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"Migration" is the process of migrating off-topic questions from a Stack Exchange site to another.

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How to recover useful answers from automatically deleted questions

TLDR: Stack Exchange automatically deleted useful reference information. How do I recover it? About five years ago, I asked a question about .NET Localization. It received a bunch of upvotes and some ...
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A migrated question should get its 'asked time' reset

This question was just migrated (~50 minutes ago as of asking this question) to Stack Overflow from For a brief period after it was migrated, it appeared on the "Newest" tab of the ...
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Migrations are now in progress

I'm now in the process of migrating relevant content that is extremely specific to Stack Overflow back over the fence. To be very clear this is a process that is going to take days, not hours. ...
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Incorrect text layout in off-topic > migration close dialog

Today I went to close a question that I felt was better suited for the Mathematics stack exchange. The first thing I noticed is the weird setup of "belongs on" following the name of the website - this ...
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Why do some sites have migration paths but not close reasons? Why do some sites have close reasons but not migration paths?

Currently, two sites across the Stack Exchange network are explicitly mentioned in the vote to close reasons: Super User is mentioned explicitly in a close reason. Server Fault is mentioned ...
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Raiders of the lost TempleOS (Harrison Ford impersonator optional)

Related: Request to undelete a moderator-deleted TempleOS question Niche technologies and question acceptance and moderation on StackOverflow The tag templeos is more or less a morass of off-topic ...
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What happens to migrated questions / migration requests now that we have triage?

Now that triage is working for some time and help-and-improvement is better than a first prototype, does that change how migration should be handled? Imho, a migrated question, especially if it is ...
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Close vote hammer for migrations?

This is a really simple question and feature request. We now have the "close vote hammer" for duplicate questions, which is really helpful for quickly cleaning up duplicates by granting privileges to ...
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Question moved from a site where it should have remained

I have found this question that had been migrated from Computer Science. I could understand and answer it. Then I realized that my answer was not involving any coding part, and that both the question ...
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Links to answers broken in questions migrated back to MSO

E.g. in this question which was migrated back to, the links to answers in the same question don't work. Instead of jumping to the answer, I'm redirected twice and end up back at ...
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How does a migration use duplicate titles, but a regular question not?

This question was asked on Stack Overflow: What is the correct format for final block in EVP_DecryptFinal_ex for decryption? Question number 27763420 (from the 'Share' link) And then this question ...
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How should I handle this low quality question which was cross-posted?

The question is Minecraft forge mod: Remove a block and place a new block I tagged it as java because that's the language used for development in Minecraft, so it can be on-topic here if modified ...
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Why should a question about gaining reputation for reviewing be on Meta Stack Overflow instead of Meta Stack Exchange?

I noticed this question has been migrated from Stack Exchange to Stack Overflow Meta. It is about why you don't gain reputation from reviewing. Isn't this a general Stack Exchange issue? Or is this ...
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Are blender questions on topic?

First off a bit of background. Blender is a open source program for entirety of the 3D pipeline. (If all that means nothing to you then you will understand why I'm asking this.) In May of 2013 blender ...
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Review audits for migrated questions

I just failed this audit because while it was pretty obviously very poor quality, there was a great big notification on it saying that it had been migrated to meta which would certainly be the place ...
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What happens when a question is migrated to a site that the OP isn't a member of?

I recently answered this question that was migrated from CS StackExchange. However, the OP doesn't have an account on Stack Overflow, just there. Will the OP still be notified about my answer? Can ...
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too old to migrate close dialog text

I think this (too old to migrate) must of just been added since don't remember seeing it before: That's some good information to know, however, I don't think this message should appear next to the ...
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Allow users with sufficient destination site reputation more migration options

@Davidmh's suggestion here would allow for more migration options while mitigating the problem of things being migrated when they shouldn't be. The idea is that if a user has sufficient reputation ...
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Flag Question Migrate to Unix & Linux

In the dialog for flagging questions, there should be an option for migrating the question to EDIT I'm not proposing that we replace any of the items already in the list. I'...
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Why was this Ansible question migrated to

I've just answered this question on after I followed the migration link from the ansible tag on StackOverflow. The question is pretty much entirely about Ansible rather than ...
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Favorites got lost in migration back to

I am certain that I (and many others) had marked this question as favorite, but the marks seem to have gotten lost when the question was migrated back to Is it still possible ...
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Migrated questions listing bug

There is a bug when migrated questions are listed in SO: as you can see, there's no OP nickname or something else. It's just empty space there. This is the question of which I'm talking about. Since ...
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Closing custom flag yellow migration warning box, then clicking Flag Question button triggers "wait 5 seconds" error

It may be a little deceiving in this gif, but the occurrences per loop are: Click Flag question Click the mustard popup to close it Click Flag question to action the flag Receive red popup The first ...
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Are requests for more ideomatic code a target for migration to Code Review?

Let's assume we have a question that contains: a small snippet of code that does not stand as a whole program (a single function, etc.) no "problem" specified by the OP, only a request for "more ...
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Question was closed but should be migrated

Originally I saw this question in the low-quality queue, and voted to close as "unclear what you're asking" Later, it comes up in the Reopen queue, and now that it's clarified, it's pretty apparent ...
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How to flag something to suggest a move to a better site when it is already closed?

I came across this question today, How to name variables with units?, which, I agree with the closure on this site. While I would find it difficult to edit this question to be within the scope of SO,...
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What's up with custom flags for migrations

From question Cleaner solution to decrementing in for loop I tried to post a custom flag recommending migration to where it seems better fit and got a very long automatic ...
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Does the Tour Example Question belong on SO?

I've noticed when I looked at the Tour for StackOverflow the current question didn't really seems like it belonged to Stack Overflow. While I agree that the question is indeed on-topic because it ...
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Add a mechanism to migrate old questions in tags that are being burninated

Can there be a mechanism to migrate old, off-topic questions in tags that are "officially" being burninated? The scrum and agile tags, for example, have a number of popular (and often otherwise-...
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