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Minimal, Reproducible Example (formerly Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example, or MCVE) is the coding example standard the community expects to be able to produce an answerable question. Use for questions about what does and does not meet this standard.

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Add fragment identifiers to MCVE page sections for easy linking

Sometimes, when I link to the MCVE page, I want to highlight one specific aspect using a fragment identifier. For instance, a question be minimal and complete, but not verifiable. It would be nice to ...
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Please make /help/mre symlink to /help/mcve

If MRE is now (ever since the "reprex" brouhaha) the official term for what used to be called MCVE, could we please also link to the pertinent help page? ...
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Change "mwe" explanation from "minimal workable example" to "minimal working example"?

I was reading the Minimal Reproducible Example page and I noticed that for some reason the mwe acronym is spelled out as "minimal workable example". However, I believe that "minimal working example" ...
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Can "Please create a Minimal, Complete, Verifiable Example" be an Auto-Comment

When I vote to close a question because it is a duplicate, a comment is automatically inserted: possible duplicate of... Could we add an automatic comment when I vote to close because it lacks, "...
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Warn users when using the Tables feature in question formatting tool

Lately I observe that more and more new users use the Tables feature in the question formatting tool. Ref.: 1, 2, 3, 4. Has it been specifically suggested anywhere recently? May be a coincidental ...
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What is the proper way to post an MCVE in frameworks like Django?

I think most people would not want someone to post their entire Django project into a question, but there's really no way to post an isolated piece of a Django project that someone else can copy into ...
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