Questions tagged [markdown-rendering]

Questions relating to the rendering of markdown. Use this tag when something is rendering different from the way you expect it to, among other things. Most uses of this tag should also have the tag [markdown].

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Final answer rendering is different in the editor preview [closed]

I was looking at this question and I found this answer. Since the answer can be edited to look like a list, I tried to edit it, but to my surprise the formatting in the editor preview is different and ...
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Markdown Preview Rendering Bug on Large Posts

Answer have since been modified to workaround this bug but the behaviour can still be seen by looking at this specific revision edit.
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A small bug using markdown with links in comments

In here I wrote a comment with markdown: This is roughly true, but the actual conditions are "(1)one-char String and this character is not one of the RegEx's meta characters ".$|()[{^?*+\\", or (2)...
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Stack Overflow URLs in double quotes in answers are not replaced by the name of the question

Whilst quoting a super useful answer in a reply, I enclosed the URL in double-quotes "", ...
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Adjacent whitespace in Syntax items should not be compressed [closed]

I was editing a Documentation Topic's Syntax section, putting a very brief description in a code comment after each element, and I noticed that three of the spaces in my source had up and gone: ...
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Prevent code from being hidden behind markdown [duplicate]

I flagged this answer as very low quality. Now the post is completely OK so there isn't any reason to flag it, but as you can see in the edit history, first the answer was hidden behind markdown and ...
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Masked links with square brackets aren't rendered in comment Markdown

The usual referencing style for the C++ standard is [basic.lookup.elab] p2 (with some variations). To produce this, you need two write [[basic.lookup.elab] p2](
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Use special characters like | in markdown table dialects in Documentation [closed]

When creating Documentation, how are special characters like | treated in SO documentation, especially within tables? This does not get rendered properly, hence there there should be a way to escape ...
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3 answers

Code blocks in list items don't render correctly

I want to have a code block displayed as part of or after a list item. However, the codeblock below a list item doesn't render as a code block. How do I format a list and code block together? Input:...
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Change quote formatting to show double-quote marks

Quote markdown currently renders as a kind of banner: Like this, and with a yellow background on the main site. This has led posters and editors to use it for emphasis. People don't seem to ...
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