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Can the up and down vote buttons on Meta have the appropriate message attached to them? [duplicate]

There are a number of questions asking about downvoting on Meta and what it means. Folk are frequently concerned about their valid, well thought out questions being downvoted as if they are "not ...
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FAQ questions in sidebar redirect to Meta Stack Exchange

The FAQ sidebar on Meta Stack Overflow has been enabled, but although the links appear to stay within they really point to the lower post ids that redirect to Meta Stack ...
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1 answer

Day Asked not displaying correctly on MSO

I just updated this question I asked yesterday on MSO (almost 24 hours ago), but the page is trying to tell me that it was asked today, which is clearly wrong. This looks like a bug to me. Is it a ...
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Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?

I'd like to start with saying that I emailed @Shog9 back in August with the text below, because I'm not a particularly good writer, and I was hoping he'd be able to write up a nice post here. A couple ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Where's the guidance about what you can ask about on Meta?

Reading another (downvoted) question, I wondered "gee, are you allowed to ask about technical issues with SO on Meta". So I clicked "Ask Question", then clicked "asking help" and ... found myself at ...
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1 answer

The Meta Split's effect on earning Quorum and Convention badges

Before the Meta Split, I had the Quorum badge but not the Convention badge. So in order to earn the convention badge, do I need 10 new posts with a score of 2 or more on Or, do ...
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Is there any graphical meta data for SO, or a way for us users to build one?

I'd love to have something like github / steam's graphs for SO. Failing that, I'd love a full-featured API (again, a la github) for which to build something like this. Is there any such thing? Failing ...
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Is there any way on MSO to provide general feedback on SO?

Is there any mechanism on MSO outside of asking/answering/commenting for someone to simply "provide feedback" on the SO site? I'm not talking about feedback that someone wants/needs to keep private, ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Will serial upvoting / downvoting on Meta Stack Overflow be reversed?

I am well aware of serial upvoting being reversed on the main site, but what about on this meta site? As voting is different and is to express opinions, I feel that there should be a difference, but ...
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What's the thought behind the 5-rep limit for asking questions on meta?

Here is a user who has wronged the system in some manner, and honestly seems to be trying to make amends. They wanted to come to meta and address this here, in my opinion properly, to avoid ...
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Related posts are missing on Meta questions posted after 2014-09-10

On Meta, Related posts are not displayed on questions which were posted after 2014-09-10 00:53Z. On SO questions, related posts start showing up in an hour or so (there is a delay) but on MSO its been ...
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31 votes
1 answer

Where did my rep go?

About 20 minutes ago I had 10100 rep, and now I see it is missing some ~36 or so rep (I just got an upvote so less now) -- but I don't see anything in my rep history to support the change. However ...
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Could we have an indication on up-/downvotes received for meta questions/answers in the navbar? [duplicate]

I've just got a notification, that I earned the mortarboard badge on meta, but I can't track which questions/answers were involved, since meta up-/downvotes aren't tracked at all. Is there a simple ...
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37 votes
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What percent of users visit meta sites?

What metrics are available to understand how many users visit meta sites? Specifically Stack Overflow; although, it would be interesting to compare rates of meta users on different Stack Exchange ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Where can we find out about changes?

Where can we find out what changes have or are in progress to be made within the Stack Exchange network as a result of a question asked here or otherwise?
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2 answers

Can I post a question on Meta that doesn't quite fit the Q&A format?

I was thinking of asking a question here on Meta that's more suited as a blog post or discussion forum. I expect people will have questions for me in response that might be too long to fit in ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Is it relatively easy to get answer badges on Meta?

So I got another Nice Answer badge for one of my answers. This got me thinking: I have answered only 4 times on Meta Stack Overflow, and it yielded two Nice Answer badges. Whereas on Stack Overflow, ...
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1 answer

What is the meta effect?

I was reading some discussions on here, and came across the term "meta effect". Can anyone explain what is meant by this? and what is the purpose?
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3 answers

What does it mean to accept an answer on meta?

I read How does Meta Stack Overflow work?, but it doesn't state what it means when someone accepts an answer. So, what is the procedure for an "answered" question that has to do with a feature-...
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-3 votes
2 answers

Meta badges in top-bar don't match those in profile

In Meta, my top bar looks like this 4x Silver, 13x Bronze = 17 total But on my profile, it looks like this 2x Silver, 10x Bronze = 12 total It's been a few days since any activity so I would have ...
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Can we request queries for the SE Data Explorer on Meta?

I don't know how to effectively use the Data Explorer. I was wondering how to see the top 100 most unsung users. What I mean by top 100 is a list ordered by biggest % of zero accepted answers in ...
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277 votes
22 answers

Can we make this meta site work for mentoring?

In July 2014 Shog9 proposed Stack Overflow Academy on Area 51. I was skeptical and thought it was sort of a joke. The idea that anyone would go to yet another Q&A site in order to ask a question ...
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2 answers

Reputation affected by having an an answer accepted on meta

I saw in the help center question about Meta Stack Overflow that votes in MSO do not add to reputation. But it does not talk about reputation earned through having an answer accepted (+15) or through ...
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Help Center text update related to bounties on Meta

Background: Today I wanted to award a bounty for a Meta Stack Overflow question, but failed to find the add bounty link. So, I wondered if bounties worked differently in Meta and decided to check ...
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2 answers

Are Meta questions elegible for badges on the main site?

There seems to be something odd going on with my badges. On SO itself, I have (apparently) 16 bronze badges. When I switch to Meta, I get shown 1 silver and 6 bronze. The silver is for an answer on ...
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4 answers

What does "Meta police" mean?

