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Lightweight, plain-text markup language used across the entire Stack Exchange network for post formatting.

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Collapsible Code Markup

Background When answering questions on SO I generally like to ensure that my code is runnable by including sample data, so someone can copy, paste, and run it, seeing exactly what I'd proposed. ...
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Better support for sample data and perhaps table schemas in SQL questions

I've been around SO since almost the beginning, and in that time I've answered a LOT of SQL related questions. One point of pain in this area has always been posting sample data or query results. We'...
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enter image description here... please?

Would it be feasible to prevent users that haven't filled out the description of a linked images from submitting, instead showing some form of validation error? Here is an example of the situation I'...
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Discourage (and possibly auto-replace) code spans spanning multiple lines with code block

I'm making this a feature-request to implement a solution to the problem described in this question: Why are inline code spans across multiple lines allowed? From time to time, I see some code ...
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Bullet multiple lines individually

Not to be naggy, but this is currently the second highest voted bug on MSO that has zero answers. And there are only 3 questions that would be higher than it on the much larger MSE. Any updates would ...
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Make Help Center Magic Link Anchor Text More Unique and Descriptive

Users are currently able to use "magic" (shorthand) Markdown links in comments, which are expanded into full urls with anchor text on submission. Unfortunately, the anchor text on many of these magic ...
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Rendered view requires blank line before (and after) tables, but preview works regardless

I saw a wrong table layout where the poster did the following and it looked wrong: Table x | Name | Category | | ---- | -------- | | A | High | | b | Medium | | c | Low | ...
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'magic' links / meta-tags to tag info pages

I very often use the [ask] tag on SO to refer to how posts should be made. But I more and more find the need to refer to the info page of a specific tag since these info pages also contain contain ...
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Users frequently start code blocks on the same line as the triple backticks

Every day I fix up lots of questions where the poster has written their code blocks like this: ```<html> blah blah </html>``` When they do this, the first line of the code is not ...
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Should the markdown documentation mention that only three levels of headers are supported?

I was re-purposing the markdown preview in SO to check some markdown I was composing, and noticed that # level headers were supported to three levels deep only: Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 ...
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Resolving a shared answer link to its topic title when inserted into Stack Overflow post

When writing answers to common questions I tend to add links to existing answers to avoid duplicating the content too much. Please don't start on the issue of whether links are appropriate due to ...
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How can I add foldable code or text when answering someone’s question on Stack Overflow?

How do I add foldable code or text on Stack Overflow when writing a question or an answer? <details> <summary>Click to expand!</summary> ```HTML <h1>Hide this until someone ...
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Comment formatting is not working with & (and other special characters) sign(s) after letters/words

When using the & sign in a comment, the formatting is not parsed correctly for example, SO is a Q&A site. The comment doesn't seem to get formatted as it is supposed to as can be seen in ...
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Add visual difference for negative code examples

I see that often someone makes negative examples and marks them either with //DON'T or similar. I think that is not enough; one should be able to visually tell positive from negative examples. For ...
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Finding unescaped html tags in Stack Overflow posts

I've been looking at "hidden messages" in posts lately, where the question appears to read, for instance Should I use or ? and the real question becomes visible only when editing: Should I use &...
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Why aren't quoted links consistently converted to hyperlinks?

When reading this question, I noticed a link that is not a link: However, the link does get rendered correctly in the edit mode preview: This seems to indicate two problems: Quoted links don't get ...
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Allow links to reference the headers in answers (or questions)

Problem There are many answers on Stack Overflow that consist of hundreds or thousands of line of explanation, documentation, and code, and while the people who post those answers usually use ...
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Unexpected characters in comment time

Hopefully, this is the correct forum for bug reports. I have noticed twice today the addition of - (dashs) in the time of a comment. Bring the mouse over and the dash disappears. The one pictured ...
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Post lacks formatting when being edited

This answer has perfectly formatted code in the beginning. However, when I hit the edit link it turns out, that code is no longer formatted, because it starts without first four spaces. What am I ...
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Markup shorthand to link to another question

In comments, I frequently find myself linking to other questions, usually because something is very similar to a frequently-asked question but I'm not quite confident enough to deploy the dupehammer. ...
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Adding a link to a code with brackets escapes it automatically

Recently while formatting a post, I noticed that the brackets in the code (formatted by using `code`) are getting escaped automatically, when we give a link to it. Take this as a sample callMe(\[\]). ...
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Mismatch between preview and what is actually posted

On the following answer: I see that the numbered list resets to one on the last point, but when I try to edit, it shows 4. correctly. Also, when I remove ...
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"Code not properly formatted as code" when attempting to blockquote a table

In a recent answer, I was attempting to cite a specific line in a table from the official documentation. Due to its formatting, I thought it would be better to format the quoted section as a table. ...
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Triple-backtick code blocks don't get blockquoted correctly

Suppose I have a code block like this contrived pseudocode: ``` Here { is } my code ``` When I select the whole block including the backticks and then use try to blockquote it using the button or ...
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Add shorthand links for specific meta faq to the markdown editing help

So a bit of context. There are many times I want to help question askers on SO (or commenters) with their problems but their question contains details that they should fix. Now, this is normal but the ...
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Could we see edits in rendered output without highlighting, please?

