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Elections are held to choose moderators for Stack Overflow and non-Beta Stack Exchange sites.

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2017 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

Well, it's been a crazy month but July has finally come to a close and with it Stack Overflow's 9th moderator election has also concluded. They said it was impossible, but 30 thousand or so voters ...
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Election's page small css issue

Let's have a look at this : Which was shot on my 1920*1200px monitor (last FF, zoom factor 100%)... Could we fix it? It's displayed normally if I set the zoom factor to 80%
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The election message and edited question message is not available in the Inbox on the iOS app

If there is a message, like for the election in the iOS app, there will be a Count for "Recent inbox messages". But if I tap on it, there is no message shown. Is it a bug? UPDATE Same issue i can ...
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"You need 150 reputation to vote" error message is too low

Knowing that users with less than 150 reputation can't vote in elections, I tried to vote in the election with a low-reputation sock puppet just to see what happens. As expected, I got an error ...
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What happens to election votes when a sock puppet is deleted?

I discovered a larger sock puppet network today. I flagged the user and they were nicely cleaned up (thank you!), so everything's fine here. However, I noticed that even the few socks I could find ...
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Is the election unfair, or am I wrong?

Due to Arrow's impossibility theorem, the Stack Overflow moderator election should be unfair since voters need to order three different candidates by ranking. Is this a flaw in the election, or am I ...
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Increase the contrast for the "pressed" election buttons

I have reasonably good sight, but I'm still having problems recognizing which button is pressed in the election. I know there's a list on the right side, but it's not anchored and disappears when you ...
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Two moderator positions are available; why are there three choices?

The election phase of the 2017 Moderator Election has just begun. As can be seen from the election page, two moderator positions are available. Therefore, I am surprised to see that we can choose ...
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New election or calling up candidates from a previous election

Sometimes, I see that people from a previous election are called up to meet the additional demand. For example: In 2015 2 mods were called up additionally (Election) Also in 2015, 2 additional mods ...
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Why is a downvoting option available in the primary voting?

I am just curious why a downvoting option is enabled in the primary voting phase? Is it also available in the core election? If so, then what are the reasons which enables the vote down option in ...
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What are off-hours in SO terms?

In the mod election, multiple candidates have said that they are usually on at off hours. When is that, exactly? Is it a good thing? Do we need more mods when there are less users online, or is their ...
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After casting my votes to candidates of my choice should I downvote other candidates?

Question is what title says. I am not sure what to do actually.
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Why does the moderator election require nominees to have 3,000 reputation points [duplicate]

Moderator election nomination has begun but there is a minimum of 3,000 points. Why can't a candidate below 3000 points be eligible for moderation? The Stack Overflow privilege table/list states: 2,...
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Please provide the entire profile for moderator candidates

I'm reviewing candidates for moderator. I would like to see their comments and other actions like upvotes, downvotes and closures (in addition to questions and answers). The comments, upvotes, ...
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Moderator election nominee evaluation [closed]

The election announcement states: Our general criteria for moderators are as follows: patient and fair leads by example shows respect for their fellow community members in their actions and words ...
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Should we clear chatty comments from election nominations?

In past elections, and seemingly in this one too, we've seen 'real' questions for the nominees pushed below the fold by comments like this: My instinct from the rest of the site is to clear these out ...
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What is the recommended rep to nominate self in moderator election to actually stand a chance of winning?

There are pre-entry requirements to nominate self in a moderator election. For example, the badges requirement .. Civic Duty, Strunk & White, Deputy, Convention I understand that there is no ...
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How can I edit the badges?

I saw the profile on the election page of each candidate. I was surprised with that they have earned the edit badges. Few are 5/6 and few are 6/6. Here is the snap of that: So my question is that ...
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Some "http://" links in the election page

In the election page, a few of the links for the badges and MSE sites are still http://, these links can be updated to https:// Screenshot for reference:
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z-index issue in the message for previously suspended users

I am trying to get into the meta post of candidate's answers from the election page. at the bottom, I am able to find 2 links and so I clicked on the nominate yourself as a candidate link. It take me ...
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Can we mention the count or list of actual moderators in the election page?

I was looking at I could read: moderator positions available: 2 But there were no direct indication of the current count or list of moderators. ...
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Can I nominate someone else to be a moderator?

I'd like to nominate Pang to be a moderator. This user is already doing the job of a moderator with the tools available. The current moderators also highly respect this user. Here is what the ...
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Allow comment upvotes on election page

This is the page where I would like to be able to upvote comments: This question was previously answered in 2015, but doesn't make a lot of sense to me (or to ...
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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

In connection with the moderator elections, we are holding a Q&A thread for the candidates. Questions collected from an earlier thread have been compiled into this one, which shall now serve as ...
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2017 Community Moderator Election

The 2017 Community Moderator Election is now underway! Community moderator elections have three phases: Nomination phase Primary phase Election phase Most elections take between two and three weeks,...
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Why there is an empty yellow box in mod election?