Earlier today, I found a mention of Meta police in a comment under Why aren't moderation tools given to people with a history of good moderation? Allowing those who don't have "skin in the game"...
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Can we update the "rant" close reason to link to how to *constructively* conduct criticisms of Stack Overflow?

Unconstructive rants from disgruntled users are not uncommon on Meta. There were two of them from the same user about half an hour ago. Those that don't end up being closed as duplicate of Why is ...
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217 votes
7 answers

Stop mob-downvoting users on the main site for their actions there and their opinions on Meta

I've seen a few users on Meta recently who appear to be getting lynch-mobbed on the site after either posting an unpopular opinion here, or being the subject of a post because of their actions. ...
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50 votes
3 answers

Are we abusing our delete votes on Meta?

Someone posted this rant earlier today: Stack Overflow encourages people not to think So many rules that may work for 90% of the time, but there will always be edge cases where they fail. ...
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50 votes
1 answer

Should we really be closing rants on Meta as duplicates of another rant?

Notice: because this question has been generating off-topic comments, let me make this clear: this question is not about discussing claims that Stack Overflow culture appears to be "rude" or "negative"...
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10 votes
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Automatically link original post to meta 'Specific-Question' post [duplicate]

I recently asked a Discussion question on meta regarding a specific question on Stack Overflow. While the details aren't particularly important for my question, my Meta post was about whether or not ...
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57 votes
3 answers

How often should we read Meta?

I only look at meta.* once every couple of months. And then I see questions, answers and comments referencing "decisions" that were apparently made or changed weeks ago. I put that in quotes because I ...
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1 answer

Migrating SO-related questions closed as "pertains only to a specific site" on Meta.SE automatically back to Meta.SO

I've just noticed this question on Meta.SE. It is tagged with stackoverflow and, obviously, it was on Meta.SO before the Meta split. It has now been closed as off-topic on Meta.SE because it "...
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1 answer

Can a controversial question be considered a "hot question"?

I see the "Hot Meta Post" sidebar, and I notice that they are often high voted questions. I asked in the meta chat but nobody got back to me so: Can a controversial question (many up/downvotes) be ...
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-23 votes
1 answer

Unlocking Meta Stack Overflow? [closed]

What is the best way to get more points and unlock more features within the stackoverflow community?
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4 votes
2 answers

Separate Meta per Stack Exchange community?

Why is there a Meta page for each site? From what I gather, Meta is all about asking and getting information that has to do with the technical side of Stack Exchange, and can be relevant for each site,...
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61 votes
2 answers

On Meta, how do you get attention for questions without an answer?

It's not possible to set a bounty on a child Meta in order to get attention. What can I do instead? For example, this question hasn't received a good answer yet during the past 10 days.
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76 votes
8 answers

100 days later, was the split a good idea?

Today 100 days passed from the day that Meta Stack Overflow was split from Meta Stack Exchange. I was a initially a bit negative about the split, as I thought that the lack of reputation would limit ...
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12 votes
2 answers

How can I see my meta reputation history?

I recently earned the Mortarboard badge on this Meta for earning 200 reputation in one day. The What's Meta? page states: Votes on meta do not affect your reputation; your meta reputation is the ...
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0 answers

Can [meta-tag:advanced-search] be made a synonym for [meta-tag:search]?

I noticed that we have two different meta tags for "search" questions: search advanced-search These are analogous to the same meta tags (or just tags?) on Meta Stack Exchange. Can [advanced-search] ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is negative rep on Meta taken into Consideration for a Question ban

After going through this post SO reputation is different from MSO reputation I have a question that does having Negative rep on meta contribute to the question/answer ban. Ex:- If I asked a question ...
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23 votes
3 answers

Bounties on meta questions

I asked a question here on meta yesterday and I'd really like to have an answer, so I thought about putting a bounty on it in the next days (as it has low views and more views / votes would help). ...
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1 answer

Can I remove the Hot Meta Posts section from my view in SO? [duplicate]

Most of the questions on Meta seem to be answerable with some simple common sense. This really annoys me and i'd like to not see it. I have tried simply ignoring it but it draws me in like a bad ...
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3 answers

How can I start a discussion critiquing the culture of Stack Overflow?

How can one ask a question that is critical of the gamification community on SO with as little offense as possible? Is it even possible?
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20 votes
1 answer

Does the same mechanism for an automatic question ban apply on MSO?

Say a new user (low rep) is constantly asking the same question over and over which is getting downvoted and closed as duplicate or any other reason which applies. That user keeps deleting the ...
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1 answer

Can't get my question answered due to duplicate

Someone marked my question as a duplicate, but when I read the post they flagged as duplicate, it doesn't answer the question I initially asked at all. I tried editing the post but it stays listed ...
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Tags [sock-puppets] and [duplicate-accounts] have the same meaning

I recently came across the tags sock-puppets and duplicate-accounts in this question, but they however mean the same thing: Duplicate accounts which are all owned by the same person, usually to ...
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We should rename [outsourcing] to something more easily discoverable

Right now we are using outsourcing for questions relating to other companies using Stack Overflow as a support channel for their API. The thing is, "outsourcing" by itself doesn't seem particularly ...
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Is there a problem with questions linked to on Meta recieving too much attention?

So in this meta post, the asker linked this question. In one day, the question recieved 24 downvotes. Sure it was a bad question, but most of the time, these kinds of questions get downvoted a ...
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1 answer

Does [status-declined] mean absolutely no?

I was just reading status-declined's info page, which states, This tag is used to denote either: feature-requests that will not be implemented at the present time and bugs that will not ...
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