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For questions regarding the split of Meta Stack Overflow to a cross-network Meta Stack Exchange and a site-specific Meta Stack Overflow in April 2014.

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The Status Of The Split [closed]

Everything went remarkably well. This is what we've got done: Meta SO is now a per-site child meta, just like every other meta site (but MSE) MSE has been launched in production, and is functioning ...
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100 days later, was the split a good idea?

Today 100 days passed from the day that Meta Stack Overflow was split from Meta Stack Exchange. I was a initially a bit negative about the split, as I thought that the lack of reputation would limit ...
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Questions from before the split that are now on MSE should respond with a 301 instead of a 302

An example: responds with a 302 Found. The spec says this is a temporary redirect. (Browsers treat it as a 303 See Other but that's irrelevant I think.) ...
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Meta.SE content should be discoverable on Meta.SO

Since the new Meta.SE was introduced, many discussions have come up on Meta.SO that already exist on Meta.SE. As this answer by Tim Post shows, this is somewhat intentional and not viewed as a bad ...
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What kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Overflow and on Meta Stack Exchange?

What kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Exchange (MSE) and what kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Overflow (MSO)? Are we going to continue to ask questions regarding the ...
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Migrations are now in progress

I'm now in the process of migrating relevant content that is extremely specific to Stack Overflow back over the fence. To be very clear this is a process that is going to take days, not hours. ...
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Member for 2 years but posted in 2011

Is this a bug? I just visited the profile of the Community user and found this. Check the marked area.
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Meta Stack Overflow vs Meta Stack Exchange

Before asking this question, I already read the entire Q&A here: What kind of questions should we ask on Meta Stack Overflow and on Meta Stack Exchange? But, I am really still confused. When ...
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Will the questions be migrated over from

Will we get our reputation moved over or questions?
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Questions that have more upvotes than views

Maybe I misunderstood something, but there are some questions that have more upvotes than views. Examples: Eek! Why did the Stack Overflow icon (favicon) change? February 2014 Stack Overflow ...
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MSO-MSE-split confusion

The badges are mysteriously disappearing and reappearing on Meta. It seems to only be a meta issue though. The badges were gone from everywhere where they should have been displaying. Recently though ...
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Where are the questions that I asked before on meta?

I was surprised about newly established Meta Stack Overflow has no reputation display but it's only displaying the Stack Overflow's reputation. I read that Meta is now really a real Stack Overflow ...
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Links to answers broken in questions migrated back to MSO

E.g. in this question which was migrated back to, the links to answers in the same question don't work. Instead of jumping to the answer, I'm redirected twice and end up back at ...
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I do not deserve this Excavator badge

I just earned an Excavator badge for editing this Answer. Thing is the thread was constantly edited, and the latest edit can't be older than a week. The issue must be as a result of the split because ...
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The new Meta Stack Overflow has the same skin as the old Meta Stack Overflow

Say somebody was really busy at work and completely missed the network happenings of this week. He went offline before the system message went up and came back after the system message finally goes ...
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Make clear before asking that there are two Meta sites

I see plenty of new questions getting asked on Meta.SO that are duplicates of older discussions that now often reside on Meta.SE. I don't think that is a desirable thing in itself. New questions ...
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How can users help migrate questions from MSE to MSO [duplicate]

I'm happy the split has been done, but I feel a bit troubled by the fact that so far, all questions end up on MSE unless explicitly migrated to MSO. The announcement states that We’re in the process ...
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How do I move a Question back from MSE to MSO

I had a question about merging tags on MSO, that is not yet resolved, and which got moved from MSO to MSE in the big re-org of 2014-04. Since the question is about SO tags, I assume that it really ...
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252 views should point to Meta Stack Exchange

Since The Big Split happened, should point to Meta Stack Exchange. However it points to Meta Stack Overflow.
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The MSO review page still refers to "Stack Exchange Meta"

A nitpick, certainly, but the review page here on MSO refers to the site as "Stack Exchange Meta": Seems like it should instead say "Meta Stack Overflow" now.
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Linking to Stack Overflow Meta in chat generates the MSE icon

Posting in chat generates the same icon as posting Presumably, it should post a nice Meta Stack Overflow icon.
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"How to Ask" box is out of date

So due to the split between MSO and MSE, the "How to Ask" box when you ask a question on sill has "Is your question about Stack Overflow or the Stack Exchange engine that powers the Stack ...
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What should I do if I asked a question on wrong meta (MSO instead of MSE)?

What should I do if I asked a question on wrong meta (MSO instead of MSE) post-split; and by the time I realized that it was the wrong meta - meaning the question is about all sites and not SO only - ...
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Migrate stray programming-related "community-ad" posts to Stack Overflow

The most current open-source advertising run for Stack Overflow is harder to find than it probably should be. I don't remember exactly what I typed but my search first landed me on this meta post, ...
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Why aren't the user accounts linked in migrated questions?

The MSO-MSE split has finally happened and the very first question migration done was this. But I do not understand why the user accounts in that question are not linked? I can see that only Shog's ...
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Favorites got lost in migration back to

I am certain that I (and many others) had marked this question as favorite, but the marks seem to have gotten lost when the question was migrated back to Is it still possible ...
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The 'Convention' badge and the Meta Stack Overflow migration

If I earned the Convention badge once before the Meta Stack Exchange migration, will I earn it again if I get a post with more than two reputation points on this new Meta Stack Overflow site?
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What is the difference between Meta Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

What is the difference between Meta Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange? I have these two accounts: Account one Account two My Meta account looked like the first one, but the second holds my ...
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Link meta.stackoverflow with meta.stackexchange similar questions [duplicate]

I recently asked a question on Meta Stack Overflow, which almost immediately returned a response of already answered on Meta Stack Exchange, which is fine. However, when asking the question the ...
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Downvoting on meta posts [duplicate]

After the MSO/MSE split there is no reputation system for this meta. So now there is no negative reputation for downvoting on posts? Previously there was -1 reputation (like on Stack Overflow) for ...
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FAQ questions in sidebar redirect to Meta Stack Exchange

The FAQ sidebar on Meta Stack Overflow has been enabled, but although the links appear to stay within they really point to the lower post ids that redirect to Meta Stack ...
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Timeline on not migrated posts is broken for meta

On meta the timeline url for posts is borked for posts that are not migrated from mse. returns a 404 where
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What happened to my meta activity? [duplicate]

I just asked a question on stackoverflow meta. It said it was the first question I've asked. I've been using the site for a bunch of years and it's definitely not the first question I've asked on ...
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Question migrated from MSE to MSO but reputation lost [duplicate]

After the split. A Question migrated from MSE to MSO and reputation got lost from my MSE account but it has not been added to my MSO account. There is no reputation tab in the profile. What will ...
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Close reasons on MSO still include MSE text

The following close reason on Meta Stackoverflow needs rewriting now that Meta StackExchange has ascended to a higher astral plane: off-topic because... This question does not appear to be about ...
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When and why was the new meta rep policy put in place? [duplicate]

There must be an answer about that question, but after googling for a while, couldn't find it. (question to be deleted if indeed it's a duplicate). Didn't come around for a while. Very glad the new ...
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