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Questions relating to the rendering of markdown. Use this tag when something is rendering different from the way you expect it to, among other things. Most uses of this tag should also have the tag [markdown].

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Why do backticks not work inside HTML lists?

Often I want to include inline code inside a list: Why isn’t `this` working ? Actually, the code block does appear, but when you write the ending </ol> tag, then the formatting disappears. ...
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How to insert a space as a first character inside of backticks in comments?

I tried to insert b> in comments, but I could not do this, it rendered as a standard text with backticks. Why? How to insert this code: ` text` in comments so it renders as text with three ...
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How are [links][1] supposed to appear, or is it broken? [closed]

How should a link created [like this][1] be displayed? It doesn't do what I expect, but thinking about it, I'm not sure if I expect a link to the 'link' or a link to the footnote, wikimedia style. ...
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13 votes
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Post lacks formatting when being edited

This answer has perfectly formatted code in the beginning. However, when I hit the edit link it turns out, that code is no longer formatted, because it starts without first four spaces. What am I ...
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How to Create Table in Stack Overflow Answers & Questions? [duplicate]

Why, despite support of markdown in the stack overflow, Still I can not be through this language or HTML making a table? Standard Markdown should have allowed in-lined HTML table. How can I making ...
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While writing/editing an answer, can cursor be redirected to edit screen if I click on markdown?

Often, I find my self clicking on the markdown section of an answer that I wan't to edit and then realize that I need to scroll up and change text in the edit screen. Can a new feature automatically ...
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Javascript Broken - Syntax highlighting not rendering correctly

When I go to this question, the syntax highlighting doesn't render properly. The console gives the error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null full-anon.en.js?v=dfc750b803ca ...
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Stack Snippet comments not showing up correctly when part of code

I'm trying add a "stack snippet starter pack" for tag wikis for specific libraries so there's a ready-to-go template when adding a tag that a user (or answerer) could copy and paste into their ...
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2 answers

How do you show words surrounded by angle-brackets (< >)?

Because of the Stack Overflow's Markdown editing system, I can't find a way to show words surrounded by angle brackets (< >). When text is placed inside these brackets, it is thought to be a ...
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3 answers

Why does this question have a giant bolded section?

I intended to edit this question: Sorting an array on more than one criterion but when I clicked Edit I was presented with and no option to see the markdown or HTML to adjust the large bold font ...
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Markdown parse/preview bug [duplicate]

I have a old bug in this old question, it appeared then I created the question: HTML file input control with capture and accept attributes works wrong? You can open it and find the # symbol in the ...
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1 answer

Markup comment renders different in editor preview

Have a look at this revision. Though it contains the following markup, the third image does not show up in the post: <!-- ![old header] ![new header] https://i....
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Code wrapped inside headers is too small

Any inline code block inside a header gets rendered with the same font-size as normal paragraphs, and this makes code look very inappropriate inside headers. For example, the following Markdown: ...
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41 votes
2 answers

Spaces around code keywords

An answer had no spaces around the keywords, and displayed as expected in my browser (Grazing, IOS 8; but Safari is similar). I fixed it, but the author rolled back the edit, and left a comment that ...
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How to embolden an asterisk?

I've read the instructions for writing questions, answers and comments: and read the markdown documentation:
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37 votes
1 answer

HTML tags are removed from tags' excerpts

Have a look at textarea tag page. There was an excerpt, that had the following contents: A <textarea> is an HTML element (tag) used to create a multi-line plain-text editing field. But the <...
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How can I make a bold font within a code section? [duplicate]

Let's say I'd like to put in a block of a code and I want to stress some crucial places of this code with a bold font. [B] button placing two asterisks around the needed piece of code, but those ...
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97 votes
5 answers

Links beginning with a capital letter are hidden when post is submitted

Links written with the first character as a capital, e.g. Http:// do not appear in a post, although they are shown in the preview. Here is a link that becomes invisible after ...
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URL works in preview but not in actual post

In this answer the need arose to include the URL$. I put it directly in the text without any brackets. I knew there was a chance of that dollar sign being a ...
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Quote Formatting Messing Up/How to Handle Format of Error Logs [duplicate]

I'm fairly confused on how I should be formatting error logs. I've been coming across lots of posts like this one, where people post the errors that they are getting, or what LogCat is throwing at ...
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Inconsistencies in the rendering of lists

Can some of these inconsistencies be remedied? behaves differently (somewhat more reasonable I'd say). I posted a twin question on SE. Note the differences. == demo ...
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