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Questions relating to the rendering of markdown. Use this tag when something is rendering different from the way you expect it to, among other things. Most uses of this tag should also have the tag [markdown].

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1 answer

Heading underline markdown rendering differently in preview to published

I came across this answer which appeared to have rendered incorrectly. Editing it, the answer looked fine in preview so I suspected it just needed to be rerendered, but this was not the case. The ...
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Why does this header-within-a-blockquote render as expected in the preview but not the final post?

I posted this answer that contains a header within a blockquote as follows... > Example 9: Use the -Force parameter to overwrite existing files > =================================================...
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Preview does not render code blocks as code if they contain a paragraph separator (unicode decimal 8233, hex 2029)

If you edit this question, you'll see the problem. Here's a code block with a paragraph separator char between "foo" and "bar": var str = "foo
bar" var also = "other lines" The above line renders ...
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How can I format plain code as text without any highlighting? [duplicate]

I made several attempts in my last question to format a block of text so that it has no highlighting. I tried to prefix with space, to wrap in ```text or ~~~text but it always ends as #hashtag some ...
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Markdown with fenced code blocks within lists has inconsistent previewed/final renderings

About the bug This is a bug whose effects you can see in the revision history of this answer. Specifically, it’s about the edit that created Revision 15 (click “side-by-side markdown” to see that ...
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Is there a way to increase the contrast for blockquotes, such as the old style with a light-yellow background?

I noticed a recent change in the markdown rendering of blockquotes on they now display as regular text, with just a thin grey vertical bar the the left. This change seems to be a ...
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Stackoverflow Chat Markdown does not work with returns [duplicate]

In the stackoverflow chat rooms, specifically the one Im using, and others I've seen this problem. When you return text (Shift+Enter) to type more, and then you try using markdown in that returned ...
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91 votes
6 answers

Testing GitHub Oneboxes for Stack Overflow for Teams [closed]

UPDATE: Some new features and bug fixes based on your feedback! PRs now render HTML that matches exactly with GitHub Links to the GitHub username now go to the user profile See the updates in the ...
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Asterisk characters inside <kbd> tags are not rendered correctly

When using the following markup: <kbd>*</kbd> <kbd>*</kbd> It renders as: You can see a live example of this causing a problem in this answer:
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Markdown syntax does not correctly render certain tags (like [not]) in the preview

According to the Markdown help, [tag:not] should format as a tag, but it doesn't in the preview while you are editing a post. What is wrong with the "not" tag? not-a-tag is correctly formatted as a ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Putting numbers of Quoted text overflows

I was writing a question in SO and I used a block-quote, here is the result Here you can see the Numbers in block-quote overflow, while the letters in the other block-quote are not. Am also adding a ...
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Misalignment of Unicode block characters in preformatted text blocks

I see a broken format of tables passed to <pre> tags, when the table has some Unicode decoration. Look: postgres=# select * from pg_namespace ; ┌───────┬────────────────────┬──────────┬─────────...
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1 answer

Bug in comment parsing

The following comment causes Stack Overflow to render the comment incorrectly, based on the documentation for Comment Formatting: I think I see what you're doing. You really only need one example of ...
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15 votes
1 answer

List formatting is broken: neither bulleted nor numbered lists render in posts

I tried using - to add bullets, but it's not working. e.g. line1 line2 line3 I wrote it as such: - line1 - line2 - line3 It's also missing from my previous posts. e.g. see here This affects ...
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Markdown link broken in new Close Votes menu

I noticed the new slightly changed close reason dialogue today and there's a typo in "General Computing Hardware and Software". The markdown link didn't expand correctly: Not sure how this would be ...
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Possible bug rendering a number of HTML sup/sub tags [closed]

Regarding my answer to the question here, it appears there may be a rendering bug. In the third-last paragraph (only two other paragraphs following it in case that's an Australian phrase), I have a ...
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Inline code with too much whitespace inside quotes escapes its container

Here's an example: int main(void) { puts("This is just a test to demonstrate the issue bla bla bla bla bla ...
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8 votes
1 answer

The language identifier example in the "How to format" box doesn't work for python

Currently, the "How to format" box in the edit window has the example language identifier ```python def function(foo): print(foo) ``` Which produces the non-hilighted output def ...
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Code block rendered incorrectly at question but correct in edit window

I came upon this question. On a first look I thought that the code was formatted with a backtick starting and ending every line: I decided to correct this but when I clicked on edit I saw that it ...
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Markdown escape of backquote doesn't work in comments [duplicate]

This doesn't work in comments on Stack Overflow but works in answers and questions: `` (let ((name (gensym))) `(list `(list ,,name)))`` It give this output in question/answers: (let ((name (gensym))...
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2 answers

Link with round brackets looks good in preview, but broken after submitting

The link [Wolfram Alpha]( looks fine in preview, but is broken after submitting the question or answer: A workaround is to use the [...][...
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3 votes
2 answers

How can I mark <italic><bold><italic> (why doesn't `*italic***bold***italic*` work)?

