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Is it appropriate to add a Minimal, Reproducible example as an edit? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow recommends adding a Minimum, Reproducible example to certain questions. As an editor, is it appropriate for an edit to include a minimum reproducible example when one does not exist? ...
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Beginner's Confusion on Minimum Reproducible Example and Debugging [closed]

Beginner here to coding and the forums. I recently posted a question here: (Why are my python functions failing to return correct output (algebra error)?) that was rejected. I just wanted to learn why ...
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Which files should be posted when asking a question about developing an app in Android Studio? [duplicate]

I'm developing an app in Android Studio. If I have a question about code or a bug, which files should I post to make it easy to understand? Should I post every Java and XML file?
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Why are questions based on misunderstanding about a tool closed as "no longer reproducible"?

I fail to understand why this question is closed as "no longer reproducible" and now deleted: (link for users who don't have 10k reputation) Yes, it is ...
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What is the right unsalvageable category for "Wall of Code" questions that need a Minimum, Reproducible, Complete example?

During Triage reviews, I'm having difficulty categorizing questions that are generally good, but they have posted their entire script, group of files, etc. These are questions where the user needs to ...
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