In the review queue we can view the changes as "rendered output" or "markdown". Sometimes I come across reviews that look like this: I find this hard to read with all the green highlighting going on....
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Stack Overflow Markdown CSS for text editors

Certain text editors (e.g. Intellij IDEA) allow you to customise the preview of the markdown with CSS. There is CSS available for GitHub Markdown Style e.g.
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Stack Overflow rejecting well-formatted code in question

Stack Overflow is rejecting a post that I am trying to create regarding Python. It complains that my post has improper code formatting, for reasons that I don't understand, even though the preview ...
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The rendering of language regex in a markdown code block is somewhat monotone

In my answer to a question about regex's I put this language element in my markdown: <!-- language: lang-regex --> [^;]+=(?<val>[^;]*) This rendered as the crimson text we typically ...
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Bug (?) with stack-snippets within three backticks

First off: I'm not sure if that's actually a bug. Just seemed really odd. I was reviewing some suggested edits and came across the following edit (which I rejected): Then I decided to view the ...
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Markdown with fenced code blocks within lists has inconsistent previewed/final renderings

About the bug This is a bug whose effects you can see in the revision history of this answer. Specifically, it’s about the edit that created Revision 15 (click “side-by-side markdown” to see that ...
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Markdown syntax does not correctly render certain tags (like [not]) in the preview

According to the Markdown help, [tag:not] should format as a tag, but it doesn't in the preview while you are editing a post. What is wrong with the "not" tag? not-a-tag is correctly formatted as a ...
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Could we have proper footnote elements?

Problem We currently don't have a dedicated way to create footnotes (although there are some workarounds here). The most commonly used approach is to use <sub> or <sup> tags. However, ...
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Post with an HTML-like tag in the body renders correctly in the preview, but not in the post

This answer renders as such when editing: However, when submitted, the tag does not render (or appear in the http response): I am not sure where's the appropriate place to file bug reports, but ...
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Does the blog comments section support markdown?

I made a comment on the 'Privacy is an afterthought in the software lifecycle. That needs to change.' article and the formatting is very strange. I can't tell if I messed it up or if it just doesn't ...
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Markdown editor treats 3 links in consecutive rows as code

See the pictures below for reference. I did go through but it is the same with double spaces after the lines, even with different link formats. The only way to ...
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[![Does it need to be clickable?][1]][1]

To get an image to have a link to show the original size of an uploaded image, markdown of the form [![image description here][1]][1] is used. However, if an image fits in the available width for ...
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Markdown converts formatting characters in raw URLs, rendering the displayed URL incorrect

Example: The underscores in the URL should be preserved, but are instead used to bold part of the URL. This can be a ...
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Reference style links immediately following tag links are broken

The problem It seems that if a reference style link ([text][url]) follows a tag link ([tag:foo]) then the reference style link break. Example: Inline link following a tag link (unbroken) [tag:a-...
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Additional spaces displayed differently in markdown and rendered output diff

When removing one of two consecutive spaces, like here before the word "declaring", rendered-output-diff highlights the entire subsequent word "declaring", whereas the markdown-diff more accurately ...
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Is there a way to enter multiple spaces in a backquoted verbatim in a comment?

This is possible in the quadruple-spaced pre-environment. "Like here" = S. % ^^ two spaces And it also works here backquoted: " " But see my comment, where it does not work! Bug or feature? ...
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Add a code for tables to markdown

Sometimes, I would like to show a table in a post—for example, when I have a question about SQL. Here is an idea: create the ability to make tables, so we can specify name and fields. For example: ...
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common mark migration breaks bullets formatting?

After migration to common mark formatting of the bullets is corrupted. Old formatting used 1 space for inner text but common mark uses 3 spaces. So after migration the bullets where not repaired at ...
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Better font for Control Pictures?

There is a set of thirty-nine Unicode characters used for representing otherwise non-visible characters, U+2400 to U+2426. However, on Stack Overflow they are largely unreadable (though do at least ...
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Weird code formatting on Chrome iPhone "Request desktop site"

There is some weird code formatting in SO. The try is one space back than what it should be. Here's what it displays for a try keyword: And what it displays in the edit column: Original page: ...
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Bullet is suppressed (on certain browsers) when list item contains code inside of a blockquote

When you're trying to quote multiple pieces of code, you might use a bulleted list, where each item in the list is a blockquote that contains a code snippet. To wit: Here's my list: - > printf(...
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Implement floating images

I've seen some questions that contain screenshots from smartphones (portrait oriented) that look ugly especially in the middle of the post (usually that means that one has to scroll until they see the ...
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Help center links in comments should include "how-to-ask" option

This feature for comment formatting is really useful: [help], [help/on-topic], [help/dont-ask], [help/behavior] and [meta-help] – link to frequently visited pages of the help center. Link text ...
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Markdown issue: incorrect list numbering view/preview/edit/edit history

I've stumbled across this answer and wanted to fix numbering (second item shown as "1" instead of "2"): Clicking edit I see that numbering inside and on ...
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The markdown preview shows wrong formatting whereas the Markdown shows it right

The question formatting when edited using markdown(editor) shows it correctly in the editor but wrongly in the markdown preview. But then again appears correctly in the question. Reference question : ...
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