I was able to put it all in the title: How can I mark (why doesn't *italic***bold***italic* work)? It produces: *italic***bold***italic* Is that a bug or just poor design?
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Indentation of tabs and spaces is inconsistent in Stack Snippets

When I write code using JS/HTML snippet editor (orange icon): and paste code which contains one or more tab () characters as line indentation, then the snippet editor shows me this: The same code in ...
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15 votes
2 answers

'#' character rendering in output instead of making a heading

The little stack overflow help menu says: Use hash marks if you need several levels of headers: # Header 1 # ## Header 2 ## ### Header 3 ### The # character (pound-sign or hash-tag) is meant to be ...
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10 votes
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Formatting error in indented bullet list with sublist and non-list members

The following renders incorrectly for me: A bulleted list item A bulleted sub-list ... followed by a paragraph which is indented to be underneath the top-level bulleted list. Here's how it's ...
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2 answers

Square brackets before a link cause incorrect link parsing [duplicate]

Here, I tried to write a sentence Use java-10 [local variable type inference]1 ... but it didn't get parsed well, so I had to add an extra space after the tag Use java-10 local variable type ...
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Bolding text not working consistently between preview and final

I noticed that if I bold something and it is not surrounded by white space it does not bold in the final text. Though it does bold in the preview while I am editing. What I typed: (**$**C2) Which ...
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Why are bullet points breaking my code blocks? [duplicate]

When I type this: - There are no errors in the console log. - No errors when ran through JS Hint - Chrome debugger shows the code executed - Chrome Elements tab does **not** show the styles as loaded ...
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Underline in [`code`](links)

Apparently links are now underlined. While I'm personally not a big fan of this, this seems to be a design decision. However, code in links is underlined as well. This makes it rather hard to read. ...
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14 votes
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Inline tags (inserted by [tag:] markup) are now underlined

I've just noticed that tag names inserted by [tag:tag] markup (tag), have become underlined: I've tracked this to
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Why is '&regDataType' rendered as '®DataType' in a <pre> block?

Post. My Browser: Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) BUG: (in his code) regPropSuccess = SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty(hDevInfo, &devInfoData, SPDRP_DEVICEDESC, ®...
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20 votes
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Why does this markdown not render as a list?

If one looks at the source text for this question: Ceylon Run Configuration: can't find project a list can be seen towards the bottom. However, this list is not rendered as a list, in spite of being ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Minimarkdown formatting in SO comments

According to the help page on formatting text in comments on this site, the backtick should format text as code. like this But that does not work. My comments will display on one line. I have seen ...
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Adding Code Sample functionality seems buggy

When asking a question, it's important to add readable code. So, when wanting to ask a question recently, I clicked the Code Sample > {} icon and pasted the formatted code into place, which results ...
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16 votes
0 answers

Wrong parsing of ` =>` in comments

I wrote this comment: @Kusalananda I was thinking that ` value` would be taken away with matching the first ` =>` in ` => /some/path/php/extensions/no-debug- non-zts-20160303 sqlite3....
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Markdown rendering nested scrollbox in question content?

This question has a scrollbox inside a scrollbox in the content, which seems like it shouldn't be allowed under normal circumstances It's about halfway down the searchbar, here's a screenshot for ...
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26 votes
2 answers

Code wrapped inside sub/superscripts is too big

In this answer I happened to use some inline code markup inside a pseudo-footnote1 wrapped in <sup>...</sup> tags and noticed that, while the plain text inside the footnote is typeset in a ...
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Comment formatting is not working with & (and other special characters) sign(s) after letters/words

When using the & sign in a comment, the formatting is not parsed correctly for example, SO is a Q&A site. The comment doesn't seem to get formatted as it is supposed to as can be seen in ...
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2 answers

Change quote formatting to show double-quote marks

Quote markdown currently renders as a kind of banner: Like this, and with a yellow background on the main site. This has led posters and editors to use it for emphasis. People don't seem to ...
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Code snippet breaks Markdown parser

When editing a post, the Markdown parser in the Preview seems to break down after a code snippet. Everything (except the pre-formatted text) following the code snippet in Example A below appears ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Several posts with incorrect image Markdown syntax

I've noticed several questions and answers posted recently, typically from newer users, where the image Markdown syntax is incorrect (using the link syntax instead of image syntax. In other words, ...
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5 votes
1 answer

SO links do not render like they do in the editor preview

Duplicate of Editor preview resolves title to HTTP links but rendered post does not It looks like this was fixed once, here: Actual link style doesn't match preview link style See this question: ...
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1 answer

A string containing `<people.txt` does not render [duplicate]

The Bash command sort -k2,2 -k1,1 <people.txt is not displayed properly. <people.txt is not in the preview. This is not an issue on some other sites. I can write the command as sort -k2,2 -...
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Tag wiki preview looks ok, live changes look crap

We're adding a FAQ to the c tag wiki. I initially did this with a copy/paste from a meta post to the wiki. The meta post looks ok even though it only contained raw URL to the posts. The site replaced ...
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Underscore incorrectly interpreted in pre-environment

Consider the following mark-up using the <pre> tag: which renders as:<pre> Here we have _|_</pre> which renders as: Here we have | which should read: Here we have _|_ This ...
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Editor preview disagrees on link title

The live preview of the post editor breaks links that contains two quotes, one of them in the end: [example]("title") While this is rendered on the server into the ...
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Markdown for checkboxes

I found on GitHub that you can use Markdown like this: [X] Completed feature [ ] Incompleted feature To do checkboxes like this:
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Why does code formatting not work in this question?

I found the following suggested edit in the review queue: suggested edit, question The multi-line code was previously formatted using `…` and it is suggested to be replaced with <code>…</...
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Prevent code from being hidden behind markdown [duplicate]

I flagged this answer as very low quality. Now the post is completely OK so there isn't any reason to flag it, but as you can see in the edit history, first the answer was hidden behind markdown and ...
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Why is this code block not rendered?

I found some unusual event while posting a question on May be that is a bug or something, that I want your attention on. Here is the screen shot of it.
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