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For questions regarding the split of Meta Stack Overflow to a cross-network Meta Stack Exchange and a site-specific Meta Stack Overflow in April 2014.

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Meta.SE content should be discoverable on Meta.SO

Since the new Meta.SE was introduced, many discussions have come up on Meta.SO that already exist on Meta.SE. As this answer by Tim Post shows, this is somewhat intentional and not viewed as a bad ...
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Migrations are now in progress

I'm now in the process of migrating relevant content that is extremely specific to Stack Overflow back over the fence. To be very clear this is a process that is going to take days, not hours. ...
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Links to answers broken in questions migrated back to MSO

E.g. in this question which was migrated back to, the links to answers in the same question don't work. Instead of jumping to the answer, I'm redirected twice and end up back at ...
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I do not deserve this Excavator badge

I just earned an Excavator badge for editing this Answer. Thing is the thread was constantly edited, and the latest edit can't be older than a week. The issue must be as a result of the split because ...
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252 views should point to Meta Stack Exchange

Since The Big Split happened, should point to Meta Stack Exchange. However it points to Meta Stack Overflow.
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The MSO review page still refers to "Stack Exchange Meta"

A nitpick, certainly, but the review page here on MSO refers to the site as "Stack Exchange Meta": Seems like it should instead say "Meta Stack Overflow" now.
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Migrate stray programming-related "community-ad" posts to Stack Overflow

The most current open-source advertising run for Stack Overflow is harder to find than it probably should be. I don't remember exactly what I typed but my search first landed me on this meta post, ...
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Favorites got lost in migration back to

I am certain that I (and many others) had marked this question as favorite, but the marks seem to have gotten lost when the question was migrated back to Is it still possible ...
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