely disjoint parts to it. But rather than voting to close (which would probably just expire anyway),...
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A clear question made unclear by OP's comment

SVG Path Data Regex C# is a question that was put on hold as to broad, which suprised me as I believed to understand it clearly, and gave a simple answer. What I now believe what happened is that a ...
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Why is this question about differences between two methods too broad?

I noticed that this old question has been closed as 'Too broad' I obviously don't understand something about the meaning of 'too broad' as the question seems fine to me. There are either too many ...
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