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Why was this tag wiki edit unanimously approved but the excerpt edit was unanimously rejected?

I recently created a tag wiki entry for instant-self-answer. The wiki entry proper was accepted, but the excerpt was rejected, both unanimously, both by the same reviewers, and I'm not sure if it was ...
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When adding an old position in Developer Story, the field Company Name stays with the last value added

When the user adds a position in Developer Story and this position is an old position, the field Company Name stays with the last position added. Step by step to reproduce:
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Is commenting on the close status of a question constructive?

I recently saw a question that was closed, and I commented that the close reason was not appropriate for this question, as it was indeed about Stack Overflow. But the comment got quickly deleted, ...
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I asked for question migration two weeks ago, are migrate flags allowed on Meta.SO?

I probably should've just deleted the question and post it on Meta.SE. But I thought deleting questions should be only used when the question is invalid. So I flagged the question: I guess that was ...
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Can [meta-tag:advanced-search] be made a synonym for [meta-tag:search]?

I noticed that we have two different meta tags for "search" questions: search advanced-search These are analogous to the same meta tags (or just tags?) on Meta Stack Exchange. Can [advanced-search] ...
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Search in favorites as well as questions

I tried the meta posts, but I could not find the answer. How do search a certain keyword that is either in my answers or in my favorites? I tried the below and it didn't work. user:me is:answer or ...
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Chat meta gives me A certificate warning

The link : Gives me a security warning : There is a problem with this website's security certificate The certificate is not expired (700+ days left). And ...
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Why do career links open in new tab?

This is a pretty minor thing, but I find it odd that the "Looking for a job" links open in a new tab. All the other built-in links (minus adds) open in the same page. I don't find the career listings ...
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Help Center text update related to bounties on Meta

Background: Today I wanted to award a bounty for a Meta Stack Overflow question, but failed to find the add bounty link. So, I wondered if bounties worked differently in Meta and decided to check ...
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Clarification needed for meta tag [languages]

Side note: there is a SO language which should be burned (see here and go ahead torch wielders!), but I actually meant meta as "", not what you probably thought I meant. Sorry! ...
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Is there any graphical meta data for SO, or a way for us users to build one?

I'd love to have something like github / steam's graphs for SO. Failing that, I'd love a full-featured API (again, a la github) for which to build something like this. Is there any such thing? Failing ...
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