In the community moderator election, under Please participate... advice I see a yellow box also separated from the description via the gray bar. It looks like something will show up there, but while ...
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Not secure error in the election page

In the election page, there is Connection is Not Secure error occurred due to the images. On the high level, when I was checked all the user accounts displayed on the page were https://, so when ...
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Require moderator candidates to have a good review history

Moderator elections are near again. Moderators need to do a lot of reviewing. We require moderator candidates to have a minimum of rep and several badges, but we don't seem to have requirements on ...
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2017 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Stack Overflow, once again, is scheduled for an election next week, July 17th. In connection with that, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the ...
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Perhaps time to increase the number of election preferences

As an Australian, used to numbering every box, I'd just like to point out if just 471 of 3191 exhausted votes had Samuel Liew as a fourth preference, the result of the 8th moderator election would be ...
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Is the use of term "Democracy" in the moderator elections correct?

Recently it came to my attention the Moderators Elections on Stack Overflow. There was the pompous (in my opinion) term "democracy" since "we believe that the community should choose their moderators"...
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November 2016 Community Moderator Election RESULTS

Stack Overflow's 8th moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the 3 new moderators are: They've joined the existing crew — please thank them for volunteering, and ...
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Should we have moderation election Audits?

I was just thinking: is it possible that some people would vote for random candidates (the first three candidates on the page, for example), because the reason for which they cast their vote is simply ...
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The election overflows

The election page has a #mainbar whose width is 728px. Inside that there is the .election-candidates table, which contains the info about the candidates. But it's too wide, because the vote buttons ...
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Showing reputation >= 20k

When I try to cast my vote, I find it pretty hard to know the exact reputation of SO election candidates. The page is showing reputation >= 20k instead of the exact one (the exact reputation was 90k). ...
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Constituent should be a bronze badge on Stack Overflow

I know there is a post about it on Meta Stack Exchange. But, if you look at the top voted answer there, it talks about how rare that badge is. The issue is it is not a rare badge on Stack&...
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Should we update the election page text to include how to cast a vote?

As a first time voter it really wasn't clear to me how to cast a vote! It also wasn't clear how many votes I could, or should, cast. We have at least some members also confused by this, see this ...
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What is the "2016 Moderator Elections" about?

Why are Moderator Elections conducted on Stack Overflow (2016 Moderator Elections)? How do elected moderators help the Stack Overflow users/community?
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Must I vote on all candidates in the election?

If I understand it correctly, this time around, we have a different voting system in the moderator election. Instead of selecting the "top 3" candidates as previously, I can individually vote for or ...
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Would others appreciate an option to hide votes when voting for SO elections?

Basically I find the number of existing votes distracting/biasing. As I read through moderator candidates, after the first 4-5 I tend to read more attentively those with high votes. I'm aware I'm ...
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What would happen if 2 mod candidates withdrew?

The election rules say After 7 days, the top 30 nominees, ordered by reputation, advance to the primary phase. However, if there are 10 or fewer candidates, we skip directly to the election ...
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How do I know which moderators are best?

Yes, they have stats and nomination profiles and I can research what they'd done in the past, but stats don't draw the whole pictures and most candidates have good stats. Nomination profiles are kind ...
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How do I vote for a moderator in the primary election?

I've never taken part in a moderator election before. I have a candidate I want to vote for in the primary, but I don't know how.
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Live Primary Tracker for the 2016 Election

In the spirit of Jason C's tools of years past, I've written and am running a live monitor for this year's election: It should be fairly resilient to large amounts of traffic. Maybe don't get it on ...
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Election nomination page, markdown icons are not visible in the mobile-web view

In the election nomination page, the markdown toolbar icons are not visible in the mobile-web view. Screenshot for reference:
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What is the purpose of votes on the election questionnaire during the nomination period?

In the nomination period of the Moderator Election there is a Q&A - Questionnaire. 2016 Stack Overflow Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire People are voting on the Questionnaire. Is there a ...
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Should we take the time zone of the candidates into account when voting?

This question is mostly aimed at the current moderator team. Do you think that the time zone of the new moderators matters, and if so, which period of the day is most in need of a new moderator? Or ...
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Alignment issue in election nomination editor toolbar

There is an alignment issue in the election nomination editor toolbar. I have verified the issue, it is exists in the following browsers: Google Chrome Version 51.0.2704.103 m Mozilla Firefox ...
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Why are Quorum and Convention part of the Candidate Score?

The Convention badge is required in order to be eligible as a moderator candidate and it is impossible to have the Convention badge without having first earned the Quorum badge. This means that every ...
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Nomination texts are padded to the left

Nomination texts have padding on the left hand side: does this serve a purpose?
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