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Questions tagged [merge-accounts]

For questions and requests to merge multiple Stack Overflow accounts of the same user.

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Creation date of the new account in an account merge

What would the (login) name and creation date of the new account be? - the date of the oldest account, the other account, or the current date?
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How can I merge two Stack Exchange accounts and choose which account is kept?

I followed the instructions for merging accounts here, but after verifying the merge via both emails, I only get one option of the merge order. How can I merge my other account into this one, and not ...
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Got an inbox notification but I cannot access the message

I have the same problem as this Job message shown in inbox, but I can't access it - Page not found. I thought I had merged it but I guess not. Any help would be appreciated.
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Need to regain access to old account - no response to e-mail, and recovery form not working

I've lost access to an old account that I really want back. I do not remember which e-mail address that I used at the time of registering, however, I can give you a list of about a hundred e-mails ...
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How does Stack Overflow link accounts?

My primary way of signing in is with a Google account. Once I tried to sign in with a GitHub account and it was linked to my previously-created Google account. How does Stack Overflow make that ...
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How many times I can make an "account merge request"?

I have already made one account merge request, long back ago, and SO team merged the account successfully. For some reason, I wish to make the same request again. So, the question is, Is there any ...
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How can I select the final account when I am doing a merge of two accounts?

Hello I am trying to merge two accounts, and when I fill the form and validate the emails for merging the accounts, I always get the following message The account A will be remover ... But I want to ...
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Merge user accounts: error message only after submit

I was trying to merge my two accounts, but I accidentally did from Meta instead of the main site. After I entered all the information and pressing the submit button, the following error message ...
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Why didn't I receive two emails to merge my accounts?

I know I can merge my SO accounts in the contact page. I followed the instructions, also changed my accounts about me to "merge me" and confirmed the owner of each account. I only receive this kind of ...
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How do I determine which account is removed and which preserved?

I've made repeated attempts to try and coax SO into merging the opposite way round than it has chosen. I want account A to be removed and account B to be preserved, but I always get the message: ...
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Email is not being received on 2nd account - Stack Overflow Account Merge Issue

I have two Stack Overflow accounts. One is signed up with Gmail, and the other is signed up with Facebook which is registered with a Yahoo email address. Now I want to merge both accounts in one ...
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'New Contributor' under my profile on the question which I asked using other profile but merged later

I asked a question on my other profile but later, I merged that profile with my original profile. I visited that question after merging profile and saw that there is New Contributor written under my ...
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Different profiles for Stack Overflow vs Stack Exchange links after account merge

Some months ago, I accidentally merged my account with another one I had forgotten that existed by changing the email address (while on Stack Overflow, specifically). Now, I accidentally middle-...
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After email change I lost my all messages, favorites, etc

Yesterday I tried to change my email address of the account. Once I clicked on the verification link, sent to my email, I got an error that something went wrong. I had to login again. I did. But, then ...
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Question not showing up in my Stack Exchange profile's 'Top Questions' after merging accounts

On every Stack Exchange user's profile there's a list of their best posts with at least 5 votes, sorted into "Top Questions" and "Top Answers". I just merged my account. One of the questions (...
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