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Lightweight, plain-text markup language used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting.

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Better distinction between h1 and h2 tags created with markdown

In addition to my older request about margins around headers, I'd also like to suggest that the distinction between large and small headers can be improved. Take for example: # Header Some main ...
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Could the markdown help not also display the effect of the examples

I would appreciate it if the markdown help page were to display the effect of all its examples. Of course one can use cut-and-past-and-trial-and-error, but that is quite cumbersome by comparison, and ...
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When is it useful to add [tag: ... ] formatting to words in a tag wiki?

I've seen a bunch of users which has been making multiple edits to tag wikis just to add links to tags, sometimes even when they do not exist. For example, some of the edits change something like this:...
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Improve UI for headers with proper markdown

The rendering of headers created through markdown seems a bit off to me. Specifically, the spacing doesn't strongly enough suggest that it is a header for the section that follows. What I should do ...
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Why are we unable to disable the new Markdown editor in Private Teams?

In relation to a question I rose 8 months ago, and a similar one @Brad Mace rose 5 months ago. The feature is in an alpha state and an option to disable it exists in the public Stack Exchange ...
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Unable to post my question because it is not properly formatted

I've seen this question asked and answered various times, but I can't solve it with the given information. I have code that displays just as I want it in the preview. But more than an hour of trying ...
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Ask Wizard generating inline image links instead of using references

Lately I've been seeing a lot of questions on Stack Overflow with Markdown issues. It seems that when the new Ask Wizard went live, it had some problems formatting Markdown content, such as Code ...
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Why can't I use underline in Markdown?

I'd really like to have underline available. I'd be nice when highlighting acronyms and other uses. Like: ACL = A̲ccess C̲ontrol L̲ist -> Cool. ACL = Access Control List -> Too ...
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